Fire From Below – And Then From Above

Posted on 2024-02-09
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Laurel, Maryland – I am in the vicinity of Washington, D.C. right now. I haven’t been within the city limits since J6. Well, actually, a few days after J6. When I came for the great protest I stayed in Annapolis, about 10 miles east of Washington. A few days after the gigantic, genuinely mostly-peaceful protest that the Democrats and idiot media have relentlessly styled an “insurrection,” several big pro-life organizations which were planning to send people for that year’s March for Life asked me to give them an assessment of the situation in D.C. So I drove back over. It was all razor wire and troops fortifying the city against the phantom threat to Joe Biden’s inauguration. When I got back to my hotel I called all and recommended that they stay away that year. Typical Democrat-controlled Washington: they think putting up razor-wire and deploying National Guard troops to keep American citizens off their public grounds is just fine, but using razor wire and deploying National Guard troops to defend the country against an invasion by illegal aliens is beyond the pale.

Ever since then I have avoided actually going into the city. I’ve been just outside the border five or six times, but I would not go into the city unless there was a truly compelling reason – for the same reason that, if I were a Jedi Knight, I would avoid the Death Star. I will not even go for a protest. I think a protest tacitly acknowledges the legitimacy of the government and its capacity to address one’s grievances. The people who hold institutional power in Washington ARE my grievance. They are largely power-mad crooks who have usurped authority they are not entitled to or fit for. They are liars and knaves who have cheated their way to a pinnacle that they use for their own pleasure instead of the good of the free people whose servants they were always intended to be.

We have been moving, ever since Woodrow Wilson, to government as ruler rather than government as noble servant. Both FDR and LBJ vastly expanded the bureaucracy – and Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” staffed it almost entirely with goblins and balrogs determined to destroy America and Americans, to seize the one ring to rule them all.

The ‘election’ of 2020 was the final stage of an ongoing coup to seize power from Americans through corrupt and nefarious means. In 2016 I had seen signs of greater election fraud nationwide than I ever had before. I told a Christian broadcaster at dinner the night before election that I expected Donald Trump to win handily despite that, for though the Dems had cranked up their retail fraud machine to its highest level, they had vastly underestimated the anger in the country over the depredations Obama had visited on traditional American institutions – and so the Dems would be shocked that their cheating was not enough to save them.

In 2018 the Dems did their trial run into wholesale fraud, the ability to change vote totals at the source through internet connections of voting machines – which they had previously sworn were firewalled and had no contact with the internet. They succeeded in turning all the suburbs of significant cities from red or purple to blue. In 2020, just to be sure, they enacted almost complete mail-out ballots – which gave them the justification to print up pallets of unmarked ballots to be marked on election night if they found themselves behind, despite their already Herculean fraud. That is why the counting was stopped in all the swing states on election night and Republican observers were forced out of the counting rooms. Mirabile Dictu! When counting resumed, huge Trump leads in swing states turned into narrow Biden leads. Their ‘democracy’ was saved from the little people having any real say in how they are governed. The Supreme Court joined the fray by refusing to hear the complaint of 18 states over evidence of massive vote fraud – not by examining evidence, but on procedural grounds only. That is the moment our republic’s case finally metastasized and became terminal. We have been in the death throes ever since. The question since then has not been whether or not the old way would collapse under the despoilment of the illegitimate occupying force which had seized control of it, but whether ordinary Americans would find a way to resurrect that beacon of liberty after it had been destroyed by modern vandals and visigoths – or toil under the new and different despotism that usually follows cultural collapse.

Since then, the occupying force in Washington has busied itself manufacturing ‘crimes’ to prevent their most popular opponents from challenging them – and covering up crimes that stink to heaven that they have committed.

Today (Friday, Feb. 9, 2024) Joe Biden’s Injustice Dept. (DOJ) is busy destroying evidence of another crime they have suppressed for several years. And this the day after the DOJ conceded that Biden had taken and distributed classified documents he was never legally entitled to, but declined to prosecute him because he is too old and senile. I kid you not. This is not a joke. In fairness, Biden held a press conference last night, where he largely proved their point.

