Ask Not For Whom The Lynch Mob Comes: It Comes For Thee

Posted on 2021-04-21
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When I was a kid I used to gaze in wonder at cinematic depictions of lynch mobs. I just couldn’t get my mind around the idea that people could get so maliciously crazy that they wanted blood instead of justice…or that they hated someone so much that they didn’t care if he committed any offense, only that he be killed. And now, America is cowed by one giant, rolling lynch mob.

The evidence revealed at Officer Derek Chauvin’s trial – by the prosecution – showed that Chauvin did NOT have his knee on George Floyd’s neck; he had it on his shoulder – just as Minneapolis police training manuals teach. Floyd did NOT die of asphyxiation; he had three times the lethal amount of fentanyl in his system and had been complaining of not being able to breathe before he was subdued. This is just a small part of the whole narrative that was blown to bits at trial. But most Democrats said, damn the evidence – lynch him! It culminated with Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ call for extended violent rioting if the jury did not lynch Chauvin. A resolution of censure was introduced in the House of Representatives for this egregious call to racist violence. Every Democrat, every last one of them, voted to kill the resolution by tabling it. This followed statements supporting the lynching despite the evidence from a multitude of Democratic figures, up to and including the man who currently occupies the White House, Joe Biden. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune helpfully revealed the biographical information of everyone on the jury before they went to consider a verdict, so it would be easier to find and harass or hurt them if they were tempted to look at the evidence instead of cower from the mob.

Though the riots in Minneapolis, alone, caused over $1 billion in damages, these were supportive of the pagan left’s narrative, so they were “good” riots (or “mostly peaceful” protests). Unlike those who engaged in an unarmed melee at the Capitol on Jan. 6, the leftist rioters, even when they were caught committing serious mayhem and damage, were largely released without bail. Shoot, when they found that an instigator at the Capitol brawl, John Sullivan, was actually an Antifa/BLM activist, he was released. Can’t be caught inconveniencing one of their own brownshirts.

In the last week or so… Twitter permanently banned Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe, after he got video of a high-ranking CNN producer bragging about how they ignore the facts and focus on propaganda to shape the leftist narrative. O’Keefe has sued – and has a startling rate of success in his suits against pagan left bullies. Meanwhile, some on the left are arguing that Biden’s purge of Christians and conservatives from the ranks of the military needs to expand to go after veterans for the same. At a moment of great peril, these triumphal pagan leftists are going to discover that convincing someone to shut up is not the same thing as convincing them. Last week, Biden signed a little-noticed Executive Order which can easily be interpreted to allow the government to seize the property of anyone who disagrees with them (claiming that these people are Russian sympathizers). Even worse, it can go after family members or friends who try to give such targets food or shelter.  Yes, it is patently unconstitutional, but the pagan left long ago ceased to care about Constitutional barriers to their turgid fantasies of absolute power. It is diabolically clever for the pagan left to call themselves “anti-fascists” while entirely plagiarizing the German fascists’ playbook for how to seize control of a society.

And yet, these have to be the stupidest revolutionaries in history. All successful authoritarian revolutionaries have taken great pains to get large swaths of the police and military on their side before launching their major putsches. These people routinely insult the police and the military, threatening to define them as domestic terrorists. In all societies before now, ethnic groups that were a significant minority population worked hard on behalf of national unity, for they understood that unleashing bloody tribalism, even if it garnered early successes, would redound against them badly once the majority would no longer be cowed. Now it is among ideologically driven minority populations that calls for tribalism and a new mirror image of Jim Crow laws be mounted. Just as the riots of the last year mainly hurt the black neighborhoods and businesses that they were supposed to be helping, this new tribalism, deadly as it has been for Derek Chauvin, will eventually hurt minorities the most. At the top, as always, is a sinister cadre of people who pull the strings, hoping to use the rioters and the division to cement their own hold on power. While they speak endlessly of their own compassion, their primary reaction to the tens of thousands of people killed by forcing them into nursing homes with Covid by Democratic governors is not horror at the tragedy and the incompetence, but fear that is could damage the pagan left’s narrative. The people who died are just cogs in their ambitions. Extrapolate that out. The left never cares who they maim or kill in their quest for power, even when it is their own allies. Contrary to their rhetoric, their concern is entirely utilitarian – whether it will damage their quest. Leaders of Antifa and BLM would do well to take a look at what actually happened to Hitler’s brownshirts – their violent equivalents in the early days of Hitler’s reign. Look up “Night of the Long Knives” if you organized rioters want to see what your fate will be if the left ever consolidates its hold on power.

