The thing that is most frustrating for ordinary people right now is that, despite watching openly shameless election fraud on a massive scale, there is little an ordinary person can do about it. That rests almost entirely on the shoulders of Donald Trump and of Republican “leaders.” Yeah, a whole bunch of Republican “leaders” have said we should just shut up and take our medicine without complaint – including former President George W. Bush. That one disgusts me. After we stood up for him countless times as the left’s smear machine attacked him, that he should stick a shiv in us and the very idea of honest fair play is a deep betrayal. But I always knew that some would surprise us for the good and some for the bad.

After a week and a half, the President’s team is focused intently on real, actionable cases of fraud and evidence of systemic fraud in these Democrat-run swing states that all stopped counting at nearly the same time election night. I remain at a confidence of about 70% that Trump will prevail in winning a second term – but that is dependent on courts and legislatures ruling honestly based on evidence rather than acting as political hacks or timid pansies. As we have all seen, the Democrats in politics and their fellow Democrats in the media are doing their dead-level best to pretend that all that is left now is the coronation of Joe Biden. But nobody except their own acolytes are buying anything they say any more.

What I am 100% certain of is that the Democrats are not going to get away with the brazen fraud this time. Oh, they may manage to install Joe Biden as a Potemkin president, but after four years of trying to reduce America to ashes, all they will get to preside over is the ashes they created. Over the next few months, in-person voting is going to make a come-back in legislatures and judicial chambers – and voter ID is going to become a thing. By so nakedly defrauding the country, they have revealed that all their sob stories about poor minorities being too stupid and irresponsible to be able to secure ID’s is both racist AND solely designed to facilitate voter fraud on a massive scale. Their calls for unity after battering normal Americans for four years is palpably a call for us all to just submit to their fraudulent power grab. (James Woods expressed this perfectly, but I warn you there is a significant vulgarity in this delicious tweet.)

Contrary to establishment media reports, which are desperately trying to anoint Biden, evidence of widespread massive election fraud abounds everywhere. It includes people who have been dead since the civil war voting, massive dumps of ballots marked only for Biden, Democratic precincts that produced more ballots than they had eligible voters (in at least two cases, with more than double the votes as there were voters in the precinct) and more. ALL of these types of obvious fraud come from and benefit Democrats. What may be the most notable is Dominion Software, which, at a certain level, had an algorithm that started switching Trump votes to Biden en masse.  Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) has reported that the U.S. military has seized the servers that host Dominion. Midweek, I was chatting with an official in Texas with whom I had collaborated in the 2018 cycle. “You may have been right that we did not lose the suburbs after all, Charlie,” he said. When I replied that I had said we did lose the suburbs nationally, he rejoined, “No, you said it looked like fraud to you, but the only way you could think of was by doing it in the software, which would require a larger conspiracy than you could imagine. Looks like it wasn’t your analysis that was off, but your imagination.” I may owe a lot of suburbanites a big apology. 2018 was just a dress rehearsal for the fraud perpetrated this year.

Now Sidney Powell, perhaps the toughest, shrewdest lawyer of our time, promises she is going to “release the Kraken” on every one of the fraudsters. Already compelling, the evidence of massive fraud of the type previously only seen in authoritarian third-world countries is mounting every day. Using my traditional analytical methods, I estimate that Trump won the national popular vote by 12 million votes – and I am suddenly much more confident in my old style of analysis. Make no mistake, though, none of this means the matter is settled. That depends on honest courts and courageous legislatures. I have friends who are judges and a LOT of friends who are legislators – but judges are no longer known for their honesty nor legislatures for their courage. What would be best, in my mind, would be to declare that this election is so rife with obvious fraud that new secure elections of federal offices be held in five or six states. But the reality is that these decisions could go either way, depending on the honor and courage of the judges and legislatures involved.

Our country is on the brink. If there is a re-vote in some states and Trump prevails, the left will do what it always does when it doesn’t get its way: riot, loot, burn and murder. If Biden is seated despite the obvious massive fraud, the half of the country that DOES care about fair play and is willing to accept an honest loss without violent insurrection will become the real resistance. Biden would be the first fully and obviously illegitimate president in America history. His orders would be without effect – and attempts to revoke the Bill of Rights would be openly flouted by those who are not already become rabbits – and with force if all else failed. Already three governors; Tate Reeves of Mississippi, Ron DeSantis of Florida, and Kristi Noem of South Dakota, have said they will not obey any federal order to shut down their states. Police and military leaders are going to have to decide whether they will stand with those trying to unravel the Constitution or with ordinary people. (The FBI has already decided: this completely corrupt and politicized agency is now simply the paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party. If I witnessed a murder the FBI was investigating, I would not talk to them. I would talk to local authorities and would not object if the FBI watched, but I would not talk directly to those corrupt operatives under any circumstances.) The economy, already weaker than most know, will completely tank – which will lead to violent unrest among the left – who right now think they are going to get everything ordinary people worked for. There are a host of things Trump can do to put the spotlight of truth onto the left’s machinations. Ordinary people, angry at being defrauded will be doing the same sort of things. Shoot, that is the fundamental purpose of CORAC.

