Covid Vax Homeopathic Protocols

Posted on 2023-07-25
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For post-vax, pre-adverse-reactions take: (1) homeopathic Carcinosin 200C, one dose every 2 weeks; or 1M, one dose every month. AND (2) Dandelion tea or tincture twice daily (take off one day per week). I would keep this up indefinitely.

Before being vaxxed (say, someone who is being forced to be vaxxed in order to keep his job) take:

  1. Vitamin C, taken to bowel tolerance (which, for most people, is several thousand milligrams daily), starting a month before the injection (or as soon as you can, if less than one month out) and continuing for 1 month after the injection. Liposomal Vitamin C would be the best form, but it’s expensive. Of the powders, sodium ascorbate is easier on the stomach for some, but has a saltier flavor. Ascorbic acid has a stronger, sour flavor. Some have found mixing both powders together, 50/50 allows them to take twice the amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin C should be taken in divided doses throughout the day, perhaps 1,000 milligrams per dose. That can be done every hour or two during waking hours. You’ll know when you’re taking too much because you will have to run to the toilet after a dose. At that point, reduce the amount of Vitamin C a bit. But take as much as you can without your stools getting loose. The sodium ascorbate powder that SteveBC recommends can be found here >
  2. Homeopathic Thuja 30C and Silica 30C: Take each remedy twice daily, separating the Thuja and Silica by about 15 minutes or so; start 1 week before the injection (or as soon as you can, if less than 1 week out) and end 1 week after the injection.
  3. Homeopathic Hypericum 1M and Ledum 1M: The easiest way to do this is to put 15-20 pellets of each remedy into a water bottle, let the pellets dissolve, and then shake the bottle to mix everything up. One dose is one sizable sip (about 1 tsp). Start dosing 24 hours before the shot (or as soon as you can, if less than 24 hours out). Take one dose every 2 hours leading up to the injection, and then immediately before the injection. Resume dosing about half an hour after the Camphor dose in Step 4, and then take every 2 hours for the next 48 hours (and longer, if the injection site is still painful after 48 hours). Take doses during waking hours only, and separate from Thuja and Silica by about 15 minutes.
  4. Homeopathic Camphor 200C: As soon as you can after the injection (within a few minutes, if possible), take one dose of Camphor. Then wait about half an hour to resume the Hypericum-Ledum as described in Step 3 (every 2 hours for 48 hours after the injection).
  5. Bentonite clay poultice: As soon as possible after the injection (within minutes, if possible), apply a bentonite clay poultice to the injection site. Use maybe a teaspoon (or maybe more) of clay powder; and add enough water so that you get a paste that is neither too thick to easily spread, nor so runny that it drips all over. Cover with plastic wrap and hold in place with gauze or an Ace bandage or medical tape. Make and apply a fresh poultice every hour for 4 or 5 hours; then every 3 or 4 hours for at least 24
    hours. Redmond Bentonite Clay is a good clay, and it can be purchased from >
  6. There is evidence that a tea made from dried dandelion leaves may provide some protection from the spike proteins of the Covid virus. Perhaps it would also provide protection against the spike proteins in the vaxxx. Dandelion leaf tincture might be another option worth trying.
  7. If after getting the shots you develop any symptoms (pain and/or swelling at the injection site, fever, convulsions, etc.), use an appropriate homeopathic remedy (examples: Cuprum met 6 for convulsions, Belladonna 30 for high fever, etc.). If problems persist months later, then take Thuja 200C twice daily until very much better.

For post-vaxxed and having adverse reactions take: homeopathic Carcinosin 200C once weekly, or 1M twice monthly (or more often if it seems indicated, for instance if the person develops cancer); (2) Thuja 200C twice daily; (3) Silica/Silicea 200C twice daily; (4) Spike 1M once per month, succussing before each use; (5) dandelion leaf tea (1 cup) or tincture (5 drops in water) twice daily, taking off one day per week; and (6) any other remedies or tinctures indicated by the symptoms of the particular adverse reaction (so if the person is depressed and suicidal, then Aurum met; if the person develops cardiac issues, then hawthorn tincture and a remedy such as Cactus or Lachesis or whichever remedy is indicated; or if the person developed brain cancer, then the Banerji protocol for brain cancer; and so on).

The remedies and herbs would be taken for a couple of months, and then the symptoms would be reevaluated in order to determine if the remedy/herb schedule should be continued or changed or discontinued. If the person experiences an aggravation or a proving, the remedies and herbs would be stopped and he should speak with someone knowledgeable about homeopathy.

For Everyone take: Spike 1M once a month (for those pregnant or nursing, use the 30C instead). Additional doses as needed if you get a cold or flu, along with the indicated remedy. Always succuss before each dose. Taking the Spike remedy is appropriate for everyone even if you are following on of the other protocols above.


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