There is another thing the faux intellectuals of the left missed when they adopted the successful fascist playbook for taking over Germany in the ‘30s. Germany was still reeling from the punitive restrictions placed on it after WWI and had just suffered a catastrophic economic meltdown – which gave room for a malicious demagogue to take full control over society before the folksies figured out what was going on – and the downside of it. Until the manufactured Covid crisis, America was experiencing unparalleled economic prosperity and national stature. America has a large and robust middle class, a class that pagan left revolutionaries have been waging war on. It largely took that class the first quarter of this year to begin to grasp what was afoot with the ruling class. Now that ruling class is showing that they will sic their lynch mobs on whoever does not toe their noxious line. It is ironic that the same political party that empowered lynch mobs a century ago against blacks is at the forefront of now empowering lynch mobs against Christians and conservatives. It is as if they don’t care who, specifically, is lynched, just as long as someone is and it helps them retain power. It is similar to the satan’s ethic: he will torture and kill his enemies if he can, but is perfectly happy to torture and kill his allies, too. He is happy so long as someone is being tortured and killed.

Even in countries where the authoritarian revolutionaries take control for a time, the worm eventually turns. When it does, the self-righteous revolutionaries usually end up hanging from yardarms or the gallows. But like the Sam Cooke song, our modern revolutionaries “don’t know much about history.”

In this country, particularly, it is hard for ordinary people to wrap their minds around the idea that their government is siccing the lynch mobs on them. Almost all of us have a living memory when America actually was the home of the brave and the land of the free. Those who have lived in oppressive countries seem to have the best radar for ugly turns. In my travels these last few months, I have had one Russian woman and two Polish women tell me they were considering moving back to their natal country – because it looks like those countries’ commitment to actual human rights is now greater than the United States – or any of the rest of the western countries. Ironic. With the Russian Revolution, a great and cancerous error was inflicted on the world. Now, as Russia is struggling through recovery, the entire western world has been infected with that error. It is a satanic virus, I suppose.

In the late summer of 1793, Maximilien Robespierre, certain that a little more violence and force would purify the whole of Revolutionary France, introduced the guillotine and the terror to French society. Some 17,000 people were executed on the guillotine that horrible year with a crowd of regular daily spectators at the two major sites of execution. They got increasingly savage, with Charles Dickens reporting that there became a cry among the radicals for more children to be included among the condemned. It finally ended when the French people, terrified, weary and angry, sent Robespierre to the guillotine he mounted on July 27, 1794 (commonly called the Ninth of Thermidor).

This quarter, even the low-information, virtue-signaling citizens will figure out that the lynch mobs are coming for them and their families. What follows will be the bloodiest summer in American history. The American middle class will not calmly walk up the scaffold to their doom for not believing what Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and Maxine Waters preach. The Ninth of Thermidor is coming for the pagan left, too.

I am bone-weary right now, exhausted from extensive travel, meetings and talks. I feel a profound sense of urgency. I pray that our little efforts at CORAC can help provide an alternative to open civil war and, if not, seed the country with working groups of people who are committed to faith, family and freedom to whom others can come and build safe communities of interest and values, whether those that come are believers who are wearied from the storm or have repented of their own contributions to it and want a better, more joyful way to live. We do talk of nullification – and I talk of secession – but not so as to break up the country. The pagan left is doing that quite efficiently. Rather, it is sort of a panic room, mounted by willing states to preserve reason, to preserve faith, family and freedom as the collapse of a dead culture surrounds them, so that what Lincoln called the last, best hope on earth can rise again from the ashes of self-imposed madness and destruction – and then help the rest of the western world to do the same.

These are the times that try men’s souls. While we walk this earth, we must live in the City of Man, but our hearts must be firmly ensconced in the City of God. The Lord is letting us see the results of entrusting our hearts to the City of Man. The battle will come. It must. If you deprive people of the right to object peacefully, they will eventually object violently. We know at CORAC that we have a very limited effect on the cultural trajectory. So, without submitting to outrages and offense, we work to prepare the ambulances for the cultural clash the pagan left is determined to have. Won’t you join us in laying the seeds of renewal now? Unless you capitulate entirely, the lynch mob is coming for you no matter how low you keep your head. I have always said that ultimately God would force us to choose who we will serve and publicly declare ourselves. Now is the time.


Please keep open the last week of June, the 25th-27th. We will hold our first annual meeting in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It will be a working meeting where you can meet others like you from around the country. We will have workshops on Medical issues, home and frontier skills, communications (mostly via ham radio), education committees (I am looking hard at homeschool consortiums), and prayer teams. We will also have four general speakers who will talk on eschatology, persisting effectively under persecution, building and caring for truly Christian families, and how to live robust – rather than wimpy – Christianity. Some of our speakers are nationally prominent, but I won’t announce them until late, because I want people who sign up to come primarily to work and learn rather than just to meet a celebrity.

We will begin taking registrations on Monday and have room for 400 people (with a little wiggle room for a few more, if demand spikes. The registration fee will be just $345 for a couple in a private room with bath and includes all meals. Even without a program, that is a great deal for a weekend in the Black Hills. Unfortunately, we will not simulcast this event. We are looking to make DVD’s available after the event. Hope to see many of you in South Dakota!


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