War and Peace

Posted on 2022-10-06

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re wondering: does this title refer to the subject Charlie is going to cover today or to the length of the piece? Well, let’s get to a few ancillary observations, then the subject and see how long the piece ends up being…

The left is in a twitter over a story that a little over a decade ago, Georgia’s Republican Senate nominee, Herschel Walker, pushed a girlfriend to get an abortion. I find the accusation credible. Sadly, I have a lot of friends who once were involved in procuring an abortion before resolving the brutal guilt involved by becoming passionately pro-life. Even so, the hurt, pain and guilt linger on. More sadly, some of the survivors of abortion become passionately pro-abortion in a frenzied effort to convince themselves that what they did was okay. Back in the 90’s, when I did a lot of reporting on the abortion issue and spent a lot of time talking to women who had survived their abortions without becoming handmaidens to Moloch, I came to think that abortion leaves a hole of despair in the heart that will not heal – unless it is filled with love of and contrition before God.

It is always sad to hear that someone you know or care about has, at an earlier time, suffered that particular wound – but not terribly surprising in this malignancy we call modern culture. Walker never made any bones about the dysfunctions he lived in some of his earlier life, so I didn’t find the accusation particularly shocking. What did surprise me was that all the left and the establishment media thought that conservatives would abandon Walker en masse to vote instead for Democrat Raphael Warnock – a “pastor” who supports abortion at any time for any reason until the moment of birth. Say what?! They think the way we should respond to finding that someone we know was once seduced by the devil is to support the devil’s imp who is actively trying to seduce more people?! But the left has no concept of contrition, redemption and transcendence, so I suppose their stick-figure logic is not so surprising. After all, most of them are eager to cancel any of their allies for much less substantive missteps.

In a larger sense, the press genuinely does not seem to understand what has happened to them. Fourteen years ago, they openly abandoned objectivity and became partisans in their efforts to smear then-Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. I thought they would make a course correction after their mad, dishonest frenzy. But they just doubled down, getting increasingly more hyper-partisan until they have become the shock troops of the left – attacking anyone who does not support the destructive leftist chaos they prefer. Fourteen years ago, their attacks carried some effect because of their residual credibility, even though it was suspect even then. Now, while the press has its small hallelujah chorus that cheers on everything they do, no matter how diametrically opposite it quickly proves to be from reality, most ordinary folks use press attacks as a shorthand gauge on what to think of various people they have not been able to fully gauge: if the press attacks a person, that person is probably a solid citizen. The press wonders why the public no longer believes them. Actually, the public does believe them. It believes the press has become a lying pack of predatory, yelping hyenas – so whatever the press is against, the public is largely for.

This is why decent people in public life welcome attacks from the press: it enhances their bona fides. It is the price of prostituting your principles: nobody loves you anymore.


Back when I was doing radio, I would make predictions about a host of races a few weeks before election. About a third of my predictions would be deeply contrary to conventional wisdom – and was often the subject of much mirth. But the mirth became much less as my tenure went on. Bizarrely, every cycle I called except for my final round was identical. I would get every race right, including the upsets, except for one, which I would miss badly. Every time. On my final call before leaving that media, I got every race right (I had often joked that if I ever got them all right I would retire – so it was fitting). The Democratic County Clerk, in a private conversation about the phenomenon, once asked me if perhaps it was because I had established enough credibility that a lot of people voted the way I suggested locally. I dismissed that – and she agreed – because I noted that a lot of my predictions did not reflect what I wanted to happen, but what I expected to happen.

The biggest coup came in 1994 when I began proclaiming in March that Republicans were a dead lock to win the House of Representatives that fall – for the first time in over 40 years. About a week and a half before election, I had a panel show which included a local county Democratic Chairman and the top aides to two Republican Congressmen on. We took turns projecting how many seats would swing in the House. Oh, everybody howled when I said the Republicans would pick up 52 seats. It was reported by national networks the day after that Republicans had picked up 52 seats in the House. The late Congressman Phil Crane said he had told the Washington Post in an interview that I was the only press in the country that called what would actually happen eight months before it happened.

