Always Bold, Never Brash

Posted on 2022-10-19
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The last week and a half has been frantically busy – but frantically fruitful as well. In 10 days I drove over 2,000 miles, did four public meetings, three times as many private meetings, and a host of phone calls. Sadly, it is writing here that got pushed to the back burner amid all this. I hope to be fully back on track. The main segment here today is embarrassingly self-referential, but several people have brought up some legitimate concerns that I think I need to address.


I am in Pittsburgh right now. The University of Pittsburgh has done some of the most horrific experiments with fetal tissue of any place in the world. It is truly a center of evil in the world. It has maintained under oath that it does not procure the tissue and organs of dead babies from Planned Parenthood. A couple of weeks ago pro-life activists caught the university’s procurement staff picking up sample bags from Planned Parenthood. If these are organs and tissues from aborted babies, there are several laws violated here, not to mention lying under oath. Of course, even juries in modern America have become corrupted and politicized. In Washington, D.C. juries have apparently decided actual crimes are not crimes at all if they are committed with the intent to stick it to Donald Trump. But no one in my lifetime has been more effective at tattering the noxious narrative of Planned Parenthood and the abortion culture of death as David Daleiden has been.


I pray that everyone has been following the continued developments regarding the Covid shots. The left-wing establishment media has been doing its best to fortify the levies preventing the data from this deadly shot and the deadly practices of our public health establishment and government from flooding into public awareness. But every revelation that comes out shows that this is the biggest medical disaster in history – and it was never justified. Please, in the name of all that is holy and true, do NOT force the shot on your children.


A few years back I was attending a dinner that we often have with volunteers the night before I do a talk. It was in the Midwest – and boy, was it a stormy night, with several tornadoes swirling in the general area. As we gathered I told everyone not to worry – that when I was on my pilgrimage, disasters swirled right around me – massive tornadoes, wildfires, and floods – but never touched where I was at. (Only three people noticed this phenomenon while I was walking. One of them, my brother, Steve, wryly told me they were glad to have me spend the holidays in San Diego with him and his family, but they were not going to let me leave). The dinner went on while the winds howled relentlessly outside, knocking down huge branches and more than one tree. As we finished up, the host husband looked at me and asked, “So…you want to stay the night?” Everyone laughed – but I think he was kidding on the square.

My visitations may just be the way my peculiar mind processes and analyzes input. I don’t find that credible because, if it were so, I would have to be an intuitive genius for the ages. I’m smart enough, but I do not think I am an intuitive genius. I’m perfectly content for others to believe as they will on the subject.

That said, from the beginning there have been curious rules attached to what I do. A lot of things that are perfectly innocuous and legitimate for others are forbidden to me. Frankly, it is why I never had a real career. I was directed that I must never commit to anything in a way that would prevent me from answering the call with dispatch. Oh, I had a lot of fun and a very interesting life, but I honored that rule. It is also why I never filtered any water I drank from streams or rivers on my pilgrimage or carried any protection from violence. My understanding was that my protection on this journey was from God – and if I made any special provisions of my own I would forfeit that protection. I sure wasn’t going to do that. The father in a family I met and visited with in Jasper, Alabama, tried to give me a .22 pistol for protection as I was leaving – and actually started crying when I would not give in to his pleas.

I may be nuts, but my nuttiness is internally coherent. Last year when I got a really rough case of Covid, more than a few people were shocked that I absolutely refused to go to a hospital. I was shocked that they were shocked, for I had been saying for a long time that I would have nothing to do with hospitals anymore because they had become the primary infrastructure for the culture of death after Obamacare. I realize that a lot of people are prone to bold statements that they abandon when the going gets rough enough. That is not my way. If I make a seemingly bold statement, I mean it. I don’t make a bold statement until I have thought it through and examined all potential contingencies. Once I make it, I mean it. We are all in the hands of God. I certainly don’t want to die a painful death, but I trust that when I abandon myself to Him, whatever He allows to happen to me will be for the good of many souls – and I am content with that.

Ha! Several decades ago a woman I was seeing took an adult course at a community college. She told me one evening that in one assignment they were tasked with describing the person they know who has the most rigorous moral code. She startled me when she told me I was her subject in the paper. I was more…um…playful in those days. I asked her why, given that, she chose me. She replied that I was the most inflexible of anyone she knew about my personal moral code. “Nobody understands it but you – and you are easy to get along with – but you are absolutely adamant about it. Anyone who tries to reason with you about a piece of it is going to hit the wall.” From that perspective, I agreed with her.

There are certain things that I believe to be directions from above. On those I am inflexible. It is almost as much fear as it is obedience. I get out on a limb a lot…and am terrified of forfeiting the divine protection that I rely on.

