Upper Respiratory Infections & COVID

Posted on 2021-10-04
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Treatment for typical upper respiratory infection includes the following:

Rest at home..

Try to push fluids..

Nasal Saline Spray or gel 3 to 4 times per day to help with nasal moisture and to wash out mucous (after breakfast, lunch, supper, and bedtime).

Humidifier at bedtime in the room where you are resting or sleeping.

Mucinex or guaifenesin for use with plenty of water.

Salt Water Gargles. Take 1/2 cup water in a mug. Put in the microwave 1/2 minute. Not too warm so as to burn your tongue. Use one teaspoon of salt. Gargle as needed. Usually I recommend 3-4 times per day (after meals and bedtime).

Go to a clinic or ER if not better or symptoms are getting worse..

There are additional things to do for COVID-19 or very infectious viruses.

COVID Activity Restrictions and Additional Instructions: Per CDC guidelines:

  1. Try to lie on your stomach as often as you can. If you can not lie on your stomach, lie on your side. Avoid laying on your back.
  2. Cover cough and sneezes.
  3. Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  4. Hand sanitizers may be used with alcohol content of at least 60% alcohol.
  5. Clean household surfaces with commercial cleaners that contain bleach or disinfectant.

Symbicort/Z-Pack/Medrol dose pack/Pulse OX use:

If Positive COVID: Advised to quarantine for 10 day from positive test.

We have prescribed the following medications: Symbicort inhaler: Two puffs twice daily- AM and PM dosing and as needed. You have an instructions sheet on its use.


This is an antibiotic- to treat presumed pneumonia.

Medrol dose pack:

This is a steroid to help you feel better and to allow the antibiotic to work better. Please eat when

you take this medication. Do not take Motrin, Aleve, Advil, Ibuprofen or aspirin while taking the Medrol dose pack. You can take Tylenol as needed for aches/pains/ fever reduction.

Motrin is not contraindicated with COVID, just not to be taken with steroids.

Consider Measuring Oxygen at home:

Consider buying an oxygen probe for your finger. If your oxygen drops below 90 please go to the ER. There will be two numbers displayed on the probe. One is oxygen the other is pulse. Please refer to the user guide with your probe to identify which number is oxygen and which is pulse.

If your saturation falls below 90 % please go to the ER.

Other vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin D 2000 IU daily

Vitamin C 1000 mg 2 X per day

Quercetin 250 mg per day

Zinc 50 mg per day

Melatonin 5-10 mg before bed.

If you have COVID Aspirin is also indicated as long as you have no allergy. Take 325 mg daily with food.

Finally Ivermectin:

In a weight appropriate dose Ivermectin has been shown to stop the viral replication and entry into subsequent cells. Ivermectin 0.2 mg/ kg/ dose. Take X1 and repeat 3 days later. After that loading dose, it is done weekly or every 2 weeks as a prophylaxis. Sometimes as far between as 1 mont depending on your exposure to the virus. This can be done as prophylactic or as treatment during disease or BOTH. It has been shown to save lives in literature and in practice. Don’t go at this alone. See My Catholic Doctor.Com for a doctor who may help. Or go to the Front LIne COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance aka FLCCC website for more details as well.


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