Crisis Scenario Framework – Core Resources Checklist

Posted on October 23, 2021
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Regional Coordinators can use this checklist in preparing their regions and localities for crisis response.  Links to certain resources in the downloadable pdf are highlighted below. By no means exhaustive, this can serve as an initial checklist that the RCs can work through with their membership, identifying resources they have (or don’t) and filling in the holes as needed.


Regional Coordinators (RCs) need to identify leaders for each functional area (e.g., Sustainability, Communications, Health & Wellness, etc.) ASAP if they have not done so already and share these contacts with the national team leaders.

  • Please notify the national team leaders if you have “holes” in functional area leadership, and they can assist in identifying possible volunteers in your region.


Direct all members to enroll in “Signal” (an encrypted, secure messaging service, nonprofit company, no ads).

  • Place all members in a Regional “Group” within Signal (much like group texting)
  • Instructions to do this are at this link: 360007319331-Group-chats (At this link, don’t let the intro information distract you…just scroll down to the system you are using for Signal and walk through the instructions on each for a New Group (for your Android phone, your iPhone, or your Desktop)
  • Need assistance? Tom Kuipers is a pro!

Encourage all CORAC members to have a shortwave radio (so they can at least receive emergency messages) and to learn how to use their particular radio.

Identify a primary regional HAM contact; ensure this information is given to national team/Regional Coordinators (RCs) – your primary HAM contact ideally is one with base station and high-quality antenna

Encourage membership to get trained as HAM technicians and operators as a mid- to long-term goal. text group (and vice versa).

  • Establish person(s) who will serve as communication link from HAM/radio operators to Signal

Designate an individual in your region (and locally) to be aware of local civil emergency response.

Members with landline phones should establish a “phone tree” for use as a back-up when these systems are functional.


All members should be prepared to “Shelter in Place” (most likely scenario for >75% of people)

Establish list of people willing to provide their homes/properties/parishes/businesses as shelters in crisis, in case people must/can get out of harm’s way. These may be:

  • Temporary or longer-term shelters
  • Simple personnel and/or resource collection points (may be parishes in temporary situation)


Establish list of available drivers for human and supply transport

  • Include types of vehicles available with each driver

Establish list of general resources

  • List of individuals who have water, fuel, food, generators, medical and other supplies that they are willing to share

Establish list of vulnerable parties

Establish collection points for supply pickup in locales throughout region (if necessary)

  • ID CORAC members in need of transport in time of crisis
  • Each CORAC member should also identify their own neighbors who may need and desire immediate care or shelter and establish a response plan with them in case of emergency (great community building exercise!)

Service Providers

Establish list of providers who will service the unvaccinated/like-minded:

  • Medical/dental providers
  • Food/grocers
  • Clothing/daily needs
  • Legal
  • Other?

Spiritual Support

Establish list of like-minded priests and religious; gather contact information they are willing to share

Suggested Format for Lists

Printable Excel spreadheets

  • Distribution of lists and shelter locations as hard copy via post is recommended.
  • Do not distribute anyone’s contact information without their consent.


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Crisis Scenarios is tasked with establishing some basic responses to emergency scenarios that are likely to arise so that CORAC members may do the greatest good for the greatest number of souls. We will be rolling out tasks and resources to you for this purpose.  We’re going to keep each task list brief, and as simple as possible.  Please keep your distribution of any lists and resources you create tight, and only distribute to known contacts within CORAC.  Prudence, please.

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Please contact your Regional Coordinator first about Crisis Scenarios. To get in touch with CORAC’s National Crisis Scenarios team leader:
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