Unfortunately, that spooky political prognostication prowess only worked at such a high level when I was not directly involved in any races. I was good when I was working a campaign, but certainly not spooky good. Well, I’m not directly working any campaigns right now. So I am going to give you my preliminary predictions right now – predictions that I reserve the right to refine two weeks before the election.

If Biden and company do not do something entirely insane like declare martial law before the elections, Republicans will pick up 73 seats in the House and will have 57 seats in the Senate. The sad thing is that, even after such a profound victory, Republicans will be as vigorous in defending our liberty as they have been in defending the J6 political prisoners and the conservatives and pro-lifers targeted by Merrick Garland’s Injustice Dept. Then we may finally understand that there is not a traditional political solution to what ails us.

Let the howling begin. (It soothes me during election season.)


I have been getting asked, of late, whether I have ever seen large-scale nuclear conflict as part of the storm. The simple answer is no – which is not to say we could not see any nuclear exchanges at all. In fairness, while I generally interpret the large sweep of events quite accurately, I usually get the timing wrong and frequently garble details. But I have never foreseen large-scale nuclear exchanges as being part of the Storm I have talked so long about.

My friend, Desmond Birch, has the best handle on analyzing approved mystical messages – and discernment on messages that are not approved but not condemned of anyone I know who is not privy to regular mystical insights, himself. (Frankly, he is better than most actual mystics I know). His interest is academic and scholarly, as a committed faithful intellectual. So I asked him if any of the material he has studied (most famously in his book, “Trial, Tribulation and Triumph”) has suggested large-scale nuclear activity. His response was comforting, for it is the same as my personal observation: no, he has seen no credible suggestion of that.

That being said, the western diplomatic corps seems determined to blunder us into a World War. A few thoughts about that…

The most credible critical analysis of who sabotaged the Nord Stream pipeline comes from Tom Luongo at ZeroHedge. This analysis of where we are at in the Russia-Ukraine War is a good, solid piece of geo-political insight. In fact, it was reprinted at ZeroHedge. I don’t know who Big Serge is, but I sure wish our diplomatic corps had about half his geo-political insight.

I’m going to give a quick overview of where I think the major players are landing in this right now.

Vladimir Putin: Putin is a tyrant, but not a madman.

Putin is a Russian nationalist who would like Russia to become a truly great power again. That is a goal many would disagree with, but it is not an irrational goal, particularly from a Russian standpoint. I have believed for well over a decade that Putin is one of the very few world leaders who has sophisticated historical and geopolitical depth. I have seen nothing to change that assessment. In fact, I think Putin is probably the reason we are not embroiled in a nuclear war – and pray that he will remain safe until this crisis is resolved because I fear some of the oligarchs and generals currently under him ARE madmen.

After lobbying unsuccessfully for two decades for the return of those regions of Ukraine that were historically Russian, I believe Putin invaded Russia to force Ukraine and the west to the bargaining table. He had hoped to repatriate the historically Russian lands lost in the break-up of the old Soviet Union and halt the expansion of NATO to the very borders of Russia. The troops he initially deployed were sufficient to hold things together as he accepted negotiations. He was shocked to find that the west was only interested in expanding the war and forcing regime change on Russia – and sending Ukraine gobs of money and weapons to do it with. So he took to jawboning, threatening heavy consequences to the west. But he is not a madman. He wants to cement historic Russia, but not by igniting the globe. He has concluded that the west is more feckless and dangerous than he initially believed. To accomplish his goals, he has decided to act from overwhelming conventional means to accomplish what he originally intended. He “annexed” the lands he claimed and will use overwhelming conventional force to secure them.

Meantime, whichever forces destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines and have been seizing Russian assets, what they actually accomplished was to destroy the age-old restraint against attacking non-war-making infrastructure. It was almost certainly western globalist interests that did it.. Putin almost surely will respond in kind, giving Europe a horrifyingly dark, cold winter and revealing NATO to be a relic whose effectiveness and focus have long since passed. That is going to be ugly.

Joe Biden A madman who wants to be a tyrant but is only a feckless puppet

Biden had no geopolitical sense when he was young and healthy. He has long had delusional fantasies about his mighty prowess. Now that he occupies the Oval Office, he thinks all must do as he says.

