America’s Macbeth Moment

Posted on 2021-09-25
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Every person craves transcendent meaning in their life. For those whose hope is in God, that meaning is found in their hope of eternal life with their Creator. The means by which they seek to attain that goal is to love and serve God, primarily through loving and serving those around them.

Even the Godless seek meaning in their lives. But while the authentic Judeo-Christian path to ultimate meaning is through service to those they love, the way that the Godless find meaning is in seeking to rule those around them, convinced (without evidence) that they are superior specimens of humanity. It is, by its very nature, a self-destructive philosophy with no exit and no transcendence.

In his play, Macbeth, William Shakespeare brilliantly sums up the ultimate agony and despair of those who have no hope in God. Near the end of his brutal, tyrannical and treacherous life bereft of any hope of God, Macbeth contemplates the meaning of life. It is, he concludes, a tale “…told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” This conclusion comes after a life in which he achieved his goals and became King of Scotland through murderous treachery. He completely rules and dominates the Scots.

All the ambition and schemes of the Godless lead to the same miserable end when they succeed as when they fail – except that when they succeed, they cause misery and torment to a multitude of innocents, as well. There is no good end, there is no ultimate success for the Godless, only misery and doom. The only question is how much collateral damage they will cause as they crash and burn. The most skilled of them can seem so powerful at times that timid men who should know better cast their lot with them, hoping to be on the side that wins. But the trajectory of the flameout of the power-mad Godless is so clear that, whether caught at their zenith or their apex, only fools and knaves would cast their lot with them.

The hour in which the Godless left struts and frets upon the stage is almost up – and the time to begin the clean-up of the wreckage they have left in their wake is upon us. I pay almost no attention to the federal government anymore. It is largely irrelevant, except when viewed as a feral predator looking to cull the herd of innocents. It is determined to crash and burn – and so it will. The only calling for an honorable man in these times is to devote himself to assembling the ambulances, raising the infrastructure to rebuild a healthy, God-oriented society, from the wreckage these suicide bombers called federal officials are wreaking.

We are in the terminal stages before collapse. There are profound signs of both consolation and of woe as one looks to see how people are responding. Those who are aggressors in desecrating the culture and trying to impose their will on everyone else depress me, but I don’t pay much attention to them besides watching what they are up to. It grieves me that they are doomed and don’t know it, thinking that they are the anointed, but there is nothing much I can do to penetrate their preening vanity – and the time it would take to get through to them would take time away from counseling people who CAN still hear reason. Barring a Paul at Damascus type event, these types are already lost – and not my concern.

There are people who have still kept their feet on the ground in the midst of all the swirling madness. These are prime candidates to join the coalition of the willing to stay steady during the crisis and help rebuild a renewed faithful after the crash.

Then there is the great mass of people, disoriented by the chaos, who instinctively retreat to their primary defense mechanism.

The bolder souls, accustomed to thinking for themselves, are tempted into relentless attacks. While perhaps giving some cathartic emotional relief from the confusion that has beset the world, this does little to move things forward and often succeeds in moving them backward.

The more timid souls want to retreat into doing whatever the credentialed class tells them, failing to realize that the experts are mere advisors. Each person is captain of his own soul and will be held accountable by God for the decisions he makes. I understand that it is easy to fall back on previously reliable sources, but when those sources get ever more authoritarian and actively censor those who dissent, however reasonably or compellingly, it is time to recognize that those authorities are now just “previously.” Some are even going so far as to say that anyone who is not a doctor should have no say at all. I appreciate that not everyone has the intellectual bandwidth to read data and apply logic and evidence – and for them, to follow the credentialed is probably the safest course. But for them to demand that everyone pretend to share their own myopia and quit the field is ridiculous, disgusting, and a formula for tyranny.

On a handful of occasions, I have been the catalyst for change in significant national policies. Part of my ethos has been to leave all the credit to others, as that makes it easier to get done – and my concern is good policy, not credit. I also think that the best things you do should, if possible, be done in secret, as it builds treasure in heaven – and I hate to squander heavenly treasure. But there are disciplined principles by which you can do research and active advocacy that can be compelling. I realized, after some thought, that there is one instance where the code of anonymity does not apply – because Congressmen widely circulated the memo I researched and wrote – both in the halls of Congress and to their own top medical and scientific advisors with my name on it, that changed a major trajectory in American history – and medical history, at that. Next week I will give some background and reprint the entire memo on this site, giving you some principles to live by when doing such things. You can sometimes change the world by doing hard, honest, disciplined work on those matters you care about. But you have to focus on the work and jettison any thoughts of glory attached. I suspect the timid souls who agree with censoring others who are not credentialed would not want to banish vitamins, which were discovered by a biochemist, or x-rays, which were discovered by a mechanical engineer, nor pasteurization, which was discovered by a chemist. It is just their defense mechanism kicking in.

