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Posted on June 1, 2021

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  1. Narnialion

    Hi Mick and Jacquie,
    I bought 5 lbs of fresh ginger to make a tincture but then discovered I did not bring enough 100 proof alcohol to make a tincture and cannot buy it here in PA.

    We will be returning to Georgia in about a week, so I could save the ginger, and make a tincture when we return there.

    Or what do you think about juicing it here now, freezing it and bringing it back down to Georgia and either keep it frozen to use in a tea or making the alcohol tincture down there?

    But then if the grid goes down I would have to make a tincture then so maybe I am answering my own question!

    Any thoughts?

    Ann Suhrie

    Ps we cannot bring the juicer with us.

    • Mick

      Narnia, my suggestion would be to juice the ginger now, freeze it, and take it to Georgia with you. Keep in mind that according to Buhner, the best way to used ginger medicinally is not as a tincture, but rather as an alcohol-stabilized fresh juice. So once you get to Georgia, thaw your ginger juice, measure it, and then add enough 95% alcohol to end up with a juice-alcohol mix that is 20% alcohol. So, for instance, if you have 8 cups of ginger juice, you would add 2 cups of 95% Everclear in order to get 10 total cups of liquid that is 20% alcohol. This blend will be shelf-stable and should be stored the way you store your tinctures, in a dark, not-too-warm place.

  2. Littlelight

    One of my kiddos had headaches and was referred to a neurologist at CT Children’s Med. Ctr, this was a couple of years ago. Anyways the APRN prescribed Migrelief (Akeso labs)

    My kiddo took the treatment and the APRN told her she could wean off of it. It is a nutritional based supplement (read above). You have to be committed to take it for weeks and the APRN had my kiddo start slowly, taking 2 weeks to get to the target dose, as I guess the magnesium in it can cause tummy problems.

    My kiddo no longer needs to take it! (TYG!) I purchased 10 bottles of this, wanting to have a stash of this for her since a daily dose was necessary to prevent the migraines she was getting.

    They are sealed and not expired (2023, I believe). They are expensive (around 20$ a bottle). I’d like to donate them to a CORAC squirrel who needs this.

    • Mick

      Littlelight, that is such a generous offer! Hopefully someone who needs this will check out the comments here so that they can connect with you. God bless you and your dear family. 🙂

      • Littlelight

        Aww, no worries! I stocked up because you can’t just “stop” it you have to slowly wean down. And also, it helped!

        I have zero heart for ebay selling AND I really want to help as best I can and would delight in seeing someone use this!

        God’s blessings back at ya, Mick!

    • Jen Byrd

      Thanks be to God for the blessings and graces, both offered and received LL!

  3. Littlelight

    Aw, yes! 🙂 <B

  4. Catharoonie

    Hello, today is day 8 of being sick. I am feeling such muscle weakness at this time and intestinal issues. It is quite alarming. I am wondering if I might have some of the unusual, less common symptoms of Covid. The hospital did blood work, urine test and ECG. All those looked fine so I must have something unusual. I don’t want to take ivermectin because some of the side effects can actually make my muscle symptoms worse. What do you all think? What should be my course of action?

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