A Word About Cell Salts

Posted on 2023-08-19

Jacquie asked me to say a word about cell salts. Cell salts are also called tissue salts or biochemic salts. They are mineral salts, “salt” being defined as a product of the chemical reaction that takes place when an acid and a base are mixed.

For instance, if you mixed hydrochloric acid (HCl) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH), you’d get sodium chloride (NaCl) and water (HOH, or H2O). Sodium chloride is ordinary table salt, and it is known homeopathically as Natrum muriaticum (Nat mur).

There are many cell salts that are used in homeopathy. But there are 12 main ones; so ordinarily when someone is referring to cell salts, they are referring to one of these 12.

They are:

  • Calc fluor (calcium fluoride)
  • Calc phos (calcium phosphate)
  • Calc sulph (calcium sulphate)
  • Ferrum phos (iron phosphate)
  • Kali mur (potassium chloride)
  • Kali phos (potassium phosphate)
  • Kali sulph (potassium sulphate)
  • Mag phos (magnesium phosphate)
  • Nat mur (sodium chloride)
  • Nat phos (sodium phosphate)
  • Nat sulph (sodium sulphate)
  • Silica/Silicea. [A note about Silica: it is not chemically a salt; it is Silicon dioxide. I have no clue why it gets classified as a “cell salt,” but there you go.]

Some people think that “cell salt” refers to only the low potencies (3X, 6X, or 12X) of the remedies above. But actually, the cell salts can be used in any potency. So Nat mur 1M is still a cell salt (it used for some forms of extreme muscle weakness), and so is Silica 30 or 200 (which is used for addressing potential or actual side effects from vaccination), and so is Mag phos 1M (which is considered prophylactic against tetanus).

That said, if you’re looking to order a cell-salt kit, all of the remedies will ordinarily be in the 6X potency. If you order a 12-cell-salt combination remedy such as Bioplasma, some of the cell salts may be 3X and others will be 6X.

I hope that this clarifies the issue rather than further confusing it. If I struck out, please let me know and I will try again.


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