Injustice For All

Posted on 2023-07-05

The purpose of a justice system is…justice.

It seems a downright quaint notion in a time when the law has been fully weaponized as a political cudgel against conservatives and Christians, when the FBI has supplanted the Ku Klux Klan as the paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party, and the “Justice” Dept. thinks its job is to find ways to jail prominent Republicans while shielding prominent Democrats. It is not the first time the law has been an ideological tool unmoored from any concept of honor or morality. Almost everything that Stalin and Hitler did was actually legal under their standards. This is why it is a fool’s game to equate the law with morality. For most of its history, America DID try to make its law conform to moral standards, though, so it is a shock to see it so willfully, maliciously, and shamelessly perverted.

I think the downfall of the American justice system began in the 60’s, then sped up in the 70’s.

In the 60’s an initially admirable attempt was made to fortify the rights of the accused and rehabilitate offenders. The architects instead created a byzantine system where process became far more important than substance – and known malefactors were routinely released on procedural grounds. Offenders were rarely rehabilitated, but frequently enabled. Even worse, many foolish lawyers came to think of this as actual justice – that the point of justice is byzantine rules rather than actual justice. This came to a head for me with the 1993 kidnapping and murder of 12-year-old Polly Klaas by 39-year-old Richard Davis. It came out that Davis had a 25-year history of increasingly violent crimes, all of which he was released quickly for. In fact, at the time he murdered Klaas, he was on parole for kidnapping. In radio at the time, I did a scathing commentary that those who claimed to oppose the death penalty were actually its most ardent advocates: they just supported it for innocents. Every time they released a violent criminal they issued a blank death warrant…with the name of the victim of the violent criminal they released to be filled in later. A system that routinely convicts the innocent is unjust. A system that routinely releases the guilty on procedural grounds is unjust. The purpose of a system of justice is justice.

Then, on Sept. 20, 2000, special prosecutor Robert Ray dropped the investigation of the Whitewater matter against Bill and Hillary Clinton due to insufficient evidence to convict. The main reason there was insufficient evidence was because the Clintons had vigorously obstructed the investigation from the start. The prosecution was just exhausted after Democrats obstructed constantly and Republicans did not vigorously back up Ray’s demands for accountability. Though little noted at the time, this was the moment our justice system began its descent into utter politicized lawlessness. Democrats realized they could pervert the law as a partisan tool to shield themselves and harass Republicans with little or no pushback from the right. And so they did, pushing the envelope ever further until now, when the system has become a sick parody of justice.

Now, instead of just using the justice system as a cudgel against opponents and a shield for themselves, politicized prosecutors refuse to even charge hardened criminals and instead routinely charge ordinary citizens who have the temerity to defend themselves against deadly threats from the violent criminals the left routinely releases. This dystopian nightmare is done in the name of social justice, presuming that hardened criminals are the oppressed and their victims the oppressors. You now have better odds betting against the house in Las Vegas than you do of getting justice in America’s justice system.

This will eventually lead, as it always does, to an explosion of violence. The arc of history does, indeed, bend towards justice. But it follows a very crooked path, especially when the crooks are running the system. Like every authoritarian society before it, the American system of government has become a criminal enterprise.


On the way to Michigan I passed through Whitewater, Wisconsin. It brought back a fond memory. Forty years ago my then fiancé and I spent the Fourth of July weekend there. There was a carnival in town. My fiancé loved unicorns (which she called corny-horns) and wanted me to win her a stuffed one by knocking over a stack of milk bottles at one booth. Knowing that the milk bottles at the carnival are often the only thing left standing after a tornado rips through, I decided to give it a forlorn try – and later buy her one so she would not be disappointed. I went into my wind-up and threw the hardest sidearm pitch I could. Mirabile dictu! It hit dead center of the stack, going a little over 80 mph and the whole thing came tumbling down. I was astonished. The game attendant was almost as surprised as I was. He said a lot of people knock down the top bottle, for which they got a dinky prize, but the whole stack was only knocked down three or four times a season. He said it was always good for business, as everyone watching started buying chances to try their luck. Interesting stuff to know…but I was just happy to be a stud in my soon-to-be wife’s estimation and she was happy with her plushly stuffed corny-horn. Good times!


As the trickle of evidence of bribery, treason, and general mopery by the Biden crime family becomes a roaring flood, the left just keeps doubling down on their efforts to make conservative jaywalking into a capital crime while dismissing actual Democratic capital crimes as just jaywalking. They have no shame, no remorse, no repentance as the flood of leftist offenses rises above their knees.

