Random Thoughts While On Border Patrol

Posted on 2024-01-24
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Niceville, Florida – I’m sorry I have been slow at posting of late. I have buried myself wrestling with some serious materials we must have going forward this year – and have been wrestling with a bug I have had since Advent. I will try to do better, Meantime, here are some things that have been on my mind…

I have been both pundit and consultant on some big races. The consultant class is largely an abominable grift. In 2008 I was a permanent panelist on a Sunday night WLS political talk show (the big talk station in Chicago). After Sarah Palin was announced as Veep nominee, host Tom Roeser turned to me, noting that I had handled a lot of candidates, and asked what my advice to her was. “Ignore the handlers,” I exclaimed. I went on to explain that most handlers have some idealized image of what a candidate should be and try to mold every candidate to that image – which is malpractice. The proper job of a competent consultant is to assess a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, help them build competence in their weak points – and then put the candidate in situations designed to highlight their strengths. I said Palin’s handlers would likely try to make her a MacCain mini-me and, if she resisted, find ways to blame her for both their stupidity and their ultimate loss.

Having said that, I am extremely annoyed at all the pundits who have NEVER cobbled together a winning coalition at anything who busy themselves explaining what Ron DeSantis should have done to win this thing – and excoriating his consultants. I supported DeSantis. But when the Dems began their shrieking lawfare against Trump I knew DeSantis had become a very long shot. People rally around one of ours who is viciously attacked, especially when the attack endangers the whole foundation of the rule of law. DeSantis’ consultants may or may not have been on target – but there is not a thing that DeSantis could have done that would have changed the outcome once the serious lawfare began against Trump. Sometimes, in a campaign, the wind is at your back. At others, it is in your face. It is an ugly fool’s game to try to find scapegoats when the reality is that, after launching in calm waters, you suddenly had a gale blowing in your face.

As I said, I have been both a pundit and a consultant. As I once told a news colleague who was moaning about how media jobs were tougher than political jobs, politics is harder – a LOT harder. In either profession there are some lousy practitioners, but politics is a LOT harder than opining from the rafters. You don’t just get to say what should be done; you decide it – and if you have any honor, you take the credit for both your failures and successes. (Yeah, I know, we have a critical shortage of people of honor in both politics and punditry these days.)


All of a sudden Electric Vehicles (EVs) are tanking everywhere. Hertz is largely divesting its supply of EVs among its rental cars. Ford is cutting the expected supply of EV trucks by 50 percent – because the expected demand was never there. Democrat policies always tout big expectations, both from the Dems and from the lapdog media, that never pan out. Shoot, even their citation of reality rarely pans out. The new jobs numbers put out every month for a very long time have been quietly adjusted down by a large margin (around 40%) a month or two after the announcement. It is like the modern Dems can’t do anything well but lie – and they are getting worse at that each month. But I digress…

It was always insane to believe that going to a nearly all-electric vehicle force was realistic given they do not have nearly the range of gas vehicles, take hours to “fuel up,” lose power quickly when it is very cold or when towing anything, and are dependent on an electric grid that has (in the most optimistic estimates) 10% excess capacity. Meanwhile, the same Dems pushing EVs will approve no new power plants. Now, even the claims of environmental friendliness are collapsing for EVs. They run on electric power and require a lot of it. They are dependent on rare earth minerals, mostly mined by slaves in Africa and China. Many of those slaves are children. The batteries are environmental hazards that can’t be recycled – and break down with alarming regularity while costing about the same as an ordinary new car, themselves, to replace.

Last summer I predicted that the EV market would collapse within a year. There was not a lick of prophecy in that. Anyone who understood the basic data inherent in our grid and in vehicle efficiencies could easily see that coming. Consumers have now largely figured out what a boondoggle EVs are. As they would say in Texas, this was all hat and no cattle. I don’t blame those consumers for figuring out the grift late. It is the government, the scientific community, and the media’s job to give them straight facts and evidence rather than ideologically-driven drivel.

EVs are a dead man walking. And as they go they strike yet another blow at the credibility of government, the scientific community, and the media. Turns out if you lie constantly or pretend to know that which you do not, the piper always comes to collect his due.

On the bright side, if you own an EV and only use it for a local commute and errands, you’re just fine. It’s more expensive than it should be and damaging to the environment but you probably won’t get stuck, so long as you charge it each night. Heaven help you if it ever needs a significant repair, though. It would be cheaper (and likely more environmentally sensitive) to buy an old beater to get around then a new battery.