For two decades now, the Democrats have managed foreign policy solely for their domestic and political preferences. It is beyond the scope of their ever-yowling demons to consider that bad foreign policy can have disastrous, even existential, consequences. It’s just a weapon in their demagogic political toolbox. The chickens are about to call it a night and come home to roost.

People often think vain men are hard to manipulate. To the contrary, a vain man with a shallow to mediocre intellect is the easiest to manipulate. America no longer has the strongest, most efficient military in the world (maybe not even the second strongest). Whatever it has in equipment or technology is utterly eclipsed its lack of focus, will, and discipline. Our allies are not comforted by our military presence and our enemies are not intimidated by it. Very bad things are about to happen. Biden’s only response will be to shout at the clouds. Maybe set up another Reichstag speech drenched in gory red lighting. Perhaps send the FBI after enemy armies – but while they will gladly oppress domestic mild-mannered, middle-class dissenters, the new FBI will run like a scalded dog when facing troops that can shoot at them without consequence.

Biden has no effect on the course of events except for the effect his hollowing out of American prosperity and security has – which is to encourage enemies and demoralize allies.

The Globalists Madmen who want to be tyrants and are willing to burn everything down to get there.

The globalists, folks like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and George Soros, are arrogant and haughty, filled with the hubris that they can and should rule the world for their benefit. Unlike Joe Biden, though, they have enough competence to demolish the institutions and norms that keep civilization working. They do not have the brains to know that such schemes always end in their own destruction rather than preeminence. But they do have the smarts to bring the middle classes of the world down before they go with it. They truly are the devil’s imps, dupes of the spirit of antichrist. The devil is glad to empower their mad schemes, letting them destroy multitudes before indulging his malice to delight in their destruction, too.

It is the globalists who are most committed to war at any cost, as they think it the best way to clear the decks for their unquestioned rule. They think universal destruction of existing nations and norms gives them a competitive advantage – and they are undeniably vexed that ordinary people have, even if in an initially feeble way, resisted their depredations.

In the end, they will get a new world order. It will not be the one they expect, nor will it be under a one-world government. Turns out God likes having a variety of flowers in his earthly garden. Thirty years from now, the globalists will be regarded by history as the peculiarly sinister madmen who brought the world to the brink of destruction in service to their demented ambition. Their vicious disappointment and bitter end will be cause of celebration for centuries – and an object lesson on how critical it is to keep such insane zealots away from anything resembling the levers of power. But they still have a lot of ruin to wreak ahead of them.

Volodymyr Zelensky A courageous but vain naif who serves primarily as comic relief

I am not quite sure whether Zelensky wants an independent Ukraine or is auditioning for a Hollywood career. It may be both. He is a tyrant who was effectively installed after a US-led coup against a pro-Russian government. Since then, he has sent political opponents to jail at as least as fast a clip as his rival, Putin. He has eagerly turned Ukraine into a haven for American politicians’ graft. He has actually elevated and empowered actual neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine (the real kind, not the American leftist fever dream kind) and used them to brutalize opponents, particularly in the east with its Russian sympathies.

Zelensky imagine himself to be “…the very model of a modern major general…” but is actually a comic, though vicious, figure. For the globalists, he is entertaining cannon fodder. If he gets his way, Ukraine will not prevail, but be crushed entirely. In the end, Zelensky’s reign will be a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta come to life.

China A zealously ambitious, but troubled, empire trying to determine its next meal.

It has been peculiar that, though ostensibly allies, China has done very little to support Russia in its war with Ukraine. In headier times just recently, China spoke of working with Russia to create a new default currency for the world.

It may come down forcefully on Russia’s side ultimately or it may work to sabotage Russian infrastructure as time rolls on. Whatever it does, principle will have nothing to do with it, only what China’s expedient judgment on what will best serve to make it global hegemon. Anyone with even moderate geopolitical sense knows that, ultimately, China and Russia must battle for dominance. Right now, China fully intends to take advantage of America’s senescence to further their goals. But whether to take Taiwan or, perhaps, to move on Russia now is the question. If it moved on Russia, it might even get the support of western diplomats who are too stupid to understand that is a vital part of the chain leading to the west’s destruction. Russia’s apparent weakness is tempting to China. But the Chinese leaders are not historical illiterates: they know that apparent Russian weakness led Napoleon into the most disastrous military operation in history. For over 90% of the duration of the war, Napoleon romped from victory to victory. In the end, only one in 20 of the French soldiers made it back home alive.

