Prayer Teams – How It Works

Posted on March 28, 2021

Prayer Teams can be formed locally OR you might gather on Zoom with people from around your area, state or the country. THE POWER OF TEN will drive this part of the mission. When you answer the call to join or lead a Prayer Team, please do take on the challenge of offering an invitation to at least TEN more people join us by leading or simply joining a Prayer Team… and, then, encourage your TEN to invite and commission each of their TEN to also gather TEN… and on and on may it go with grace upon grace upon grace flowing from our ranks all over this land!

We have a dream that CORAC Prayer Teams of all kinds will emerge. Consider the many, beautiful devotions and spiritual paths the Church supports and blesses which foster praying particular prayers. For example, one Prayer Team may meet to pray the Rosary for the posted intentions on site as well as for the intentions of those praying. Another Team may choose to include CORAC’s needs and intentions in the Flame of Love prayers. Still another Team may choose the Living in the Divine Will prayer style. All of these spiritual paths lead to loving, glorifying and honoring God and His Will, while bringing us in union with Him and interceding for whatever is on HIS Heart. Prophetic Prayer may be the chosen way for some Prayer Teams and, particularly, appeal to many of our brothers and sisters who worship in other Christian denominations. This would be a splendid opportunity for Christian unity. Others may choose to pray individually in their homes. All Glory to God! Many the ways, many the prayers, many the people, all united in solidarity of purpose for CORAC as we arise, a force for good, making our stand with God. Simply follow your heart as Holy Spirit inspires you to set up the type of Prayer Team YOU feel called to lead.

“We set forth our petitions before God, not in order to make known to Him our needs and desires, but rather so that we ourselves may realize that in these things it is necessary to turn to God for help.”

St. Thomas Aquinas

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We who serve on the Prayer Teams will offer a dome of protection and a bedrock of support from which springs God’s Grace infused in CORAC’s good works. Embracing the core message of TNRS-ASOH: Acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those around us, we partner with God and participate in sanctifying this blessed organization and its worthy calling. Yes, we all have power to sanctify, for each of us was baptized priest, prophet and king…
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Please contact your Regional Coordinator first about Prayer Team matters. To get in touch with CORAC’s National Prayer Teams leader:
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