Grafting a Remedy

Posted on 2024-02-26

Ordinary Wisdom

[Donna] I have a combo from OHM. Calc flour 12x calc phos 3x silica 6x. So is there any way I can make that into more pellets?  I am a little confused about the difference between a liquid dilution and a medicating potency and what my options are to extend this combo.

I have all the grafting directions from CORAC printed out but I want to make sure I get this right. Is the liquid dilution what you would use by putting drops in a little water and putting it in your mouth and that would be a dose. Like Anne’s spike protein.

[Jessica] You would have to make a medicating potency by putting a small amount of vodka over the pellets and allowing them to dissolve.

Then fill the dropper bottle you dissolved those pellets in with grain alcohol (I have the kind from lab alley but everclear works as well).

That whole solution is then called a medicating potency (of the three remedies you put in it).

Fill a vial with blank pellets and put 3-5 drops on top of those pellets and shake for 1-2 minutes until the grain alcohol evaporates.

[Talitha] Because it is a blend and low potencies you will definitely need to make it into a medicating potency first as Jessica describes. To make it more confusing there is water dosing, that is putting medicated pellets in water and letting dissolve and then taking a tsp of the water as a dose. There are liquid dilutions which usually have alcohol in them to stabilize…but not always high enough proof alcohol to graft with (your pellets will be dissolved) and then there is the medicating potency that is almost all 190 proof alcohol so you can graft on pellets with it. The medicating potency can also be dosed a few drops in water for a water dose or added to weaker alcohol/water combo to make a liquid dilution.

[Mick] You’re directions were right on, Jessica. Just one clarification: The medicating potency added to the blank pellets will not evaporate during the shaking process; the shaking just distributes the alcohol–and thus, the remedy–across all the blank pellets. To allow the alcohol to evaporate, the vial’s cap needs to be loosened a bit (not enough so that you can pull it off the cap), and the vial needs to be left on a shelf out of direct light for a couple of days. Once or twice a day, the cap should be tightened and the vial shaken for 5 or 10 seconds, just to keep the pellets from sticking together in a block before they’re dry).



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