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All Things Cayenne

All Things Cayenne

[Mick] Dr. Christopher discussed cayenne in his book; but his book...



[Mick]  Jacquie and I recently had a discussion about hypoxia...

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All Things Cayenne2023-12-07, , , , , , , health-and-wellness herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom corac-leaders-forum
Hypoxia2023-12-05, , , , ordinary-wisdom homeopathy health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
The Language of Homeopathy vs. Herbal Tinctures2023-12-05, , , , , , health-and-wellness homeopathy herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom corac-leaders-forum
Where to Buy Essential Oils2023-12-05, , , , , herbal-medicine health-and-wellness ordinary-wisdom corac-leaders-forum
Tetanus Shots2023-11-15, conventional-care ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Relieving Severe Knee Pain2023-11-14, , , , homeopathy ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Remedies For Bloating2023-11-03, , , , , , , , , homeopathy herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
A Good Night’s Sleep2023-11-01, , health-and-wellness conventional-care downloads-hw
Once Upon a Thyme2023-10-29, , , , , herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Ban on Homeopathic Eye Drops2023-10-27, , , homeopathy ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Cough Remedies2023-10-23, , , , , , , homeopathy herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
For Broken Bones2023-10-21, , , , , , , , homeopathy herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Treating Rash or Hives2023-10-20, , , , homeopathy ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Treating Shingles2023-10-20, , , homeopathy ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Advil Alternative2023-09-27, , , , homeopathy ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Cold Treatments2023-09-14, , , , , homeopathy herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Acid Reflux in a Newborn2023-09-13, , , , , homeopathy ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
To C or Not to C2023-09-07, conventional-care ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Treating High LDL Cholesterol2023-08-31, , , homeopathy ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Boneset Tincture for Colds & Flu2023-08-25, , , , herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
All Things Dandelion2023-08-23, , , , , herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Natural Antiobiotics2023-08-22, , , , , herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
For Postnasal Drip2023-08-22, , , herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
For Kidney Stones & Kidney Infection2023-08-21, , , health-and-wellness homeopathy herbal-medicine downloads-hw
Cold Sore Treatment2023-08-19, , , , , , homeopathy herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
A Word About Cell Salts2023-08-19, , health-and-wellness homeopathy downloads-hw
Using Hawthorn2023-08-17, , , , , herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Favorite Herbs2023-08-11, , , , herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
How to Help a Dog With Arthritis2023-08-09, , , , , homeopathy animals ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness sustainable-living corac-leaders-forum
Yarrow2023-08-07, , , health-and-wellness homeopathy herbal-medicine downloads-hw
Remedies for Intussusception2023-08-07, , health-and-wellness homeopathy downloads-hw
Cuprum Met Uses2023-08-06, , , , , , herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Treating a New Bee Sting2023-08-04, , , , , homeopathy ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Rabies2023-08-03, , , homeopathy ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Kidney Stones2023-08-01, , , , , , , homeopathy herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Heart Issues2023-08-01, , , , , , homeopathy ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Lion’s Mane2023-07-31, , , , , , , herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Multivitamin Recipe2023-07-30, , , , , homeopathy ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
A Removed Gall Bladder2023-07-28, , , , homeopathy herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Revision of the Definition of “Brain Dead”2023-07-27, , , conventional-care ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
More About the Vax2023-07-26, , , , , , , , , homeopathy herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Grafting Bach Remedies2023-07-26, , health-and-wellness homeopathy downloads-hw
Covid Vax Homeopathic Protocols2023-07-25, , health-and-wellness homeopathy downloads-hw
Essential Oils for Pregnant Women2023-07-24, , , , herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Tape to Keep Tinctures and Remedies From Evaporating2023-07-23, , , , , , homeopathy herbal-medicine life-and-personal-skills ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness sustainable-living corac-leaders-forum
A Simple2023-07-22, , , , , , , , , , herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Adult Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease2023-07-20, , , , , , , , homeopathy herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Chest Congestion2023-07-19, , , , herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Taming the Sweet Tooth2023-07-19, , health-and-wellness homeopathy downloads-hw
Poultices, Salves & Soaks from Early Summer Harvest Plants (Video Class)2023-07-18, , , , , , , sustainable-living health-and-wellness herbal-medicine classes-hw classes-sl foraging-herbal-medicine-wild-foods gardening-gathering-foraging life-and-personal-skills