Now it is confirmed that there could have been a peace deal very early in the Ukraine-Russia war – confirmed by Ukrainian officials. It was the US that put the kibosh on it, for heaven knows what reasons. (Well, I actually have a pretty good idea – Ukraine has become the “bank” to protect – and often generate – the corrupt slush funds of US politicians – primarily from the left – and has an oddly large number of US-sponsored biolabs).

Some of my Ukrainian friends got irritated that I opposed US involvement from the start. They had difficulty understanding it was not from animus, but concern, for Ukraine. It was for the same reason I would oppose a full contact football game between a Junior High School team and the Kansas City Chiefs: the only outcome could be that many kids from the junior high school team were going to get hurt. Ukraine has neither the men nor the materiel to go the distance with Russia.

That America and the west flooded Ukraine with weapons and money gave the illusion that it could be a contender, but it was an illusion that got more Ukrainians killed. The death toll in Ukraine nears a half million. Western media dutifully played their part in propping up the illusion by touting every Ukrainian success as a “breakthrough” and ignoring Russia’s steady advance. Often, the media even told the lie with actual facts – though completely out of proportion. To understand how this is done, imagine the media showing 10 clips of at-bats by Manny Trillo alongside 10 clips of Babe Ruth. All the clips from Trillo show him hitting home runs (he had 61 lifetime) and all the clips of Ruth show him striking out. This would give the illusion that the light-hitting Trillo was a great slugger and the genuinely great slugger Ruth was a flub. The media has many ways to lie, beyond the straightforward approach they usually use.

Then there was the lionization of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as the new Churchill and Russian President Vladimir Putin as a great demonic figure. The truth is that both Zelensky and Putin are often brutal authoritarians. The difference is that Putin is competent and Zelensky is not.

Putin as the great satan was started by the left in 2015 for domestic political purposes. Actually, the only Russian leaders who have been more moderate than Putin in the last 150 years are Mikhail Gorbachev, Georgy Malenkov, Czar Nicholas, and (arguably) Nikita Khruschev. What is notable about the latter four is that they were all forcibly ousted from power. If you are going to demonize the most moderate leader Russia has had who actually survived power, you are not demonizing the man, you are demonizing the system and culture of Russia. A perfectly reasonable argument can be made for demonizing the system, but when you demonize the most moderate leader to survive power there you make yourself impotent in modifying that culture or system. But you do NOT make yourself irrelevant. When a relative moderate is repudiated by the west, he is forced to turn elsewhere to ensure his survival. Russia is NOT a natural ally of either China or Iran. But our feckless parody of diplomacy has made it an ally of both (No matter how contemptuous you think I am of the American foreign policy establishment, I am more contemptuous of it than that).

The bottom line is that Russia and Ukraine will negotiate a peaceful settlement this year or all of Ukraine will, tragically, be subsumed into Russia as an administrative district for a time.


Just last week I was discussing whether or not Amy Coney Barrett has been a disappointment to conservatives on the Supreme Court. My friend thought Barrett a sellout while I argued the jury is still out. Well, the jury is in. Last Friday, Barrett joined pusillanimous Chief Justice John Roberts and the Democrats on the court to rule that Texas may NOT protect itself from invasion by enforcing border laws that the Biden administration refuses to enforce. Texas had earlier defied federal orders to stand down from stopping the invasion – even going so far as to refuse to let federal authorities into some areas of the border.

This order will not stop the border crisis. All it will accomplish is to further erode confidence in the courts, the branch of government that already holds the last tattered vestiges of legitimacy in the broken American system. When the courts rule that you may not defend yourself by enforcing laws that the federal government will not enforce, the death rattle of the republic is almost finished.

The marvelous Kurt Schlichter of Townhall says that, “Our elites think that the only power that exists is the kind they wield from the heights of the institutions, but that’s not so.” In fact, as the elites continually refuse to enforce existing laws that protect ordinary Americans and calling any who complain of it “domestic terrorists,” the more likely they make it that more states are going to defy federal authority and perhaps, ultimately, break from it entirely. Governments are formed to protect the good of the citizens who constitute it. Once a government ceases to do that – and even gets hostile to the very idea – it becomes irrelevant. What power it wields is the product of temporal inertia. It will be cast off soon enough, hopefully by the largely peaceful means of the assertion of state sovereignty. And if the US decides to make war on its own citizens, Joe Biden is a special kind of fool if he really believes that most F-15 pilots will eagerly target their friends and neighbors back home because he says so.

John Roberts is forever fretting about the reputation of the courts. He does so by invariably ruling however the Deep State Uniparty wants him to, regardless of actual law. This time, Amy Coney Barrett joined him and the Democrats. And echoes of Fort Sumter sound throughout the republic.