So China, whose economy is on more treacherous ground than our own, believe it or not, has to wonder which way to go. It thinks the subjugation of Taiwan would bolster its economy, clueless that its tyranny would kill off Taiwan’s economic vibrance. It would love to get control of Russia’s vast energy resources. If it could probe Russia’s resolve while taking Taiwan, that would be its ideal – and what I think it will do. Above all, it is determined to take advantage of this moment of American impotence, which it fears may be very brief.

North Korea China’s lunatic wild card

It has been little noted that, last month, North Korea formally changed its policy on a nuclear first strike. N. Korea decided that, if it feels threatened, it may launch a nuclear first strike. A few days ago, Japan set off air raid alerts and sirens when N. Korea did a threatening missile test.

Now this is an extreme possibility, certainly one that I give no more than a five percent probability, but it could be in China’s perceived self-interest to goad N. Korea into launching a nuclear missile into Russia. Russian response would tell China whether it should pile on against Russia or destroy its supposedly “rogue” ally, N. Korea. It would also give China justification for invading Taiwan in the name of establishing stability in East Asia. If Russia was fully resolute in the face of such an attack, China could eagerly cement alliance between them – and leave the ultimate battle for another day. That would be a death knell for Ukraine – and almost certainly NATO. Europe would become a backwater of a continent with little influence despite its scenic statues and monuments. If Russia did not respond vigorously to such a provocation, China would completely dominate Asia and much of Europe. Thus, Putin has serious motivation to send all the troops he needs to settle the Ukraine issue on the terms he originally intended and to push NATO back. Doing so will keep China from turning its hungry eyes towards Russia early.

The point is that I have never seen a scenario in which the entire world is so volatile – not even before World War I. A host of western countries are MUCH closer to internal civil war than they understand. Vladimir Lenin once said that sometimes nothing happens for decades – and then decades happen within weeks. It is a variation of the old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.”

But it is also true that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. Victory comes from the hand of God and those who follow him. We are on the precipice of horrible things erupting like demons throughout the world. We are called to be the bulwarks of God’s presence in the midst of all this. We will not change the mad fecklessness of world leaders who think they are playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons writ large, but we can rebuild from the rubble they are bringing us to. If you are not already a member of CORAC, for heaven’s sake, join. We are Gideon’s Army, tiny but completely committed to living fidelity to God while actively collaborating with our neighbors to rebuild a culture of light and life under God.


I will speak this Friday at the Parkwood Clubhouse at 1314 Buttonwood Dr. in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Doors will open at 5 pm, we will have a Rosary at 5:15, then a potluck supper. I will begin speaking at 6:30.

Then on Saturday, I will greet pilgrims as they arrive to see the missionary image of Our Lady of Guadalupe at St. Catherine’s Chapel on the Rock at the foot of Mt. Meeker. The schedule of events is:

9:00:   Arrive at Camp St. Malo and gather at visitor center (bring your own coffee/beverage since coffee shop does not open till 10)

9:05:  Greetings

9:10:  Talk on heritage and history of Camp St. Malo by director Kyle Mills

9:30:  Mass in St. Catherine’s Chapel

10:15: Veneration of Our Lady of Guadalupe and talk by image custodian Dr. Lisa Van Bramer

10:30:  Procession through Camp grounds to the foot of Mount Meeker and prayer

11:00:  Return to visitor center and gift shop

11:15:  Optional outdoor-path Stations of the Cross with OLOG image

11:30-on:  Lunch on patio and CORAC member socialization

12:30:  Our Lady returns to Fort Collins

Go here to sign up or volunteer.


If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

Find me on Gab at Charliej373 or at the CORAC group.

Find me on Twitter at @Charlie62394802


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