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Posted on 2024-05-31
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I am holed up, feverishly working on the last touches on my CORAC Handbook. Today was my deadline, but I will push it through the weekend, may God have mercy on my soul.

Many people treat the Apocalypse and Armageddon as the same thing. They are not. The Apocalypse is the end of the world. Armageddon is the decisive battle between good and evil. They could happen almost simultaneously, but I think not. I think Armageddon occurs as the devil frantically tries to glean all he can before being chained in the pit with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart – which will open up an extended era of peace, prosperity and brotherhood under God.

St. Joan of Arc is my great patron. I was contemplating that it was 593 years ago today (Thursday, May 30) that she was burned at the stake, the second greatest public judicial murder in history. I often say that God ALWAYS gets His way, though the way is often torturous and convoluted because He bound Himself not to interfere with our free will – and we are usually a craven, stiff-necked people.

Nicolas Midi preached the sermon before St. Joan’s execution, speaking for over an hour calling Joan a “leprosy on the Church.” He assured listeners that the only way to deal with leprosy was to burn it out. In, perhaps, a divinely ironic nod to God’s wrath, Midi was unaware as he spoke that the leprosy that would consume and kill him in a painful and prolonged death was already coursing through his veins. It is striking that almost all those who participated in the fraudulent persecution of St. Joan died strikingly early and painful deaths.

At the time of St. Joan’s death, the 10-year-old child king, Henry VI, sat on the throne of England, which was actually ruled by a council of regents. Henry VI began asserting his royal prerogatives when he was 12. Alas for England, he was a weak, vacillating king. And so, shortly after Joan’s death, England, itself, was thrown into violent turmoil for over a half century with the Wars of the Roses, a bloody battle for succession among the ruling Plantagenets and the Houses of York and Lancaster. It was finally settled when the House of Tudor unexpectedly took the throne in 1485. I loathe the judicial murder of St. Joan, but I find it a satisfying irony that the English nobility spent the next half-century butchering, beheading, burning and slaughtering each other, cousin against cousin, brother against brother in atonement for their judicial murder of St. Joan.

Then, in the midst of my reveries over my patron saint, came the news that the New York jury had found Donald Trump guilty of all 34 counts of…pulling the tags off of mattresses or whatever. Now Trump is no saint, but all the leftists were celebrating with the same disgusting glee that St. Joan’s persecutors did. And all of them are completely unaware that the leprosy which will consume them is, even now, coursing through their veins.

Leftists are stupid. They know of no tactics except intimidation and gaslighting. Some will be taken aback for a bit because this will not work out as they planned. But they can’t help themselves. When one hideous offense backfires on them, the only thing they know to do is escalate and commit a new hideous offense. They will not go peacefully. They must be defeated, jailed, and forever removed from any proximity to power.

I expect a long, bloody summer. My way is not the way of violence, except in defense of the community. In fact, what I have been working so hard on is a comprehensive method of effectively taking the culture back with a minimum of violence. But the left needs to know this: ever since Biden took office we have had a growing number of political prisoners in this country…the J6ers, pro-life demonstrators, concerned parents, traditional Catholics. The two-tiered justice system Biden and his oily henchmen have visited on us inflicts real violence on opponents under the color of law. If some folks who are more excitable than I launch counter-attacks against this regime, so long as they confine themselves to politicians and media personalities, I will NOT condemn them. Self-defense against a regime that is determined to destroy you is no offense. Meantime, every Republican Atty. Gen. and District Atty. should begin indicting every Democrat who has ever pulled the tag off a mattress, burned a bootleg copy of a video, or crossed a walk while the light was red. Seek life imprisonment. Start fighting for us in the war the left has been waging for a decade. As a side note, doing so may prevent violence as voters may perceive you are doing something besides writing strongly worded letters. Understand, Republicans, most voters are outraged and in a volatile mood because they agree with the Democrats on one thing: you won’t do a thing except hold press conferences.

Many people, as they get old, worry about boredom and loneliness. The good news is that is unlikely to be much of a concern for this generation.

Nonetheless, I proceed fully with my method of effectively taking the culture back for God and posterity with shrewd and simple tactics and strategy. God always gets His way. The left is determined to destroy this country to rule over the ruins. We will bend at times, but we will not break. This IS the hour of the common man, as I have been saying for years. The time is very close when everyone must choose their side. There is no place of neutrality. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, by serving each other with charity as brothers and sisters in the Lord. If we keep our heads, remain steadfast, and take up our cross with fidelity, most of us will live to see the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart from this side of the veil – the rebirth of liberty, brotherhood, and prosperity under God. These offenses shall not stand.

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