Establishing basic responses to emergency scenarios.

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The Disaster Deck

The Disaster Deck

It may take emergency workers a minimum of 72 hours to reach you if...

Wildfire Scenario

Wildfire Scenario

A RISK THAT INCREASES WITH DROUGHT A wildfire is an unplanned fire...

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If you want to get involved with the Crisis Scenarios team, please contact your Regional Coordinator first. For all other inquiries, you can click the button below to send an email to the Crisis Scenarios general inbox:



ImageTitlePublished dateCategoriesTagshf:categories
1st Planned Crisis Scenario Drill2021-11-07, , downloads-cs crisis-scenarios-news crisis-scenarios
Active Shooter Scenario2023-06-06, , downloads-cs emergency-cards crisis-scenarios
Avalanche Scenario2023-06-06, , downloads-cs emergency-cards crisis-scenarios
Civil Unrest Emergency Card2022-08-17, , downloads-cs emergency-cards crisis-scenarios
Crisis Scenario Framework – Core Resources Checklist2021-10-23, , downloads-cs crisis-scenarios-news crisis-scenarios
Crisis Scenario Plan – Framework for Initial Response2021-10-23, , downloads-cs crisis-scenarios-news crisis-scenarios
Crisis Scenarios – General Discussion2021-06-14, general-crisis-scenarios-team-discussion crisis-scenarios
Cyber Attack Scenario2023-06-06, , downloads-cs emergency-cards crisis-scenarios
Earthquake Scenario2023-06-06, , emergency-cards downloads-cs crisis-scenarios
Emergency Response Template2021-09-08, , downloads-cs crisis-scenarios-news crisis-scenarios
Extreme Heat Scenario2023-06-06, , downloads-cs emergency-cards crisis-scenarios
Flooding Scenario2023-06-06, , downloads-cs emergency-cards crisis-scenarios
Hurricane Scenario2023-06-06, , downloads-cs emergency-cards crisis-scenarios
Landslide Scenario2023-06-06, , crisis-scenarios downloads-cs emergency-cards
Learning From a Crisis2022-12-01, , , classes-cs general-crisis-scenarios-team-discussion crisis-scenarios-news crisis-scenarios
Lightning/Thunderstorm Scenario2023-06-06, , downloads-cs emergency-cards crisis-scenarios
Nuclear Explosion Scenario2023-06-06, , downloads-cs emergency-cards crisis-scenarios
Podcast on Crisis Scenarios2022-04-13, , , classes-cs general-crisis-scenarios-team-discussion crisis-scenarios-news crisis-scenarios
Power Failure Emergency Card2022-08-17, , downloads-cs emergency-cards crisis-scenarios
Power Grid Failure 2022 Scenario – Checklist2022-02-25, , , downloads-cs general-crisis-scenarios-team-discussion crisis-scenarios-news crisis-scenarios
Power Grid Failure 2022 Scenario – Useful Links2022-02-26, , , crisis-scenarios downloads-cs general-crisis-scenarios-team-discussion crisis-scenarios-news
Power Outage Scenario2023-06-06, , emergency-cards downloads-cs crisis-scenarios
Taking Care of Yourself In Turbulent Times2022-09-23, , , classes-cs general-crisis-scenarios-team-discussion crisis-scenarios-news crisis-scenarios
The Disaster Deck2023-06-07, , crisis-scenarios emergency-cards downloads-cs
The OODA Loop2021-10-23, , downloads-cs crisis-scenarios-news crisis-scenarios
Tornado Scenario2023-06-06, , downloads-cs emergency-cards crisis-scenarios
Tsunami Scenario2023-06-06, , downloads-cs emergency-cards crisis-scenarios
Volcano Scenario2023-06-06, , downloads-cs emergency-cards crisis-scenarios
Wildfire Scenario2023-06-06, , crisis-scenarios emergency-cards downloads-cs
Winter Storm Scenario2023-06-06, , crisis-scenarios emergency-cards downloads-cs


Crisis Scenarios is tasked with establishing some basic responses to emergency scenarios that are likely to arise so that CORAC members may do the greatest good for the greatest number of souls. We will be rolling out tasks and resources to you for this purpose.  We’re going to keep each task list brief, and as simple as possible.  Please keep your distribution of any lists and resources you create tight, and only distribute to known contacts within CORAC.  Prudence, please.


Find and post Crisis Scenarios team meetings and events nationally, regionally and in your locale.



November 30, 2023

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.

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