Drink Chaga Tea for Immunity

Posted on 2022-03-07


Drink Chaga tea (with or without green or black tea) to obtain an enormous collection of helpful molecules. A maintenance dose would be 500-1,000 mg of powder. If ill, you should take 2-3 times that amount. Chaga in large amounts can cure cancer and prevent smallpox.


A brief history of chaga based on information I obtained from Clif High:

Chaga is a mushroom that grows on birch trees.  It is the only thing that can kill a birch tree, apparently.  Armies in Europe tried to set up their battlefield hospitals in birch forests because they are so clean. Chaga is filled with huge amounts of beneficial substances including Vitamin D3. Clif High said recently that if there is a smallpox epidemic, Chaga is a great way to prevent it. There are numerous historical reports of people traveling through Siberia contracting smallpox. However, he found *no* reports of smallpox cases among the Siberian tribes and groups who had ready access to Chaga and had incorporated it into their everyday activities. Chaga is an extremely strong immune system regulator and strengthener. It can be used by people of any age, although it is usually used against the weaknesses of aging.


For viral infections two measures matter, Receptivity and Permissivity. If a body is receptive to a virus, the virus can travel through the mucus membranes of the eyes, sinuses, mouth, throat, lungs or GI tract into the body. At that point if the body is permissive to the virus, the virus is allowed to enter cells, hijack cellular machinery and begin replicating. Chaga helps keep the body’s immune system strong and well-regulated so that Receptivity and Permissivity remain extremely low against *any* virus.


I use Chaga tea every day. I mix it in a HydroFlask® with a bunch of water and drink it off and on all day. I prepare it by putting a small amount of water (half a teacup) into a saucepan, heating it up until it is barely bubbling, then pour it back into the tea cup where I have placed a couple cc’s (1/2-1 tsp) of Chaga powder, and I let it steep for 10 minutes or more. Then I pour it into the HydroFlask® and fill with clean water. It’s easy and tastes pretty good. You can mix other tea in with the Chaga water if you wish. The heating process releases the substances in Chaga that otherwise would not be bioavailable. Some ill people, particularly those with cancer, have been known to get Chaga in chunk form and hold a chunk in their mouth all day every day until cured.

Buying Tips

Chaga is available from Amazon, BulkSupplements, PureBulk, and other places.  Note that I believe it is better to get wild Chaga from Siberia or Maine forests, not the ones grown on farm settings.  

Chaga tea cheers to your health!


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