You Can’t Go Home Again

Posted on 2024-03-27
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I noted a few columns back how much I love the rising new musical trio of sisters, the Castellows. In reading comments to their videos, a constant theme is people begging them not to let their rising fame mess them up and turn ugly. The three women are strikingly lovely, projecting wholesomeness. Their music is built on enchantingly melodious themes focused on everyday life and assuming traditional, down-home values. But in reading the multitude of comments desperately asking that they not let fame spoil them I sense a great, even desperate, hunger across the land for the normalcy and joy that once marked our culture in America.

The things we argue about are such idiocies that they would have been dispatched in a day as nonsense 30 years ago. We should not waste a moment of time having to defend normalcy from absurdities. Yet, it is all we do. The leftist feds argue that printing money out of thin air is “modern monetary theory” and is the path to prosperity even as the economy tanks harder and harder. William Kunstler argues that we no longer have an economy, just a virtual economy. As with all things virtual, when the lights go out, all things virtual go with it. A dear friend mentioned to me yesterday that Saudi Arabia has now joined the fight to displace the dollar as the world’s default currency. I laughed and mentioned all the other countries in on that, I take it as a given that the dollar will be displaced.

The establishment media shamelessly and knowingly lies about everything, apparently hoping that by their brazenness they can force reality to comport with their fantasies. According to the left, weaponizing the law against opponents, releasing violent criminals, handcuffing police, and disarming victims is surely the way to peace and prosperity. A bright elementary school child knows better, but we waste time arguing about these absurdities as if there actually were two sides to these nonsensical issues. Kurt Schlichter, with horror, realizes how dangerous this nonsensical state of affairs is. Just last week, the FDA was forced to settle with Dr. Pierre Kory and company for its lies and suppression of Ivermectin. The FDA, CDC, AMA, and the establishment media lied about Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine – and people died.

When the atheist left’s toxic fantasies are exposed for the lies they are and the harm they do, they just double down and lie harder and more shrilly. Their problem, of course, is that the harder and more brazenly they lie, the more normal people wake from their somnolent hope that this will pass and say, “Wait a minute…” Confrontation has been building visibly for a decade or more. We are perilously close to it. The division is no longer between Republican and Democrats, or between Judeo-Christian acolytes and the resurgent pagan forces; it is between the sane and the insane.

A huge problem is that the insane no longer have any limiting principle. They will do – and justify – anything to hold onto power.  Their constant lies have only tanked their credibility. Their lawfare against, most prominently, Donald Trump, but also concerned parents, pro-lifers, and the religious have backfired, convincing more and more each day that these activists have no honor at all. These are people who, just a few years ago, wished death or concentration camps on all who would not buy into their Covid dictates. Do you really think they are going to accept looming defeat peacefully? Rule or ruin is their only imperative. I expect to see a lot of false flag operations ahead (leftists masquerading as conservatives) committing real violence to destabilize and terrify the population. Both Democrats and most Republicans now behave as if elections are contests to determine who will rule us. America was founded on the principle that the people rule with ordered liberty under objective law, equally applied to all. Left on its own trajectory, this can only end in subjugation of the population or a violent clash.

There is another temporal factor, though: the rank incompetence of the modern left. All the ‘phobes, fascists, racists, blah, blah, blah,’ is just the cloud of ink these leftist squids spew to try to hide and justify that incompetence. But incompetence has consequences, as you can tell by looking at our economy, our violent crime rates, the instability of the world with the rising tides of war, and the growing global march of Islamic Jihad – with the help of our federal government. (By the way, I am well aware that the idiot media is peddling the notion that crime has been going down under Biden. They accomplish this illusion by, A – redefining many property crimes as no crime at all and, B – only using FBI statistics knowing full well that a huge swath of the highest crime cities have quit reporting statistics to the FBI at all. More lies.)

All of the godless left’s dreams and conspiracies are likely to come to a sudden, screeching halt when America is hit with the largest coordinated terror attack in history. That will likely be supplemented with simultaneous attacks on our critical national infrastructure – the power grid, rail choke points, critical bridges…and our vain participation trophy rulers will have no defense or ability to mount a comeback. At that point, even much of their gallery of clapping seals will start to wake up and say, “Wait a minute…” Even if the clapping seals keep clapping, ordinary Americans will put an end to the fully discredited leftist dominance in our country. Alas, it could trigger a replacement of the authoritarians from the left with authoritarians from the right (and I am NOT talking about Donald Trump here). I suspect that will likely be the end of the dominance of the seriously mentally disturbed that we live under now. However it plays out, we are in for a VERY rough ride this year.

Many people think we are in danger of losing our republic. I am not. I think we have already lost it and are just playing out the terminal phase. This is why things like my little singing trio evokes such powerful nostalgia. We long for the days when our society was not dominated by moonbat crazy psychos. That was the home we were born into. But it is gone. And we can’t go home again – because it is not there anymore. That is the reason I formed CORAC. The old is dead. For good or ill, we will have to build the new. I do not trust any of the ruling class to do that for the benefit of anyone but themselves. I do trust ordinary men and women, with the memory of a joyful society that worked still in them, and a commitment to the Judeo-Christian ethic that built prosperity, liberty, and brotherhood under God to withstand the evil machinations of the self-serving ruling class. Join us – and let’s renew the face and faith of the world together, under God.


I hear more talk than usual about the eclipse that is coming on Monday, April 8. I venture no interpretations of it for now. But I am going to go into the mountains at St. Malo near the foot of Mt. Meeker. I will be in prayer and contemplation from Noon to three. I will give no talk or presentation. I just want to pray at this site that is so meaningful to me.

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