Just after the J6 protests, I wrote that the trajectory of things was such that either the left must ultimately back down or we would end up having civil war or a division of the country. The left is not backing down. They are salivating over manufacturing more crimes to charge Trump with and trying to destroy his allies, including Rudy Giuliani who, two decades ago, was universally acclaimed as America’s Mayor for the courage and effectiveness with which he handled the 9-11 attacks.

Joe Biden has become a modern day Nero, amusing and congratulating himself as the nation burns around him. What surprises is the substantial, mouthy minority cheering him on every step of the way. Just last week the left was in a lather because the Supreme Court decided they were no longer allowed to punish people for being white, Asian, or Christian. They called equal treatment “hatred” and the new Jim Crow. I know the road to hell is paved with good intentions: I am surprised to find it lined with crowds cheering on their own destruction.

Leftists have become ‘bitter-enders,’ determined to stay right where they are even as the flood of facts, evidence and logic refuting their worldview reaches to their chin and keeps rising. They will concede nothing even as basic liberty and the rule of law are swept away in the floodwaters. The state of people’s souls are being revealed before our very eyes.

I believe that the time in which all must choose or perish has begun. It is a great and terrible thing. It does not mean that people, however demoniacal, cannot still repent before they perish. But the more the truth becomes obvious, the more unlikely that the bitter-enders will ever repent. The terrible thing about sin, even venial sins, is that as people justify such to themselves, they progressively lose the capacity to recognize sin at all. In extreme cases, they come to think it virtue…so they lose the capacity to repent. God is exposing sin in vivid day-glo colors right now. Those who are incapable of recognizing it – or just refuse – will be swept away even as they think they are winning. It does not have to be this way, but I suppose they will find some joy in complaining to the satan about how they are poor victims. Fast and make reparations now for those in your family who have adopted terminal modern delusions.

I also believe that we are on the cusp of a new age of visible miracles. In these times, God has chosen to let us live, for a time, with the consequences of our hubris, giving us every chance to repent of that hubris and turn back to Him. The overwhelming majority of those who say, “In this house we believe in science…” know next to nothing about science, only sciency-sounding myths that support their pre-conceived notions. Actual science is the study of God’s handiwork. It has revealed some truly amazing things. But we live in an age where everyone wants to play smart on the cheap, spouting whatever the cool kids say without doing any actual study; trying to seek the moral high ground without even a pretense of virtue; proclaiming their compassion while regarding with contempt any who do real, hard work. Intellectuals, even on the right, refuse to believe anything they cannot explain in natural, materialistic terms. They think themselves gods – and come up with materialistic explanations that are so absurd they require far more faith than even the most deeply flawed religious beliefs. So it seems right and proper to me that the Author of all the natural laws in the universe will demonstrate that He is not bound by the laws He created. It is to give all who have even a vestige of honesty left a chance to turn back before being consumed by the rising flood of hubris and vanity around us.

Choose or perish. It is a stark warning, but it is upon us. Blessed are they who have kept faith, even though they struggle and fall often, in the rising flood of willful sin around us. It is they who are sheltered by God as the old era falls violently away. For it is they who, when the fiery trial came upon them, proved by their actions, that they love God and their neighbor.

May all of us at CORAC and A Sign of Hope be counted among their number. With the left refusing to back down even as the toxic lies they preach tumble before reality, all we are left with to build a godly culture is war or division. I now pray – and work – for division that a remnant of righteous might rebuild from the ashes the usurpers are leaving us. In the world, there is no justice for any. The innocent are tormented, the guilty released to torment the innocent even more. God’s justice comes suddenly with swift, implacable force. None can stand it save those who take refuge under the mantle of Christ.

He is watching. He only delays to allow all a chance to take refuge in Him. Pray that you will be sheltered under his cloak as the river of fire rising among us becomes fully engaged. His justice is true – and is for all who call on Him. You will be scorched, but not consumed, by the fiery trial that is suddenly upon us. Let us go forth to proclaim the Kingdom to all who will hear.

Fr. Daniel Reehil and a seminarian with me. Fr. Dan noted after he saw the picture that it looks as if St. Joseph is patting my shoulder with his hand. May it be so for me and for all the CORAC family.

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

Find me on Twitter at @JohnstonPilgrim


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