Then there are the bitter souls, filled with recriminations for the past failures of others. I largely count these with the fantasists whose answer to everything is, “If everyone would just…” when they know everyone will not just…  I am not guaranteed tomorrow, I can’t change yesterday, and all I have is today. If we are way behind (and we are) I am not much interested with what anyone failed to do or screwed up in the first and second quarters of the game, but what they are prepared to do now and how they plan to avoid the errors that hurt us in the first half. It is sufficient to me (and sometimes I don’t even demand this much) that a simple acknowledgment of early errors, even if tacit, is understood and we fully apply ourselves to the challenges before us now. How browbeating and berating someone for the failures of the past is going to help us when they have shown up for duty now is beyond me. It simply wastes times and demoralizes everyone. When someone who is talented shows up late for the party, I am not big on demanding to know where they have been; I am just glad they are here and welcome them.

In everything, I am less interested in making a point and more interested in tackling the problems before us – and welcome all the good help I can get. My biggest challenge in life has not been getting talented, but muddled, people on board, but on getting ordinary people to see how vitally important the little things they bring to the table are – and how our most generous Lord multiplies those little offerings extravagantly because of their willingness. Ah, but when people see and realize the worth what little they have to offer really has, those are my happiest moments – and often I can literally see when that light goes on in a humble soul. The great thing is that such as these rarely become less kind or humble, but walk with a confident resolve that, to me, is one of life’s great joys to behold.

Now, as to Covid and the gene therapy shots, which has been much discussed here, I am not near as interested as I once was. As the French say, “les jeux sont fait.” That means everyone has their bets down and not many minds are going to change. Over the last four weeks, the narrative on it has been collapsing in real time before our eyes. Defenders are reduced to sending links from panicked government agencies that have gotten it serially wrong from the start and taking it at face value, even when it defies easily available hard data and simple logic.

In an absolutely ridiculous statement, the CDC said that the hospitalized and seriously ill are 98 percent unvaccinated. If they are just going to make things up, something like 60 percent would have, at least, been arguable. But 98 percent does not come close to matching the experience of anywhere else in the world. It is absurd on its face.

Panicked defenders also try to belittle the VAERs system, saying it doesn’t prove anything. What idiocy playing at being smart! The VAERs system of reporting is based on principles of statistical analysis. It analyzes variations from previous norms to give early warning of potential problems before there is absolute proof. Saying it does not do what it was never intended to do is not quite the dunk that the sophists think it is. A canary in a coal mine is a form of this. Just because the canary suddenly drops dead is NOT proof that there is a gas leak – but it is a powerful early indicator before you can know with certainty. If you are determined to stay in the coal mine until you have absolute proof, you are an idiot, and soon will likely be a former idiot. They also like to point out that anyone CAN report to VAERs – without noting that, while that is true, the information must be verifiable to go into the stats – that so-and-so was a real person, got the shot, and died or suffered another serious reaction within weeks after getting the shot. The standard for halting distribution of a new vaccine had previously been 50 deaths. This week, the VAERs death count on the novel gene therapy shot went up over 15,000. An aberration that is 300 times greater (or 30,000 percent higher) than the previously acceptable variation is…ahem…significant. Not to mention that this week Project Veritas dropped undercover video showing that some federal facilities are intentionally refusing to report death and other serious problems to VAERs.

The defenders of this disaster refuse to talk about Sweden, which used historically normal protocols and didn’t try to mandate much of anything, or India’s largest state of Uttar Pradesh (238 million people) which has relied on ivermectin for treatment of Covid. That is because both of these entities, while defying the official narrative, have some of the lowest case and death numbers, per capita, in the world. Suppressing and ridiculing what does work while trying to mandate what doesn’t is a novel medical strategy adopted by the western world. Everywhere I go now, I get doctors thanking me for my work on this subject – as their medical boards are banning doctors who dare publicly dissent from the approved narrative. Here are some carefully sourced basic facts about the whole business.

I understand. A lot of people got the shot in the initial panic. Some of them are suffering buyer’s remorse – and now, borne by the same panic that led them down this chute in the first place, are desperately trying to convince themselves that everything will be okay, despite the mountain of reports and evidence of serious side effects coming in daily. Yet I have told you that everything WILL be okay for everyone who repents of their blind fealty to the city of man and returns to sober fealty to the City of God, taking prudent precautions and making decisions with sobriety and without panic. But, les jeux sont fait. The advocates maintain this is mankind’s salvation from a disease that has a 99 percent survival rate. I maintain that, by the end of the year, America’s retreat from “vaccine” mandates will make her retreat from Afghanistan look orderly and dignified. Either way, God does not leave us bereft. He has a plan.

Meantime, our allies no longer respect us and our enemies no longer fear us. Former allies are, even now, working feverishly to find alternatives to the American led security umbrella that no longer exists. Enemies are working on what they can plunder while we are in chaos. All those chickens are likely to come home to roost before the year is out. Man, have we got a doozy of an October surprise ahead.

Don’t worry about collecting outrages. These days they are as common as dandelions after a spring rain. If you aren’t already outraged, you haven’t been paying attention. Rather, devote yourself to assembling the ambulances by doing the little you can together with your friends and neighbors, trusting that God will fill the gaps. A little aside…of late, I have been hearing from a lot of people who are shaken because the plans they made for these times have been blown up. Trusting God does NOT mean He will routinely protect the plan you have made. In fact, He often blows up your plan specifically to see if you really trust Him, or just think you have tamed Him.