Mick’s Early Summer Foraging Diary2023-07-18, , health-and-wellness herbal-medicine downloads-hw
A Grasshopper Problem in the Garden2023-07-17, , , , , , homeopathy gardening-gathering-foraging ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness sustainable-living corac-leaders-forum
Covid Vax Remedies2023-07-16, , , , , , , herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Malaria Remedies2023-07-15, , , , , herbal-medicine ordinary-wisdom health-and-wellness corac-leaders-forum
Options for Managing Diabetes2023-06-28, , , health-and-wellness homeopathy herbal-medicine downloads-hw
Addressing Candida Auris2023-06-28, , , health-and-wellness homeopathy herbal-medicine downloads-hw
Discussion – Sepsis is Killing Newborns Because of Antibiotic Resistance2023-06-28, , health-and-wellness general-health-and-wellness-team-discussion downloads-hw
Functional Homeopathy: Mind & Emotions & Next Steps (Video Class 5)2023-06-28, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Functional Homeopathy: Flus, Cough, Cold, Colic, Vomiting, Diarrhea (Video Class 4)2023-06-28, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Functional Homeopathy: Fevers & Ear Infections (Video Class 3)2023-06-27, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Functional Homeopathy: First Aid (Video Class 2)2023-06-27, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Functional Homeopathy: Introduction (Video Class 1)2023-06-27, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Reservations About Homeopathic Remedy Making Machines2023-06-26, , health-and-wellness homeopathy-classes-hw downloads-hw classes-hw
Basic CPR & Choking First Aid2023-06-14, , health-and-wellness conventional-care downloads-hw
Basic First Aid Emergency Deck2023-06-14, , health-and-wellness conventional-care downloads-hw
Dealing With Toxic Plants2023-06-13, , health-and-wellness homeopathy downloads-hw
What Can Wildfire Toxicity Teach Us About COVID-19 & Treating COPD2023-06-13, , health-and-wellness general-health-and-wellness-team-discussion downloads-hw
Homeopathy as “Energy Medicine?” A Brief Q&A2023-06-13, , , health-and-wellness homeopathy general-health-and-wellness-team-discussion downloads-hw
How to Increase Lactation with Galactagogues2023-06-07, , health-and-wellness herbal-medicine downloads-hw
Tinctures from Spring Foraged Herbs (Video Class)2023-05-23, , , , , , , sustainable-living health-and-wellness herbal-medicine classes-hw classes-sl foraging-herbal-medicine-wild-foods gardening-gathering-foraging life-and-personal-skills
Mick’s Spring Foraging Diary2023-05-19, , health-and-wellness herbal-medicine downloads-hw
Herbs for Medicinal Purposes2023-04-14, , health-and-wellness herbal-medicine downloads-hw
Detox From Spike Protein2023-04-04, health-and-wellness downloads-hw
How to Cure Type 2 Diabetes (Virtual Class)2023-03-29, , , health-and-wellness homeopathy classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Simple Preventive Healthcare – Part 22023-03-24, , health-and-wellness classes-hw preventive-healthcare
Intro to Simple Preventive Healthcare2023-03-10, , health-and-wellness classes-hw preventive-healthcare
Support For Shock & Grief2023-01-27, , , health-and-wellness health-news conventional-care downloads-hw
Comfrey Salve (Virtual Class)2022-12-12, , , health-and-wellness homeopathy classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Radiation Fallout Kit (Virtual Class)2022-12-10, , , health-and-wellness homeopathy classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
CV, RSV, Seasonal Flu/Thyphus, Thyphoid, Cholera (Virtual Class)2022-11-22, , , health-and-wellness homeopathy classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery Update – Post COVID (Virtual Class)2022-11-22, , , health-and-wellness homeopathy classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Homeopathy’s Catholic Roots (Virtual Class)2022-11-22, , , health-and-wellness homeopathy classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Foraging – Session 3 (Virtual Class)2022-09-28, , health-and-wellness classes-hw foraging-herbal-medicine-wild-foods
Foraging – Field Session 3 Only2022-09-28, , health-and-wellness classes-hw foraging-herbal-medicine-wild-foods
How to Use a Repertory (Virtual Class)2022-08-22, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Cayenne Pepper – Culinary Spice or Medical Powerhouse2022-08-10, , , health-and-wellness health-news herbal-medicine downloads-hw
Sending Your Child to College with Homeopathy2022-08-09, , health-and-wellness homeopathy downloads-hw
Foraging – Session 2 (Virtual Class)2022-07-27, , health-and-wellness classes-hw foraging-herbal-medicine-wild-foods
Foraging – Field Session 2 Only2022-07-27, , health-and-wellness classes-hw foraging-herbal-medicine-wild-foods
Hep B Remedies/Treatments (Virtual Class)2022-06-13, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Foraging – Session 1 (Virtual Class)2022-06-09, , health-and-wellness classes-hw foraging-herbal-medicine-wild-foods
Monkeypox Update2022-06-05, , health-and-wellness health-news downloads-hw
Homemade Solutions to the Baby Formula Shortage2022-06-04, , , health-and-wellness health-news conventional-care downloads-hw
MyCatholicDoctor.com2022-06-03, , , health-and-wellness health-news conventional-care downloads-hw
Terrain: Stay Healthy – Don’t Get Sick2022-06-03, , , health-and-wellness health-news conventional-care downloads-hw
The Foraging Series – Weed Walking Tip #12022-05-29, , health-and-wellness classes-hw foraging-herbal-medicine-wild-foods
The Foraging Series – An Introductory Weed Walk2022-05-28, , health-and-wellness classes-hw foraging-herbal-medicine-wild-foods
