Danger Ahead

Posted on 2022-10-25

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On a routine basis we will do a podcast with a guest to discuss critical current issues once a month and then the 7 Questions – initiated primarily, by you.


Kevin McCarthy, the man who is almost certain to be the next Speaker of the House, told the Federalist in an interview that people should not expect impeachments as he intends to make this a time for “healing.” If so, McCarthy will learn to his sorrow that impeachment for actual grievous offenses is NOT the same thing as manufactured impeachments for rank partisanship.

If he thinks the proper thing to do with people who have stolen some of our lives and livelihoods, who have smeared and cancelled us, and who have jailed many of us is to treat them as valued colleagues I will take him at his word – that he is their colleague and not mine. Leftist officials have become the equivalent of political serial killers. You do not deal with serial killers by letting bygones be bygones as long as they don’t kill while you are in charge. They MUST be held to account. All officials who have oppressed innocent people must lose their jobs. Many should go to prison.

Establishment Republicans are vastly misreading the mood of the electorate. Ordinary people are in furious rage over the abuses visited on us these last few years. Real rage – not the manufactured kind the left mounts as a sort of exaggerated petulance for not getting their way. We know that if they are not held to account they will just double down harder as soon as they get a fresh chance. The consequences of their serial politicized attacks on ordinary people must be severe enough that they are finished and that aspiring tyrants will not dare to try such tactics again. Otherwise, the leftist brownshirts are not defeated, just delayed. The rage at the vicious partisan abuse of power against ordinary people is what is fueling what will be a red tsunami. If the establishment Republicans use that as an opportunity to let bygones be bygones with the people who have battered us, the quake that is this election will seem to be a light warm-up for what is in store for those impotent establishment Republicans. And I will be among those leading the charge against them.

I think this election may serve to be an extinction level event for what the Democrats have become. Then, if the country manages to survive that long, existing Republicans and some rational Democrats will divide into new parties – one that works to serve people while respecting and protecting their rights and another self-serving group of insiders that specializes in saying nice things while feathering their own nests with more power, perks and money. But the course McCarthy outlines is not one that will heal: it is one that will turn the rage that fuels this election into raw, white-hot fury against the people who gained power and did nothing to defend us.


The interregnum between November 8, election day, and January 3, when the new Congress is sworn in, will be perhaps the most dangerous time in American history. Democrats have made power their god. They will not just be furious at losing it; they will be terrified that the malignant way they have abused it puts them in real jeopardy of going to prison for those abuses. The only way to hold onto power for them will be to openly seize it by declaring Martial Law or setting up some sort of false flag attack against America – or even sitting on their hands while tacitly inviting a real attack. Whatever crisis the left manufactures to try to forestall the repudiation they get in the next few weeks, we cannot let it stand. I have spoken to some high-ranking officers in a couple of State Law Enforcement agencies. Some have been quietly preparing for a surprisingly long time. One told me bluntly that if the feds declare Martial Law, they have decided that is the trigger that a new civil war has begun and they will defend their citizens from a predatory federal government. I concur.


By the way, here is my final prediction for this election cycle. I remain convinced that the Republicans will pick up an historic 73 seats in the House, but I am dialing back to say that they will hold 54 seats in the Senate. It certainly could be more, but 54 is the floor in the Senate. This, of course, assumes that the feds do not mount openly violent, coercive tactics such as Martial Law or a mass attack before the election.


We have just started our fall fundraising campaign. Some of you have been extraordinarily generous with your money. I ask you to help us out here again. I am about $4,000 short of the bills I need to pay for next month – and I have to start paying them later this week.

Over the last year and a half we have gotten help to a lot of those stricken with Covid who could not get effective help from their local medical establishments. When the hurricane hit earlier this month, we had 15 shelters already in place, with food and medical supplies well stocked. This is because of the extraordinary commitment and personal generosity of so many CORAC members across the country who are determined that we will be practical signs of hope to all around us in crisis times and in quiet times. I am profoundly grateful to all of you who give so much from your time and your resources to help knit together anew a healthy social fabric.

I’ll be blunt with you: it is a lot easier for me to ask you for your time and talent than to ask for your money – but time, talent and money are the three legs of the stool we have mounted. Even with the Bidenflation, we still generally keep our expenses below $10,000 per month, including technical services, website maintenance, banking, legal and accounting fees – and my extensive travel, too. (Ha, I drive around the country in a 2002 Subaru with 281,000 miles on it. I’m praying to get a million miles out of it.) As president of CORAC, I am authorized for $2,000 a month – but I never take more than a small fraction. This year, I am paid through June. I am all in for the work before us.

