Back in May, I said that the raw numbers for excess deaths this year would ultimately tell us what the real deal with Covid was. Well, Mirabile Dictu! According to Johns Hopkins last month, there have been none. Death rates are the same as usual. Of course, a whole host of deaths have been attributed to Covid. Amazingly, though, deaths from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and pneumonia have plummeted from previous years.

I can only think of two possible reasons for this. The first is that Covid is a miracle cure for just about every other cause of death there is. Scientists and doctors should get right on this. Assuming Covid actually is a miracle cure for everything else, if we could just put together a treatment regimen that would make the survival rate for getting Covid higher than the current 99.97 percent, the death rate throughout the world would plummet and we would all lead longer, happier, healthier lives. This may be the biggest breakthrough in medical history!

Alas, the other possible reason is that this has been the most over-hyped “pandemic” in history. If the death rates for all other ailments have been consistent with prior years, then deaths attributed to Covid have been inflated by, at least, an order of magnitude. That would mean that this year has seen the greatest case of mass medical malpractice in the history of the world – in which governments and health professionals colluded to lock down the healthy, ignore the vulnerable and let them die, and trample on Constitutional liberty to expand their own power and influence.

Johns Hopkins pulled the study shortly after it was released – not because of any flaws in methodology or error, but because it contradicted the establishment narrative. So you make the call. Is it more likely that Covid is the greatest miracle cure for every other ailment in history or the biggest hysterical case of mass medical malpractice in history?


In CORAC, we are dividing things up into national committees to cover various potential needs. Each committee will have its national working members, with at least one representative from each region to coordinate local efforts and communication. One of those committees is the medical committee. If things get rough enough, doctors won’t be able to call Pfizer, Abbott or Baxter to get the medicines they need to treat people. I want ordinary people and doctors to prepare to have the resources they need for healing and care of the sick.

I have been shocked this year at how many medical professionals I know clearly read nothing but press releases – and rarely examine data for themselves. All can recite what CDC officials say to the press: few have any clue what is actually on the CDC website. I am not interested in drawing doctors or nurses who don’t do the research – but just take public officials’ word on life and death issues. When I say, “follow the science,” I don’t just mean follow the narrative, whatever the facts and data say. At the same time, I am not amused by those who tout alternative medicines that quickly degenerate into superstition and crackpottery. I like approaches that are not limited in a hidebound fashion to bureaucratic narratives but are also firmly grounded in science and best practices. I had a dear friend who was a prominent doctor in northeastern Illinois, drawing patients from three big counties. He is my ideal on this. He started his career as a research doctor, then gravitated into patient practice – but never lost his love for research. He would test new approaches and, if it worked well, didn’t care what others thought of it. He was focused on healing and prevention rather than showing anyone his (substantial) credentials or being a maverick. He knew more than any doctor I have ever met – but never thought he knew enough. If you asked him about a treatment regimen, he NEVER told you because he was the doctor or because that is what the university taught. He would tell you what the treatment should do and how and why it should work – along with any contra-indications and how to watch for them.

So if you are focused on crystals and magnets, you will not be a good fit for the team. But if all you know is that you have a degree and I don’t and everybody should just do what you say, you will not be a good fit for the team. But if you are focused on actual healing and care and (if a professional) do not reflexively reject non-traditional methods or (if a layman) who works with alternative methods, wants them firmly grounded in solid science and best practices, then you are who we need.

If you would be willing or would like to help with this committee and have some real expertise, professional or otherwise, please contact Micki, who heads the committee, at


I have never been put in Facebook jail – and I don’t use Twitter at all. But as time goes on, I have no illusions about my vulnerability. When these entities refuse to even look at facts that contradict their preferred narratives – and have the temerity to ignorantly declare things that are proven with a mountain of documentation to be false – I know that telling the truth with facts and evidence is openly subversive. The first time I am put in Facebook jail will also be the last. I won’t eliminate my account, but it will all just be archives. I will add nothing new. I hope it never happens. But I think the social media titans are headed full speed ahead into a giant wall. I’m not going with them. If suddenly there is nothing new from me on Facebook, just stick with the raw site or find me at Parler or MeWe.


We are not the first to live in what are increasingly dark times. I love this story of the young Karol Wojtyla, better known to us as St. John Paul the Great. At a time when he risked summary execution by the Nazis for attending the secret seminary in Poland, he did not neglect being a sign of hope – and help – to others, even putting his own life at greater risk. This is what acknowledging God, taking the next right step, and being a sign of hope looks like in practice. It is particularly meaningful to me in the midst of my Novena to Our Lady of Tepeyac, the great patroness of neglected and abused children. Would any of the smug grandees who are now taking potshots from the Vatican at St. John Paul’s work entail such a risk on behalf of another? It tells you all you need to know to discern who is a servant of the Lord and who are servants of their own vanity.

St. John Paul the Great, pray for us.

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