The panjandrums of the science and medical communities of the left who brought us the Covid debacle, botching it with condescending forcefulness the whole way are now warning of “Virus X.” They sound like a late-night infomercial, promising that this virus will be at least 20 times more deadly than the last superflu they concocted to terminate self-government. Our only hope will be the new mRNA “vaccine” they create which this time, they promise, really will be ‘safe and effective.’ To further motivate us, they note that the death rate among humanized mice subjects was 100 percent. Wow! That is as bad as the death rate was in the animal studies where subjects were injected with their precious mRNA “vaccines” to begin with.

The fact is that China has, indeed, been experimenting with a particularly deadly virus. Thus far, it has been able to make it extremely deadly but has been having trouble making it very communicable. You pretty much have to be directly injected with the virus. If they ever solve the communicability problem, we could be looking at the modern equivalent of the black plague. But I suspect there is another reason why there is such an urgency to the alarms about “Virus X.”

In the 15 years of animal studies with mRNA “vaccine” shots before Covid hit in 2000, almost all animals in the studies died within three years. While the shots did offer some protection against specific viruses, it came at the cost of progressively eroding the immune systems of the affected animals until they could fight nothing off. There was a progression to this. Some animals died very early, but most lasted a while, doing progressively more poorly. At the year and a half mark, the death rate started accelerating dramatically until, in the last six months it was just a constant die-off. Humans are about 10 times larger animals (or more) than most of the animals used in these studies. That meant there was a good possibility that the progression would be slower in humans than in the animals. I posited some time back that the progression in humans would likely be a six-year cycle. I think I was optimistic about that, as the last year showed a marked progression, one that the media and the scientific establishment has been at great pains to suppress news of. If that is the case, this year will produce an acceleration that will blow the lid off of the damage that has been done by the Covid mRNA shots. Since they can’t stop the excess deaths that will accelerate dramatically this year, the scientific establishment is positing a new virus they can blame those deaths on. Instead of being villains for what they unleashed on the world with the Covid shots, they hope to be heroes by offering new shots as the antidote to a new virus. Talk about a literal death spiral!

While I am not buying what they are selling, I do think that fears of excess deaths and misunderstandings of their cause will add significantly to the rising panic this year. We have listed many protocols to help you with vaxx injuries and effects in the Health and Wellness sections on the CORAC website. Go to the bottom of the page and, under the search function, type in covid. But perhaps the most important of the protocols is the Brazen Serpent Prayer. God does not intend our destruction. He intends our reclamation, but we must call on Him and get back into right relationship with Him, understanding that all healing, natural and supernatural, comes from Him. Please, use it in conjunction with the temporal protocols we have compiled.


I must ask, once again, for your help in funding CORAC to continue to offer the instructional videos, PDFs and organization of the faithful throughout the country and the world.

My scheduler has set up a system that gives me a good three days a week to work on administrative things while I am on the road. I have never struggled with anything so much as I have the CORAC Handbook and the Currency Manual. You need it. I need to distribute it. In the last week I have realized that the Currency Manual should simply be a section of the CORAC Handbook. God willing, I will have it out to you in early February. I now have time for reasonably long periods of uninterrupted thought while on the road along with the rest my aging body demands. In conjunction with new defense initiatives, these are the things I think vital for you to build your communities to thrive as the old systems keep falling apart. These are the things that I am working steadfastly on.

Won’t you send the most generous contribution you can to CORAC today? You can use either the link at the CORAC website or send a check to: CORAC, 18208 Preston Rd., Ste. D9-552, Dallas, Texas 75252.

I know many people worry about how we will all manage if communication goes down. Of course, we have the communications network up and running coast to coast with ham radio – and are pushing some significant refinements there. Bottom line, though, I have never been told how general communication with the faithful will continue in severe crisis. Rather, I have been told that God will carve out a way – and that it is sufficient for me to know that. I trust…and so I keep plodding along, dependent on the talent and generosity of so many of you. Together, we will weather this storm and be the heralds of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

“The sufferings of this present time are not worth comparison

With the glory that is to be revealed to us.

For the creation waits with eager longing

For the revealing of the sons of God.”

-Romans 8:18,19


“To all who received Him, who believed in His name,

He gave power to become children of God.”

-John 1:13


We are given power to become the sons and daughters of God. Let us reveal ourselves by trusting in Him as we attend to our daily work. As we endure with confident hope, that glory will be revealed to us.

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

Find me on Twitter at @JohnstonPilgrim

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