Ready to stand together?

You can make a real difference

“If the good are unafraid”

When you join the Corps of Renewal and Charity (CORAC), you’ll be connecting with a growing host of grassroots volunteers from all 50 States – made up of other like-minded people and faith-based communities across America. Together, we aim to defend the traditional values of Faith, Family and Freedom in these tumultuous times. and we’re already making a difference!

To learn more about CORAC’s mission and our founder, Charlie Johnston, enjoy this recent U.S. Grace Force podcast hosted by Fr. Richard Heilman and Doug Barry.

Yes, count me in

From my desk

Sending letters to lawmakers and Church leaders, promoting actions on social media, helping with fundraising and recruiting campaigns.

In my community

Joining fellow volunteers to participate in local events for the purpose of defending the Faith and heartening the faithful.

Through leadership

I want to learn more about the volunteer-led initiatives in my region and locale including Health & Wellness, Prayer Teams, Communications and Sustainable Living.

Find your region

Your home state is included in one of our national regions. Simply roll over your state on the map for more information, including the email address for your regional coordinator should you have any questions or need immediate assistance.

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Trust in God and the prayer of doing

It’s how we truly make a difference

Whether we’re called to a life of prayer, activism, or lending our unique gifts to help others in times of need, we rise together.  By enouraging, supporting and building each other up in our families and extended communities –– especially in these times of strife –– we’re helping to serve as God’s hands wherever He places us.

This is your invitation to join us, united under God, with the assurance that even the smallest contribution to our effort will not be wasted in God’s economy.

Read more for a sign of hope

These articles from the archive share more about Charlie Johnston, the mission entrusted to him, and why CORAC is the next right step for so many who are standing together in their families, local communities and across America to defend the Faith and hearten the faithful.

My Purpose

My Purpose

(As we embark on the path of discerning the role to which each one is called in this new season of activism on the streets, the wisdom of a triad of...

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