But the crime they will destroy evidence of today is from two years ago. Pro-life leaders believed they had found smoking gun evidence of infanticide right in D.C. when they recovered the remains of five babies aborted at a clinic there. Evidence strongly indicated that the “D.C. Five” had been born alive and then left to die. For an entire two years, the D.C. Medical Examiner’s office has bobbed and weaved, refusing to release any evidence AND refusing to let anyone else examine the dead babies to prove how they died. On Monday, national pro-life leaders got word that Biden’s DOJ had ‘advised’ (ordered) the medical examiner to dispose of the evidence today, most likely by incinerating the dead babies’ bodies, so the evidence can never be examined. By Wednesday, 35 large pro-life groups from around the country had signed a letter asking Congress to intervene to stop this destruction of evidence. (And yes, David Daleiden played a big role in getting them all together). As of today, Congressmen Chip Roy (R-Texas) and Andy Biggs (R-Arizona) have pressured the M.E.’s office to preserve the evidence. It will probably not be enough. Had the entire House acted, it would have forced the M.E.’s office to hold off. But expecting the Republican House to act on behalf of conservative Republican priorities is a BIG ask these days. Last week the House could not secure the votes to impeach DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas, the Adolf Eichmann of the border invasion.

They sure love to burn the bodies of dead babies in the Acela Corridor. Two years ago a waste disposal company in Baltimore was found to have been burning babies’ bodies to help produce electricity for the area. Bet you didn’t know that the incinerated bodies of dead babies is part of the left’s ‘green energy’ scam. The only thing good about this is that it forces the DOJ to take a little time off from sentencing people who commit the horrific offense of praying at abortion clinics to lengthy prison terms.

There are other cultures and rulers who made a habit of incinerating the bodies of otherwise innocent people who were inconvenient to them. For simplicity’s sake I will only mention the ancient Cult of Molech, which consumed a lot of babies in its fiery furnaces. It is, of course, a crime that cries out to heaven. And heaven has responded to those cries, but not with mercy for the perpetrators – only stark justice.

In Leo Tolstoy’s masterful tale of Napolean’s invasion of Russia, War and Peace, I was struck by how petty and glittering Russian society, including the upper ranks of the military, were just before the Battle of Borodino and the subsequent sacking of Moscow. All the glitterati spun their scheming webs, betrayed their closest friends for a minor advancement, defamed any colleague who stood in their way, and all dreamed that they were destined to be masters of all they surveyed. They did this in glittering finery and with genteel words that still could not quite mask the dark voracity of their ugly hearts. And then doom came and wiped them all away in a matter of days. It was similar with French Aristocrats on the eve of the horrible French Revolution. Ah, these hollow men who think their own pleasure and their own provincial ambitions are the meaning of life! Our glitterati are now obsessed with power, advancement, sexual perversion and money. That is a formula for destruction, not for mastery. I think people will be astonished at how quickly they are swept away in a massive and convulsive wave of revulsion and anger by those they have played and oppressed. Washington is a city full of men who think they are masters of the universe, oblivious to the reality that most of them are dead men walking.

That will not be the end of troubles. As Aleksander Solzhenitsyn said, “The battleline between good and evil runs through the heart of every man.” The fire from below that the elites use to destroy evidence of their depravity is, I believe, now being met with fire from above. For those who will never accept that there could be anything greater than themselves, it is fire to their destruction. For the rest of us, it is God’s purifying fire, sent to burn away what is unworthy in each of us. Yes, the elites are going to be consumed by the fires their own avarice has ignited – but all of us have entered the refiner’s fire. In these troubled times, do not ask God, “Why me?” Rather, ask God, “What do you intend for me in these terrible circumstances, Lord?” In the midst of troubles, give thanks that you have proven worthy of His rebuke and His refining fires. I’ll give you a spoiler alert on how to comport yourself. It is what I have told you from the start: Acknowledge God, Take the Next Right Step, and Be a Sign of Hope to Those Around You.


With all the travel I have to do I have made an astonishing discovery. There is a wide variety in the driving range a tank of gas from different brands gives. This is based entirely on my lived experience. The worst brand has been Shell. I rarely get 300 miles to a tank – and always have to start looking for gas when I get to the 280-mark. That has proved true for me throughout the country. The best brand, by far, has been Mobil. I generally get 350 miles before I start looking for gas – and at the 350-mile mark I still have close to a quarter of a tank left. This I have only paid close attention to in the southeast, eastern seaboard, and northeast. It is a dramatic enough difference, though, that when I get to a quarter of a tank, I use my GPS to see if there is a Mobil station within range. Again, this is entirely my lived experience. But in the days of the Biden economy, I figure all of us can use every edge we can get.


This week we kicked off CORAC’s three-part series on emergency preparedness. The first installment covers the types of threat we might face. The next installment will cover how to respond to the various threats and the basic things you can do to be ready. In the final series we will take questions that you have submitted after watching the first two installments and give a response to them. Send all questions to . 

Ed McCullough is a top expert on the subject who has presented a lengthier seminar for CORAC members. We got him to boil it down to the most basic, necessary information for this series.

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

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