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Posted on May 24, 2021
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Gary and Pam Shawver of CORAC Breadbasket Region #7, hosted Sheriff Mack in Iowa and have provided us with an informative video, bio and some highlights of the event:


“Sheriff Richard Mack (retired) is the head of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Assn (CSPOA), which is based in Higby, AZ.

Sheriff Mack was a County Sheriff in Graham County, AZ in the 1990’s when the Brady Bill was passed by the US Congress.  Some of the provisions of the Brady Bill required that the local County Sheriffs throughout the US were to help enforce the Brady Bill and if they failed to do so, they could be arrested and jailed.

Sheriff Mack, knowing his Constitution, filed suit, along with 6 other County Sheriffs throughout the US.  The case finally went to the Supreme Court where a 5/4 Decision was rendered in favor of the Sheriffs and against the US Government.

This decision cemented the sovereignty of the County Sheriffs and the sovereignty of the 10th amendment.

After the decision, Sheriff Mack founded the CSPOA and has since travelled throughout the US and speaking to both Sheriffs and the public about the Power of the County Sheriff and the need for County Sheriffs to be a “Constitutional Sheriff” and recognize laws and regulations that may be unconstitutional.

Sheriff Mack previously spoke at Upper Iowa University in the fall of 2013.

The County Sheriff is the most powerful person in their respective counties.  They answer to no one except those that elect them.  The Governor of the state does not control them.  They take the same oath of office that all other’s take to defend the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.


This time when Sheriff Mack returned to speak, there were two seminars for Sheriffs, their Deputies and other Peace Officers, one on May 11th the second on May 12th.  We had a total of 6 Sheriffs and 25 other peace officers (deputies, police chiefs and patrol officers).  The seminars put on by Sheriff Mack were excellent and well received by all Law Enforcement that attended.

For the public event, we had over 250 people show up for this event.  It was also very well received and the public bought all items (books, copies of constitutions, etc) that Sheriff Mack had for sale.

Sheriff Mack outlined his Supreme Court case in all seminars that he conducted and explained how the County Sheriff is “America’s last Hope”.

The County Sheriff is the only elected law enforcement officer in the United States and he answers only to the people who elect him.  He answers to no one else.  He has the power to arrest any unlawful intrusion by any of the federal alphabet agencies.  He can also determine if he wishes to not enforce any unconstitutional laws/mandates by the federal government such as unconstitutional gun laws, mask mandates, etc.

We will continue to work with our local County Sheriffs in the area regarding the need for them to be constitutional and provide more classes from Sheriff Mack on what it means to be a Constitutional Sheriff.  A group of us are now entertaining having booths a the local County fairs this summer to support the CSPOA and Sheriff Mack’s work as well as to support our local Sheriffs.”




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