What I do I must do boldly and publicly. That does not mean I cannot do anything confidentially to accomplish my stated aims. But it does mean I must never leave any public doubt about where I stand and what I intend.

Some have rightly pointed out to me that the government no longer arrests you for what you do but based on what you think. Oh, it goes through the motions of trying to find some statute it can use as a fig leaf over its otherwise nakedly political oppression but it is all become ideological enforcement – particularly under the Biden-Garland regime. I know.

I push for nothing illegal or dishonorable. As I often say, I have no interest in overthrowing the government. It is doing that perfectly fine on its own and I do not want to interrupt this corrupted and deeply mutated federal government in its self-destruction. Rather, I want to encourage and enable people to find ways to live and work with each other when the government reaches its terminal self-immolation. I HAVE withdrawn my consent and loyalty from a government that has forfeited its legitimacy in its death throes. But that is as much a practical as a philosophical matter: devoting myself to the far more important matters of how people can rebuild a social fabric with each other to survive and thrive the thrashings of a dying government.

There is another historically practical aspect. The reality is that the only “crimes” the feds are seriously concerned with are political dissent. When a regime has taken absolute power it is, indeed, prudent to act clandestinely, like the French Resistance in World War II. But while it has not achieved that status but is trying, the most effective strategy to prevent it is to stand and shout publicly in resistance. If you keep your head down while it is trying to solidify its power, you help grease the skids for its success. Once it succeeds, neither you nor your children have any hope except for the catacombs. I know very well that even a striving authoritarian society has the power to cull the herd – and that by shouting about their abusive offenses I make myself a target for culling. But if they are not stopped they will have the power to pen the herd. I will not willingly be penned.

I have always considered the abuse of power to persecute someone the most heinous crime imaginable except for murder. It outrages me. Look at the politicized FBI. They have betrayed their oaths, betrayed their duty as citizens of a free republic, and abandoned all sense of honor and decency they ever had. They are despicable, contemptible lowlifes. I have always thought that prosecutors and other law enforcement caught intentionally persecuting someone for political or personal reasons should not just lose their jobs but be sent to prison. It outrages me that they rarely are. If I were king, they would be.

My situation is enviable. My children are grown and are not dependent on me. I know very well that what is a prudent decision for me may not be a prudent decision for someone else, depending on their station in life. In fact, on more that a few occasions I have counselled people not to risk what I risk because of their situation. When each of us stand before God, we will be responsible to Him for the decisions we made for ourselves and our dependents. For me, I believe I have my marching orders and I follow them to my understanding. I can’t say it is terribly courageous because, as I said, I deeply fear forfeiting divine protection if I give counsel to earthly fears.

It does not offend me in the least when others decide their situation calls for a different response than what mine is. On a few occasions I have publicly defended people who were receiving criticism for choosing differently than I did. I once declined to take a staff role with what I became convinced was going to become a corrupted administration. When I declined, an honorable woman chose to accept the spot so that there would be a conservative voice at the table. Later, when it turned out that the administration had been badly corrupted, this good woman was getting a lot of grief over her decision. Though her decision was the opposite of mine, she did it for honorable reasons and lived her integrity well. So I spoke up in her defense. We both acted honorably according to our own situation and according to our understanding of the situation – and I was glad that there was an authentic conservative voice at the table.

I am sorry that this item has been so self-referential to my interior reasoning. More than a few people have expressed concern that I am too bold and, so, making myself a target. The fact is I am very willing to look at even diametrically opposing viewpoints on things that are solely within our prudential judgment. Shoot, I was saved from becoming a never-Trumper early on because a friend I much respect was such a powerful advocate for him. It is only when someone encroaches on what I believe to be the divine rules for my call and activity that the wall goes up. Even then, I do not get bent out of shape if they choose a different approach than the one I believe I must take – only if they try to impose their choice on me.

So yes, I believe I live under a certain divine protection so long as I act within certain key rules set for me. I also believe that those who freely make common cause with me share in that protection. But I believe that protection does NOT guarantee that nothing bad will happen to me. Heaven knows I have had many trials and expect many more before my life is ended. Rather, I believe that having submitted fully to God as best I know how, that whatever He allows to happen to me will advance His kingdom on earth and win more souls to heaven. On that score, I am willing.

In this evil age, I know very well the risks inherent in what I say. I will sometimes err, but I do not act lightly. I have prayerfully thought through everything I do. And that is how I will continue. And I am not offended if someone decides to step back for a time because their prudential judgment differs from mine. If forced to the catacombs I will work from there. But while the issue is still in doubt I will fight with every bit of vigor I have to keep any of us from being forced into the catacombs.


I will speak this Saturday, Oct. 22, at the Hyatt-Regency in Morristown, New Jersey at 11 a.m. If you are in the area and can make it, I sure would like to visit with you.

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