Water Dosing Homeopathy

Posted on May 2, 2022
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Putting a selected homeopathic remedy in water is an excellent way to extend the life of your remedies and it also has a “gentling” effect on the remedy. Taking a pill can be the equivalent of telling your system “Move now!” and taking it in water as “Please, move now.” For people who tend to be sensitive (to allergies, alcohol, caffeine, etc.), it is best to have them start with a water dose. If they react to a pill, move them to a water dose. You can also dilute further for intensely sensitive people; 4th dilution and 8th dilution.

A water dose would be as follows: 1-5 pills for 8 oz of water making sure there is room to succus (or shake) a min of 10 times by hitting against your hand. This is 1st dilution. For a 4th dilution you would take 1 teaspoon of this water, add to another container with 8 oz of water and succus, this is a 2nd dilution. Continue until 4th. Some people, after they have used the water dilution enough times, are able to move up to stronger dilution then eventually to a pill. Water dosing works wonderfully, especially when there is oversensitivity. Some people report an odd feeling on the back of their tongue when taking homeopathic pills directly. This could be an oversensitivity to sucrose, lactose or alcohol. If you have this sensation, give water dosing a try.

Water dosing is also good when you are taking a protocol that requires two remedies to be mixed.

Keep your water dose in a clean glass jar in your refrigerator for a week or two. If you wish for it to have a longer shelf life, add 1 teaspoon of vodka (only if you do not have an alcohol sensitivity).

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  1. Kathy A

    i have read that 3-5 pills in 4 ounces of water should be made and then given one teaspoon of this per dose. Are you saying one pill in eight ounces of water and the patient drinks the entire eight ounces at once? If not, how much is a dose. Since you say to keep in the fridge, it implies there is more than one dose in eight ounces.

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