On Monday of this week it occurred to me that even though the pharmaceutical companies got blanket immunity for their experimental gene therapy shots they call vaccines, companies and governmental entities that mandate the experimental shots could be sued for any adverse reactions – and as adverse reactions mount, suits for wrongful termination or refusing admission. Last time I looked two days ago, the death toll listed on VAERS was over 4,300 – which is 87 times the number that has previously stopped distribution of a new drug (50). Beyond that, it is a federal crime to require anyone to get an experimental drug that is distributed under an emergency authorization as a condition of employment or admission. This could be a huge source of class action suits against uppity “woke” entities. Lo and behold, just a few hours after the thought occurred to me, I discovered that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has advised employers that they will be held liable if such mandates cause harm.

Hoo-haa! The pharmaceutical companies got their slice of the pie at the expense of ordinary people; now the trial lawyers will get their slice of the pie at the expense of those idiotic entities that are so “woke” they bought into the narrative. This is one of the reasons the left can rarely sustain victory for very long: they are as savage as a spider’s nest and can’t help feeding on their own.

Meantime, the establishment media is now trying to memory-hole their claims a year ago that evidence of Covid emerging from the Wuhan lab was all “debunked” and the product of “conspiracy theories” on the part of the right. They are trying to memory-hole it because the evidence is now overwhelming that it DID come from the Wuhan labs. And these clowns wonder why fewer and fewer believe them when they claim something has been debunked or is a conspiracy theory. They have no clue what they are talking about and just make it up as they go along. More folks figure that out each day.

Finally, the comedy of malice is coming unglued – and Dr. St. Anthony Fauci finds himself increasingly in the hot seat. It is certain that he helped fund the critical research to create the virus in the Wuhan lab through a cutaway after such funding was banned in the U.S. Thus, Fauci almost certainly holds substantial responsibility for creating the very virus that he has used to bully people with. He’s like one of those arsonists who sets houses on fires so he can be a hero and rescue the people inside. Except that Fauci and company did their dead level best to ban those inexpensive substances that were most effective in treating Covid (ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine with zinc) in order to prop up a very expensive drug (remdesvir) that is not as effective and to create very profitable experimental gene therapy shots that, as I mentioned earlier, have already had 87 times as many deaths attributed to them as is supposed to suspend a new drug trial. Meantime, the primary means of mitigation he demanded, masking, provided little or no protection against viral infection while increasing the incidence of facial and laryngeal infections AND weakening the immune system by reducing oxygen intake an average of 17 percent. The only recommendation from Fauci and the CDC that has some efficacy is social distancing – but we are not allowed to have an honest discussion of when and where that is warranted.

What all this mess HAS been good for is empowering would-be tinpot tyrants in public health departments, local governments, and corporate board rooms to boss ordinary people around. The CDC, like the CIA, is supposed to be an ADVISORY panel, focusing on a narrow aspect of a larger problem in order to help responsible people and authorities make informed decisions. Advisory panels should NEVER have mandatory authority. They only concern themselves with a narrow slice of an issue and do not have a global view of all the aspects involved. Never has it been clearer that the late Congressman Richard Armey was correct when he said that, “…liberals don’t care what you do as long as it is mandatory.” This last year has been the season of mad scientists and petty tyrants. Enough already! It’s time to toss off the chains of arrogant bureaucrats peddling pseudo-scientific mandates and ignorant ninnies running social media companies banning solid data and science as “misinformation” while peddling the leftist narrative. We are NOT all in this together.


(Image courtesy of Sheryl Collmer)

The First Annual CORAC National Conference will be held from Friday, June 25 through Sunday, June 27 near Rapid City, South Dakota. Besides a great lineup of speakers, we will have demonstrations and information available on medical issues, communications (with ham radios), sustainability (focusing on people in town and apartments – how you can survive and even thrive in extreme times) and work with prayer teams. I’m not releasing the speaker’s names until the end of the month, as I want people who are focused on doing and working to get the early spots at the conference. But when I do release them, if we have already reached capacity, many of you will wish you had signed up.

Cedar Canyon Camp, where the conference will be held, is nestled in the beautiful Black Hills. There are all sorts of activities nearby. A lot of people, already, are making the conference a part of a larger family vacation.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION, then click the “Register” icon at that appears over the squirrel image, or simply CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW,. We will have on-site vendors, but to get CORAC merchandise, you must pre-order. We do, however, have a cool supply of CORAC Rosaries, made by a dear lady in Minnesota. They are ordinary Rosaries, except each has a cool, tiny metal squirrel affixed to them.

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