God reigns. When triumph comes, give thanks to Him. When disaster comes, give thanks to Him and take the hint to amend your course. God reigns.


My next public talk will be in Estes Park, Colorado in mid-October. I am really looking forward to this one for several reasons. Obviously, I get a few bonus days at home in the midst of my travels. But prior to the talk, many in CORAC’s Region 12 (and beyond) are planning a pilgrimage to the property of St. Malo’s at the foot of Mt. Meeker. I won’t be at the pilgrimage. That is on Catholic property. While my Archbishop has been permissive in allowing me to write and speak, he forbade it on Catholic property in Denver, lest it be seen as a tacit endorsement. While I wouldn’t speak there anyway, I think it better not to participate in any public event where I play a pre-eminent role on Catholic property in Denver without the specific approval of my Bishop. Some folks have asked if I will talk prophetically in Estes Park. No. Not gonna happen. As I have said, my understanding is that, as the storm set in, the time for public prophecy was ended and the time for doing commenced. I know some folks are using an old piece about the Shrine from my earlier website which has some mystical elements in it. I’m not worried about that. It’s part of the historical record – and a hopeful story, as well. But this is the time for doing. If you are coming for that, you won’t be disappointed. If you are coming for the latest prophetic news, you will be. The news is we all have a lot of wood to chop. I’ll have more information up about that event next week.


On Monday, we will begin our fall fundraising campaign for CORAC, with a target of $50,000. Thus far, we have had 118 people across the country take formal classes for traditional, herbal, and homeopathic medicine, to be used in difficult times. All of these classes are free. We have had at least 600 – and probably over a thousand, by now, attend demonstrations on how to make tinctures. We have set up ham radio communications hubs that now cover the entire continental United States – and are actively diving into other means of communications to keep CORAC members in touch with each other, whatever may come. Our prayer team initiative is connecting people throughout the country – and the world, into active, collaborative friends and neighbors who provide a constant foundation of prayer for CORAC’s work and for individual needs as they arise. Regional Coordinators throughout the country are pushing initiatives on communications, newsletters, events where people get together physically and do good work. I have now made 42 visits across the country since CORAC was founded, exhorting, encouraging and heartening the faithful throughout the country – and being dazzled by what they are accomplishing.

This is what the money you give is providing – and we do it frugally. You have access to a host of tutorials and talks on the website. Please visit the website. There are comment sections under all the different teams. All this and our basic costs are still at under $12,000 per month. That covers legal, internet services, website maintenance, and administrative costs. And we have done this and grown while fending off malicious attacks to our site. We have big plans going forward. I finally have the core of an education team so we can develop educational protocols for everyone; we are considering a regular monthly newspaper; and we are about to look at our initial crisis management scenarios to distribute. We are involved in providing refuges for Priests and Religious if it becomes necessary and identifying areas across the country where people can go for help and fellowship if things become dire for a time.

Though the drive begins Monday, send a little money now if you can. The month ends next week and I have bills to pay. By the way, even in the most difficult times, all of our vendors have been paid. The only person we are behind on is my draw. I get a monthly draw of $2,000. Last year I took it three times. This year, I am paid through May. This is not that gal who ran BLM and bought herself four mansions with proceeds. I am on fire for bringing people together and, thanks be to God, my needs are small. Though it is a little, we need your help to keep it going and growing. I will give you more details throughout the week next week on what your generous donations are accomplishing. God bless you!


Crowd gather to go into the ballroom for the Texas Right to Life Celebration of Life dinner

Last week, Texas Right to Life (TRTL) had its annual Celebration of Life dinner. It was under a cloud, because the pro-abortion activists were furious over Texas’ successful heartbeat law and TRTL’s prominent role in getting it passed. TRTL has had a raft of hideously malicious phone calls, relentless cyber-attacks from major hackers (just last Sunday, there were over 750,000 such attacks fended off – that day), bomb threats and stalkers. Outside the hotel the night of the dinner, a small band of protesters shouted obscenities and threats. I’m sure Planned Parenthood was disappointed, because their planned huge protest was more sparsely attended than a Joe Biden rally.

So, what was the upshot? TRTL set records in every category. They had record attendance, record money raised, record proceeds from the silent auction. It was so big they were wondering how they can top this next year. At the staff meeting reviewing things on Monday, someone suggested passing even bigger legislation next year to keep the pro-aborts riled up. I’ll second that.

To quote an old movie, “If you build it, they will come.” Courage is contagious. TRTL stood strong under withering assault – and pro-lifers came out to stand with them. Make your stand. You are not alone. And when you make your stand, you will be surprised at how many people come out of the woodwork to stand with you. Do it under God’s providence.


Come join with me on Gab. Forget what smears you have heard about it. It is a social media site devoted to free speech, run by a man who is a fully committed Christian activist. You can find me there at Charliej373 or the CORAC group page.


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