Benefits of Calendula Oil & Tincture2022-05-02, , , health-and-wellness homeopathy herbal-medicine downloads-hw
Water Dosing Homeopathy2022-05-02, , , health-and-wellness health-news homeopathy downloads-hw
Sodium Bicarbonate: Nature’s Unique First Aid Remedy2022-05-02, , , , health-and-wellness health-news homeopathy general-health-and-wellness-team-discussion downloads-hw
Vaxxx Religious Exemption Letter2022-05-02, , , , , , , health-and-wellness health-news corac-leaders-forum leader-resources general-health-and-wellness-team-discussion general-leaders-forum-discussion downloads-hw downloads-lf
Cell Salts – Part II (Virtual Class)2022-03-21, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Cell Salts – Part I (Virtual Class)2022-03-21, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Bach Flower Remedies – Category 2 (Virtual Class)2022-03-11, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Using Your Kit – Remedies for Sore Throats & Strep (Virtual Class)2022-03-10, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Introductory Topical Shopping List2022-03-07, , , health-and-wellness homeopathy herbal-medicine downloads-hw
Drink Chaga Tea for Immunity2022-03-07, , health-and-wellness herbal-medicine downloads-hw
Introduction to Essential Oils2022-03-07, , health-and-wellness herbal-medicine downloads-hw
Smallpox Remedies, Treatment & Prevention – Part II (Virtual Class)2022-03-02, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Grief & Shock: What Can Remedies Do? (Virtual Class)2022-03-02, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Intro to Using Your Kit – Part IV (Virtual Class)2022-02-16, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
How to Use Your EBO Kit (Virtual Class)2022-02-16, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
7 Ways to Graft a Remedy (Article & Virtual Class)2022-01-31, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Intro to Using Your Kit – Part III (Virtual Class)2022-01-27, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery – Part II (Virtual Class)2022-01-20, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Homeopathy: CV Treatment & Prevention (Virtual Class)2022-01-20, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Intro to Using Your Kit – Part II (Virtual Class)2022-01-18, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
SteveBC’s Anti-Covid Cookbook2022-01-04, , health-and-wellness anti-covid-cookbook downloads-hw
Intro to Using Your Kit – Part I (Virtual Class)2022-01-04, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery – Part I (Virtual Class)2021-11-29, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Intro to Homeopathy (Virtual Class)2021-11-23, , health-and-wellness classes-hw homeopathy-classes-hw
Protect the Children2021-11-06, , , , , , health-and-wellness health-news corac-leaders-forum leader-resources general-leaders-forum-discussion downloads-hw downloads-lf
Hydrodroxychloroquine & Ivermectin2021-10-24, , , health-and-wellness health-news anti-covid-cookbook downloads-hw
My Homeopathic Testimony2021-10-18, , health-and-wellness homeopathy downloads-hw
Asthma – Water Cure2021-10-11, , health-and-wellness conventional-care downloads-hw
Fear/Anxiety/Depression2021-10-04, , health-and-wellness conventional-care downloads-hw
Upper Respiratory Infections & COVID2021-10-04, , health-and-wellness conventional-care downloads-hw
Wounds2021-10-04, , health-and-wellness conventional-care downloads-hw
About Homeopathy2021-10-01, , health-and-wellness homeopathy downloads-hw
Homeopathy & Herbal Subgroup – Parts 1 & 22021-08-13, , , health-and-wellness homeopathy herbal-medicine downloads-hw
Weed Walking Notes2021-08-07, , , health-and-wellness health-news herbal-medicine downloads-hw
Jab Religious Exemption Downloads2021-07-30, , , , health-and-wellness health-news corac-leaders-forum downloads-hw downloads-lf
Part 14 – Introduction to the Health & Wellness Team2021-07-05, , health-and-wellness conference-videos-2 general-health-and-wellness-team-discussion
Part 15 – Health & Wellness Workshop – Tinctures2021-07-05, , , health-and-wellness herbal-medicine conference-videos-2 classes-hw
Herbal & Homeopathic Information2021-07-02, , health-and-wellness homeopathy downloads-hw
Health & Wellness Presentation from the Conference2021-07-02, , , , health-and-wellness conventional-care homeopathy herbal-medicine downloads-hw
Concerning Homeopathy2021-06-11, , health-and-wellness homeopathy downloads-hw
First-Aid Kit Checklist2021-06-04, , health-and-wellness health-news downloads-hw
Health & Wellness Teams – Our Purpose2021-06-02, health-and-wellness health-news
Health & Wellness Team – General Discussion2021-06-01, health-and-wellness general-health-and-wellness-team-discussion


CORAC’s Health and Wellness teams combine to promote optimum physical health and mental well-being by connecting you to conventional resources that represent some of today’s best practices. This includes some well-established alternative resources such as homeopathic, naturopathic, and indigenous medicines; rejecting those medicines, treatments, and philosophies that may be harmful physically or spiritually.


Find and post Health & Wellness team meetings and events nationally, regionally and in your locale.


The Brazen Serpent Prayer

We have a rich tradition of prayer in both ancient and modern times as an intervention for alleviating illnesses and promoting good health. Please download and share the Brazen Serpent prayer from Charlie Johnston by clicking on the link below. Blessed be the name of the Lord, who works good in all things for those who love Him. 


December 10, 2023

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

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