As Texas Goes…

Posted on 2024-01-31

Charleston, South Carolina – Last week I was interested to find out whether Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was serious about protecting the state’s border in defiance of the Biden Administration. I used to joke that Abbott is always as conservative as voters force him to be. Now, I’m not sure it much matters. Whether Abbott has truly been radicalized by Biden’s open borders or whether he is just doing what he thinks Texans absolutely demand right now, the good of this clash has sprung forth fully formed by events surrounding it.

First, the way 25 red states jumped right in to support Texas showed this may, indeed, be the federal government’s Bud Light moment – a spontaneous outpouring of support over revulsion at what the feds are doing. It is tougher than that: two red states with blue governors (Kentucky and North Carolina) have seen their other statewide officers proclaim solidarity with Texas. It is not just lip service, either. These states have pledged to send materiel and men, if necessary, to help. Meanwhile, truckers are making a convoy down to help.

Contrary to what you hear from the bleating left, there actually is no Constitutional crisis. The Supreme Court did NOT order Texas to stand down or stop putting up barriers, including razor wire. It ordered that the feds can cut it down. No court order is being violated. (It was a typical Roberts court ruling – try to please the Deep State without angering the folksies too much in order, he thinks, to preserve the stature of the court). But this dog’s breakfast of a ruling, combined with obviously compromised or radical judges in the Trump cases, has done more to destroy the credibility of the judicial system than anything in our history. If Roberts had a functioning sense of ethics, to preserve the integrity of the courts, he would have acted vigorously to choke off the Trump cases. You cannot be charged with taking out a loan then paying it back, in full, on time with interest (Letitia James case). You cannot be charged with failing to report personal expenses paid with personal funds on your campaign finance disclosures (Alvin Bragg case). You cannot pass an ex post facto law to allow an obviously mentally disturbed woman to claim the nearly exact plotline of an old Law & Order SVU episode putting her in the place of victim and Trump in the place of aggressor – without any evidence whatsoever- and then refuse to let Trump speak any defense (E. Jean Carroll case). You cannot charge anyone with vigorously questioning the results of an election (Fani Willis case). The Jack Smith case is just a rogue prosecutor trying to make up anything to get a man he hates. The reputation of the courts is in tatters. The left trying to make this seem like Texas defying a court order that it actually is not will NOT, in the long run (and the long run is very short these days) make normal people think Texas is being really bad, but that defying court orders is a matter of choice now. Even though the court did NOT rule that Texas cannot defend itself, in what parallel universe did Justices Roberts and Barrett think that joining Democrats to rule that the federal government can lawfully defy a state in order to facilitate a foreign invasion would be a good idea? The courts have been shedding moral legitimacy for a long time; this ruling seems perfectly designed to shed the tattered vestiges of institutional legitimacy, as well.

In Shakespeare’s Henry IV an antagonistic character claims that he can call forth beasties from the vasty deep. “Why, so can I!” his opponent responds, “But if you call them, will they come?” At least three times now Biden has threatened to sic fighter planes on Americans who resist his authority. As soon as the Supreme Court ruled he could, Biden ordered the border patrol (federal agents) to start cutting the wire and to arrest any Texas National Guardsmen who resisted. The Border Patrol simply said no – they will neither arrest state agents nor cut the wire. This action sent a chill down the spine of Biden and all the aspiring totalitarians of the left who think the only power that exists is the institutional power they hold. They just found out that they cannot count on the soldiers to follow their orders to fire on those soldiers’ family and neighbors. The beasties they always brag about are not coming.

The embarrassingly impotent Biden retaliated by canceling approvals for the export of Liquid Natural Gas from Texas. It is just a temporary measure – and if it is as temporary as the sanctions he occasionally issues against terrorist nations, Texas will be just fine. On the other hand, since Texas is not a brutal dictatorship, Biden might hold the line. What, then, if Texas starts to negotiate unilateral trade agreements with other countries without reference to US law? California did it with China. But that was always either snubbing a Republican administration or advancing the priorities of a Democrat administration. If Texas went that route in defiance of a Democrat administration, the wailing would fill the earth. Biden might, indeed, call out the F-15 fighter jets. But now, he can have no confidence that if he calls them they will fly. It was always a dumb strategy to believe that people you treat with contempt as your minions would jump to follow your orders.

The left will, indeed, try to tighten the screws on the country as the year goes on, frantic that they are losing perceived power. It will get uglier. But now 26 states and a whole cadre of federal agents have experience at saying no and standing together against the federal government. That bodes very well, indeed, for the country.


One of the stories that really brightened my week involved a Pennsylvania school district. After overturning the existing board of education, the new board overturned the previous board’s cancellation of the Indian-based logo of their sports teams. The Susquehannock High School Warriors are Warriors again, thanks to the warriors who won the school board elections.

I have mentioned before that I am 1/8 American Indian (a Georgia tribe – either Creek or Cherokee. My full-blooded great-grandfather did not like to go into detail about it as he was a fugitive from tribal police). Though I have never lived any serious devotion to my Indian heritage, it has irritated the fire out of me that liberal white people think they are honoring us by cancelling all the Indian-based mascots in sports. They are a bunch of arrogant chumps who are trying to cancel all vestiges of our heritage under the rubric of “social justice.”

When I was doing radio in Chicago, we were talking about ethnic heritage one day. I mentioned that I am a polyglot mixture of German, Irish, American Indian, French, Dutch and Scottish. Some silly caller gently told me, “You mean Native American.” I retorted that, “I am native American because I was born here; I am American Indian by ethnic heritage; and I’ll thank you not to tell me what to call myself, paleface!” The station used that clip as a promo for my show for a while.

I was beginning to think things were being cancelled to the point that the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame would be the last sports tribute to a part of my heritage.


On a sadder note, both Walmart and Starbucks fired heroes who protected customers for acting heroically. I guess corporate America wants to get in on the action of punishing the brave and the selfless after New York indicted Daniel Penny for rescuing riders on a subway car who were being threatened with death by an erratic man. The rocket scientist who decided to indict Penny is Alvin Bragg, the same clown who brought the first charges against Donald Trump. It is pretty clear that in the leftist version of America, no good deed would go unpunished. Criminals will be coddled and released while heroes will be fired – or indicted. Barack Obama undoubtedly rejoices at this ‘fundamental transformation’ of American ethics. It is a dark moment in American history. But be not afraid. The darkness will not prevail.


I have been saying since Trump destroyed it that ISIS will not reconstitute in the Middle East: it will reconstitute in Western Europe. Imagine my surprise to find that the former Chief of Intelligence in Germany agrees with me. Hans-Georg Maaßen expects Europe to succumb to Islam soon. We are well on our way to a very interesting year. But again, the darkness will not prevail, even though it holds sway for a time. I pity the angry, Godless leftists who have been forcing this on us. The levies are filled with righteous anger – and when they break, it will be as if a great flood washed all the angry leftists away.

Your adversary the devil walks about the streets as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. But his days are numbered. Stay steady, stay sober and be deliberate that yours will not be before God reveals His mighty hand.


In my travels I met and spoke with one of the FBI whistleblowers, a soft-spoken, gentile young man whose moral compass is fixed solidly on true north. He has enough troubles right now, so I won’t add to them by mentioning his name. What an inspirational pleasure, though, to meet a man young enough to be my son who is willing to suffer for truth, honor, and decency. May we all be the same in this regard. And may the already rotting Deep State suffocate on its own malice.


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