Go check out the website. We offer resources, tutorials and classes – all with no charge. Nobody is denied any of the benefits CORAC offers because they can’t afford it. I have consistently given half my authorized fee each year by not taking it in the first place – and I basically live poverty (well, my friends are extraordinarily kind to me). But CORAC is the primary means by which we are going to renew the face and faith of the world under God – and has already become a sheltering refuge to thousands as faith, family and freedom are under ever greater assault in these dark times.

I would be very happy if we could raise $30,000. That way, I wouldn’t have to worry so much about money until after the first of the year. Meantime, as tight as we run things, we gear up to do more – not less. You can donate here or send a check to: CORAC, 18208 Preston Rd., Ste. D9-552, Dallas, Texas, 75252. Keep those cards and letters coming, folks!


I had the wonderful opportunity of speaking in Pittsburgh a week ago, and then in Morristown, New Jersey this week. It was the first time I had ever held a public meeting in Pittsburgh, but I had a few friends and familiar faces there. Our dear friend, Rich DiClaudio provided the venue for the meeting. Even though we have spoken and communicated with each other for years, it was the first time we ever met face to face. A lovely young mother, Jessica Guenther, organized the event. She had hosted me in Washington, D.C. a few years back. But being smart, she figured that was no place to raise young kids. I had dinner with our commenter, Dolordee, and her wonderful big family. What a lively, wonderful evening it was!

In Morristown, Paul Rumley had a lively group assembled at the Hyatt Regency. We had a lunch between the talk and the Q and A that included pasta with great meatballs, sausages and red sauce. You know, New Jersey gets a bad rap – and ribbing for calling itself the Garden State. But frankly, outside of Newark, it is. Morristown is where George Washington had his winter quarters during the Revolutionary War. And frankly, I just love Italians. Growing up, an Italian family was almost a second family to me. A few weeks ago I had dinner with Region 7 Coordinator Terri Scardino, whose husband Rick is part of that second family I spoke of growing up. Terri asked me if I had any dietary needs, that she thought she remembered me telling her I couldn’t eat red sauce anymore. “What, are you crazy?” I asked her. “My two major food groups are Hillbilly and Italian!” We had a time!

I stayed in a Pod Hotel overnight one night in Manhattan. It was my first and last time doing that. It felt like a prison cell with internet to me. I swear I slept much better and more comfortably in the woods when I was on my pilgrimage. And the traffic! I am used to driving in downtown Chicago, so this is not my first rodeo. But wow, in downtown New York it is not just the traffic you have to worry about. Every block there is a battalion of bikers competing with you for the pole position at the next red light. If you give a pedestrian the right of way instead of running them down the cars behind you turn into a flock of angry geese, honking furiously. But truth be told, get them out of their cars and New Yorkers are likeable people – friendly and helpful, with a lively sense of humor. Of course, I love the folks from Jersey. They have that sarcastic wit that energizes me and brings a smile to my face.

I have several private and confidential meetings as I travel, as well – with authorities in the Church and in the government. You can understand why those need to be private. I’ll tell you something: the government of this country is in freefall, but the ordinary people of the country are fabulous. And the many officials I meet with know how difficult things have become as we have, progressively, turned from God, family and freedom. There is not as much cowardice there as many think, but a lot of paralyzed confusion as the problems are so comprehensive it is hard to know how to begin to grapple with them. But my counsel to the greatest of them is the same as my counsel to all of you: do the little you can right in front you as best you can and God’s grace will take up residence in the gaps. I often wish all of you could be in these meetings with me – because then you would be much more optimistic about our ultimate end in these times. People struggle with the how and the what in these baffling times, but most do not lack the will to confront the problems. Yes, we have a lot of wood to chop, but I like the company of woodsmen we are knitting together.

Lord Jesus, be our light and guide us safely to harbor in you. Let us not be distracted by the winds and waves of this stormy sea we are in, but press on with our eyes firmly fixed on you, trusting that in Your service, we will help renew the face and faith of the world. And joy will burst forth anew.

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

Find me on Gab at Charliej373 or at the CORAC group.

Find me on Twitter at @Charlie62394802


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