Cold Sore Treatment

Posted on 2023-08-19

[PM] Is there a homeopathic treatment for cold sores? That works? And where would I get any kind of good treatment for recurrent cold sores too? Some get them very badly and multiples at a time. I’d like to have some thing to recommend to people, and also be prepared for next time my kids get one or more. Topical lavender oil or peppermint used to work, there’s a strong prescription valacyclovir, but it only works some times and must take it before they erupt when you feel one coming. What about after you have some? Is there a quicker way to get rid of them? Taking lysine actually seems to trigger them in some people. general immune system boosting is always key… Any tips are welcome! Sometimes applying an ice cube immediately when you feel it tingling can help, but not always… just sharing what I know & hoping for a new remedy!

Is there a particular deficiency that makes people more prone to cold sores? I know stress and lack of sleep are triggers, does too much sugar maybe trigger them? Which could also be too many bad carbs?

[EJ] This isn’t a homeopathic remedy but it worked for my son. He would get cold sores and they would be bad since he was an infant. At the age of about 9, a new doctor said to keep his lips moist with Blistex, and on the cold sore, apply Neosporin three or four times a day for two weeks even if the cold sore is gone. That’s key. He’s never had one since. He’s eighteen now.

And lemon balm tea. Two tea bags, seep for an hour in hot boiling two cups of water in a covered mason jar. Drink twice a day for two weeks.

And after the tea bags have been steeped for an hour, they can be used as a compress on the cold sore.

I learnt of the tea just recently.

[D] Could you use raw honey??!! I also am messing with a cold sore on my lips recently (odd have never had one before) . I have tried Abbrev meds takes they swelling and pain away but still ugly mess on my lip.

[MB] It’s worth a try. PM, the remedies in the book that D. sent a page of are a good place to start. If those remedies don’t help (or don’t help as much as you would like), there are others that could be tried.

[JK] I read an article in Weston a price and it was saying lysine really can help. But perhaps more than is normally taken and for a longer period of time. I have heard (I get them too) that sleep and stress make it worse. For a while I got them monthly. Now that seems to have subsided.

[LB] Lysine helps a lot with cold sores both in a reduction in pain as well as the size of the area that blisters.

There’s a connection between certain foods that are high in the amino acid arginine and cold sores. Lysine counteracts arginine.

I do find that I am more prone to cold sores when I’ve eaten a lot of almonds.

[BW] I’ve had cold sores all my life, usually right before a cold is coming on. I’ve never had significant issues and using Blistex and Abreva have always helped with the annoying pain. But after reading the article, I’m not sure why I have them all time, given most of the foods on the list, I eat regularly. But then I eat a lot of cheese and drink a lot of milk. Maybe that counteracts some of it.

[DW] My husband’s family has used lysine for years for cold sores. He gets cold sores from citrus fruits. Another thing that helps him is to put an ice cube on it as soon as he feels one coming on.

[JK] One last cold sore thing. I have used ivermectin and if I catch it right when it itches before the blister, I can often avoid it.

[DL] One more cold sore thing . Essential oil of Melissa or Tea tree applied undiluted can help if it is a high quality pure oil. A blend like Thieves or Good Samaritan applied can also help.

[JK] That has also worked for me!

[MB] For those who may not know, Melissa is Lemon Balm; so either the tea or essential oil of Lemon Balm would be helpful for cold sores.

[A] Haha, thanks for the clarification. I thought it was a typo at first.


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