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Posted on March 27, 2021

Welcome to the CORAC Prayer Teams conversation. We’re delighted that you’re here and welcome any comments and resources that will help edify and strengthen this community.  Please share where it is most appropriate –– under pertinent posts if available –– or under this “General Discussion” area if a specific post topic has not yet been introduced by the Prayer Teams lead.

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  1. MP

    Blessings and prayers for the Prayer Teams effort from MP, Bro. Gideon and the rest of Clan Murray.

    • Beckita

      Blessings and prayers gratefully received, Oh Marvelous Murray Clan. Warms my heart and wells my eyes with tears. Blessed be God in all of you!

  2. Kris Rehfeld

    Hi Beckita, is this where I would leave a prayer intention? Still learning to navigate the new set up. Thanks!

    • Beckita

      Yay, Kris! You are right where you need to be. We welcome your petitions.

  3. Diane

    Hello! I apologize for the tardy update on Deacon Vic Taylor (St Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in Woodstock GA).To refresh on his condition. He experienced a “brain bleed” this Summer; was in the hospital for some time; released from the hospital but still experiencing blurred vision in his left eye. Spent time at home with family slowly recovering. Currently he is now serving at Sunday mass and his vision has improved!! Thank you one and All for your prayers!! Each one was so appreciated!! His family and wife, Alice thank you as well!! Blessings to All.

    Diane Ford

    • Beckita

      Thanks be to God for the improvement in Deacon Vic and thanks for the update, Diane.

    • Jen Byrd

      That is wonderful to learn! Thank you for the update, Diane. TBTG!!!

  4. Diane

    Hello, hope All are doing well! I wanted to share these Scripture verses and prayers that I found; and have been praying; against any ill effects of the Covid shot since its introduction into our society this year. I have found them to be helpful in relieving fears for friends and family members who have received the shot. I pray that they will be helpful to you as well.

    Prayer Against the Vaccine

    My Jesus, I firmly confess that You are the only true Healer of body and soul. Be mindful of Your servant(s)____________ who compelled by the threats of the mighty is forced to accept this potion against his/ her will (or has accepted this potion unwittingly). If it be harmful in any way to his/ her spirit, body or soul; or to anyone in his/ her family: break its strength with Your power. I ask this through the intercession of St Michael the Archangel; St Joseph Most Just and Mary Ever Virgin.Amen

    Prayer Against Any Infectious Disease
    Let no breath of infection and no disease bearing air remain in these places. Amen

    Scripture Verses Against Harm From the Vaccine

    Psalm 41:3 Psalm 91: (3, 6, 10) Psalm 103: 3 Psalm 121:7 Jeremiah 33:6 Luke 4:40

    I tagged the Scripture verses in my bible and wrote the prayers on note cards and placed them in my bible. I am able to find and read them quickly. Many blessings to All. Diane Ford

  5. Littlelight

    Please can you pray for a tlm community where unnecessary strife has entered. TY

    • Beckita

      Praying, Littlelight.

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