Asthma – Water Cure

Posted on October 11, 2021

For those of you with asthma, it has been described as trying to breathe through a straw. Dr. Batman, was an Iranian-American doctor who discovered that asthma was a symptom of dehydration, and proved that it could be treated by drinking 8 glasses of water per day. Salt is also required in the daily diet, specifically sea salt or Himalayan Pink Salt. Do not use iodized salt.

Gatorade is another product that contains salts and is suitable for hydration + salt. Gatorade is also available in granular form, allowing you to add water at home. This is a much cheaper alternative, as you do not need to pay shipping for the water, tax and deposit. Suggest limiting Gatorade to once per week, or when needed (emergency treatment).

Question: How do I treat an asthma attack, when the supply chain is broken, and traditional asthma medication is not available?


  • Option 1 – Drink 1 quart of Gatorade. This includes water and the required salts. You will feel better within 15 minutes.
  • Drink 1 quart of water (filtered tap water is good, bottled water, etc.). Take a few grains of Himalayan Pink Salt on your tongue. You will feel better within 15 minutes.

Question: How do I prepare a water inventory to treat my asthma?


  • Option 1 – Drink water from the tap, or filter and store in refrigerator. New York City water is one of the best waters available from the tap (Thank you NYC DEP).
  • Option 2 – Purchase a water cooler from Costco. Purchase 5 gallon bottles of water, and drink 8 glasses of water per day. Keep at least 2 weeks supply of water in stock at your residence.

Question: How do I purchase salt?


  • Option 1 – Buy Himalayan Pink Salt from either Winners, local cooking store or the Italian Market. Use this to prepare your meals, pasta, etc. This is the best salt on the market.
  • Option 2 – Purchase sea salt from local grocery store. Very good salt. Product of Italy is recommended.
  • Do not purchase or use iodized salts as they are not effective.
  • I purchase both Himalayan Pink and Italian Sea Salt for my personal use and cooking.

Question: If this treatment works, why do doctors and nurses not know about this?


  • No money can be made by selling water, resulting in no interest in this treatment, from the pharmaceutical industry. If the local pharmaceutical salesman cannot make money from selling water, he won’t promote the cure through sales calls, lunches and conferences with doctors and nurses. A salesman requires commissions, car allowance and expenses to pay for his efforts. A tier 1 pharmaceutical sales representative, has earnings within the top third of the industry ($100,000++). Costco sells water from a 16 square foot area of their store. Not a major profit center. Please verify this with friends working in the pharmaceutical industry and at Costco.
  • More trips to the restroom are required with this treatment.

Question: I used to go to the gym and my asthma was always under control. Did the exercise benefit my asthma?


  • Yes, exercise is good. With exercise at the gym, we tend to drink more water. It is the hydration and drinking of water that keeps the asthma under control.
  • More trips to the restroom are required with this treatment.

Question: I like to drink beer, wine and spirits on the weekend, but find that this sometimes makes me wheezy? What should I do?


  • Option 1 – Beer, wine and spirits tend to cause dehydration, and it is the dehydration that results in noticeable asthma symptoms. Suggest reducing your consumption of alcohol.
  • Option 2 – Reduce consumption of spirits, by inserting a glass of water between each glass of beer, wine or spirits. Drinking of this additional water may also limit the impact of hangovers on the following day.

Question: I am allergic to cats and dogs, which make me wheezy. What should I do?


  • Option 1 – Best to not have cats, dogs, or furry creatures, at your primary residence as pets. If you must visit a home with a cat or dog, ask that the pets be put outdoors. When you get home, change your clothes, take a shower, and drink water.
  • Option 2 – Drink water and take your Himalayan Pink Salt.
  • Option 3 – Adopt a budgie bird as a pet. Budgies are very good companions for asthma patients. You can house train your budgie, teach he/she pet tricks, and produce YouTube videos (Banko the Budgie). Many asthma patients also have pet budgies.
  • Option 4 – Adopt a pet turtle named Clive (Elementary show – Sherlock Holmes). Turtles are good pets for the asthma patient.
  • Option 5 – Keep bees on the roof of your flat in NYC (Elementary show – Sherlock Holmes). Bees are also good pets for the asthma patient.

Question: If I have to take my friend /boyfriend/girlfriend/son/daughter to the emergency room for an asthma attack, what should I do?


  • Option 1 – Pack up your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/son/daughter in the car and start driving towards the emergency room. Stop at the 7-11 store along the route and pick up a quart of Gatorade. Have your friend drink this as you make your way to the hospital.
  • Option 2 – Check in at emergency room for treatment.
  • Option 3 – Take ambulance to hospital. Ask the ambulance attendant to provide a saline IV solution, to hydrate the patient, while awaiting treatment (salt + water) at the emergency room.

Question: My mother is now 87 years old, never had asthma, but is now wheezing and breathing heavy. What should I do?


  • Option 1 – Senior citizens tend to get dehydrated, which causes heavy breathing. Work towards drinking 8 glasses per day.
  • Option 2 – Have at least one glass of fluids at each meal. Encourage drinking of peppermint tea (with no caffeine) after each meal.

Question: My mother is now 65 years old, and drinks 10 cups of coffee each day. What should I do?


  • Option 1 – Coffee tends to cause dehydration, but drinking fluids is generally positive.
  • Option 2 –Encourage drinking of water and peppermint tea (with no caffeine) after each meal.

Question: We are at DisneyWorld and bottled water costs $5.00 per liter. What should I do?


  • Option 1 – Best to bring your own water whenever possible.
  • Option 2 – Encourage drinking of peppermint tea (with no caffeine), brought in a thermos. Leave early, go back to hotel, drink water and go to bed early.

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