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Posted on 2023-07-26
[Mick] For those who want to use a remedy before being vaxxed (say, someone who is being forced to be vaxxed in order to keep his job), I would suggest the remedies, supplements, etc. that I emailed you a couple of years ago when you asked that question. If you don’t still have the email, I can dig it up and post the information here. For those who have been vaxxed and are having adverse reactions, I would suggest: (1) Carcinosin 200C once weekly, or 1M twice monthly (or more often if it seems indicated, for instance if the person develops cancer); (2) Thuja 200C twice daily; (3) Silica/Silicea 200C twice daily; (4) Spike 1M as directed by Anne; (5) dandelion leaf tea (1 cup) or tincture (5 drops in water) twice daily, taking off one day per week; and (6) any other remedies or tinctures indicated by the symptoms of the particular adverse reaction (so if the person is depressed and suicidal, then Aurum met; if the person develops cardiac issues, then hawthorn tincture and a remedy such as Cactus or Lachesis or whichever remedy is indicated; or if the person developed brain cancer, then the Banerji protocol for brain cancer; and so on). The remedies and herbs would be taken for a couple of months, and then the symptoms would be reevaluated in order to determine if the remedy/herb schedule should be continued or changed or discontinued. If the person experiences an aggravation or a proving, the remedies and herbs would be stopped and he should speak with someone knowledgeable about homeopathy.

[Jessica] Since we’re talking pregnancy! Remember the spike 1M remedy should only be taken once during pregnancy – otherwise take 30c. Anyone please correct me if that’s wrong.

[Mick] That rings a bell, Jessica; thanks for the reminder that the Spike remedy recommendations are different for pregnant women.
[Anne] Just spike 30c if pregnant. Spike 1M once a month.  Additional doses as needed if you get a cold or flu, along with the indicated remedy (for those pregnant or nursing, use the 30C instead).  Always succuss before each dose.
[Giani] I would highly recommend preparing mentally and financially to be able to decline ANY  future vaccines, especially the CV19 synthetic bioweapon that has poisoned many. I was and am prepared to be fired if they force any jabs on me any longer. I put in religious exemption for all current and future required vaccines. My faith is in Jesus. They approved my exemption. Do not take any more. As many people now know ( and I didn’t for decades) the healthiest kids in the world are the unvaccinated.  Ever.  No autism. No childhood chronic diseases. No cancer. Etc.  Please decline them all.  If you need help writing religious exemption please reach out.


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