Dengue Fever: Awareness, Concerns & Remedies

Posted on 2024-03-15
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CORAC’s Mick of Health & Wellness teams up with Marilyn of Sustainable Living to discuss Dengue Fever: Awareness, Concerns and Remedies.

Dengue is a hemorrhagic virus contracted via the bite of a mosquito. Due to extreme changes in weather, increasing travel and immigration from tropical and subtropical climates, and increasing numbers of mosquito-borne illnesses, dengue virus infection presents a growing threat to the United States.

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Dengue Fever: Prophylaxis
The remedies used for prophylaxis for dengue fever are Eupatorium perfoliatum 30C and/or Ipecac 30C. They are used thusly:
  1. If the outbreak is of the milder form, then take Eupatorium twice per day for three days during each week when the outbreak is present. For example: Take Eupatorium twice daily on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then nothing on Thursday through Sunday. Then the next week, take Eupatorium twice daily on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and then nothing on Thursday through Sunday. Continue in this manner until the dengue outbreak in your area has ended.
  2. If the outbreak in your area is of the hemorrhagic form of dengue fever, then take Ipecac twice per day for three days during each week that the outbreak is present. See the example above for dosing.
  3. If one wants to be extra careful (for instance, if a mild outbreak is of concern because someone might have a compromised immune system, or if the outbreak is of the hemorrhagic form), then the Eupatorium and Ipecac can be alternated. For example: Take Eupatorium Monday through Wednesday, take Ipecac Thursday through Saturday, and take nothing on Sunday. Repeat this schedule until the outbreak is out of your area.
Dengue Fever: Acute Illness
If one contracts dengue fever, the remedies used to address the illness are Eupatorium perfoliatum tincture (called Boneset Extract at most health-food stores), Rhus tox 30C, Hamamelis 200C mixed with Arnica 3C, and Belladonna 3C (except for children, who should be given Belladonna 30C). The tincture and remedies would be taken thusly:
  1. The Boneset tincture and the Rhus tox would be given every 3 hours, alternately. A dose of Boneset is a certain number of drops of the tincture, taken in a little bit (anywhere from a spoonful to a few ounces) of water or juice. The number of drops of tincture depends on the age of the one taking it. Infants and babies get one drop of tincture (in a little water, or straight on the tongue if too young to drink water). Toddlers and preschoolers would get 2 drops; kids up to age 9 or 10 would get 3 drops; kids from about age 10 to 13 would get 4 drops; and those over the age of 13 would get 5 drops. Here is an example of taking the Boneset and Rhus tox every 3 hours, alternately: Boneset would be taken at 6:00 am, 9:00 am, noon, 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm, 9:00 pm, etc. during waking hours. Rhus tox would be taken at 6:05 am, 9:05 am, 12:05 pm, 3:05 pm, etc. during waking hours.
  2. If there is a high fever, then Belladonna would be given in liquid, every 15 minutes until the fever comes down to a safe level. Again, young children should not be given Belladonna 3C; those younger than about 13 should be given Belladonna 30C. To give the Belladonna in liquid, dissolve a few pellets of the remedy in 4 – 8 ounces of water. Stir for a few seconds after the pellets have dissolved. A dose is a spoonful (use a clean spoon for each person taking the remedy, and wash the spoons between doses). The person who needs Belladonna would also take Boneset and Rhus tox is described in Step 1.
  3. In the case of hemorrhaging: The patient would take the remedies in Step 1. In addition, he would take Hamamelis 200C mixed with Arnica 3C, four times per day. To mix the remedies, put a dose of Hamamelis and a dose of Arnica in the mouth at the same time.

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  1. Jane1241

    Howdy, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this video and for all that you folks do!
    Quick question…where have you found Arnica 3C? Can find every other strength but 3C.
    God bless you all and your families,

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