The American founders believed that, with carefully crafted, minimalist and prudent policy choices, they could forge a great nation out of the backwater set of colonies from which they were formed. They were right. The problem is that now a bunch of primitive, ignorant schemers, convinced (without evidence) of their own superiority, believe that American liberty and prosperity are characteristics – like eye or hair color – and that no amount of crackpot schemes will change that. They are about to find they are wrong.

Our founders knew that our system would only work for a “moral and religious people.” Now we are entered upon a great battle between those who hold to the Judeo-Christian principles upon which this nation was founded and a Pagan cohort who insist on dictating what everyone must do and when and how they must do it. If the Judeo-Christians prevail, America’s best days are yet ahead of her and we will see a new birth of freedom and prosperity. If the Pagans prevail, America as we know it will join the ash heap of failed nations which allowed crackpot utopians to seize control and ruin them. The decision will not come without a great contest. We have a great fight ahead of us. If Trump prevails, we will be tested to see if we have the fortitude to arrest and jail the violent rioters who will inevitably follow, to arrest and jail those civic leaders – governors and mayors primarily – who enable and encourage the violence, completely abdicating their solemn duty to the citizenry of their jurisdiction. If Biden prevails – the first completely illegitimate and fraudulent president in our history, will we have the fortitude to treat the United States government for what it will have become, an army of occupation determined to rule the folksies? We will have to work to overthrow it without destroying it.

Even if we choose the nobler path politically, if it is not informed by reliance on God, all our victories will be transient and we will fail miserably. If we do turn our hearts back to the God who created and sustains us, all our failures will be transient and we will see renewal – first, of America, then of the world, and then the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. Do NOT neglect the prayer of doing, which almost every pious Christian neglects too much…but feed yourself with contemplative and invocatory prayer that you may be fit and nourished for the battle before us.


I laughed out loud when the McCarrick Report was issued by the Vatican. When it was first announced two years ago that the Vatican would mount such a report, I cynically thought to myself that this Vatican would find some way to blame it all on St. John Paul or Pope Benedict. I was wrong. The Vatican blamed it on both of these men – and Abp. Vigano for good measure. I’m surprised this Vatican didn’t find a way to pass some blame around to Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Pell.  The only person who is treated as entirely innocent of any responsibility for the whole thing is Pope Francis. Vigano, of course, offered a spirited rebuttal to the Vatican’s attempt to whitewash this.

I would not be surprised if both St. John Paul and Pope Benedict had not taken reports of such aberrant behavior seriously enough. Both of these men risked summary execution to become Priests in Poland and Germany, respectively, in the time of Hitler. That men would betray the honor and dignity of the Priesthood for this vulgar thing was literally unthinkable to them. They simply could not believe the depth and pervasiveness of the rot that had invaded the hierarchy. Meanwhile we are supposed to believe that Pope Francis, who has spent his entire papacy enabling the rotters, is entirely innocent?! Investigators in the United Kingdom came up with a report on the subject that is wildly at odds with the Vatican’s take on it.

Turning away from the Vatican Bureau of Obfuscation and Deflection, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Chairman Jose Gomez, of Los Angeles issued a statement congratulating “president-elect” Biden on his victory and celebrating that Biden would be the second Catholic president in U.S. history. I have no little regard for and deep affection for Archbishop Gomez…but what kind of fumble-fisted idiocy is this? To decree a winner in a contested election in which there is substantial evidence of massive, systemic fraud is not a call for unity, but to degenerate into pure politically partisan hackery. And to celebrate the Catholic identity of a man who openly opposes Church teaching on abortion and gay marriage, who would force nuns to pay for contraception – and whose vice-presidential nominee thinks membership in the Knights of Columbus is sufficient to disqualify a person from public office is hideously offensive. Though he had adopted a Norse Paganism by the time he came to power, Adolf Hitler was born a Catholic. Thankfully, the Bishops don’t usually celebrate that fact. That they would celebrate the extension of the holocaust of babies is abhorrent and deeply offensive. There will be an accounting.

I know our Bishops are terribly demoralized. Their moral authority has never been more deeply diminished than it is now. I wonder if it ever occurs to them that this decay in their reputation has grown concurrently with their focus on being political arbiters. Whatever, they are not going to regain their stature by trying to become the house of prayer for the Pagan left. The only man they should be partisans for is Jesus Christ.

For most of American history, Catholics could, in good conscience, choose either of the candidates the parties put up for the presidency. The last Democrat Catholics could, in good conscience, support was Jimmy Carter. Yes, I know he was an incompetent bungler, but he did not openly oppose actual Christian and Catholic teaching. That the Bishops have treated those Democratic presidents and candidates who have so opposed basic Christian doctrine as business as usual is a hideous scandal. That does not mean they needed to endorse Trump. Rather, it means they should have advocated with full-throated vigor for the creation of a liberal party that embraces the Judeo-Christian ethics on which this nation was founded rather than getting cozy with those who actively seek to destroy those ethics.


I am tickled pink at the ratings dumpster fire Fox News finds itself in in the aftermath of its election night coverage. The network that has, for years, routinely drawn more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined now finds itself routinely in second or third place with only about half as many viewers as it had two weeks ago. The problem? On election night Fox went full lefty, trying to join all the establishment networks. It apparently thought that we deplorables were too stupid to notice and that it would keep all of us while gaining a chunk of the lefty establishment viewers. This was a bigger marketing disaster than the introduction of “New Coke” in 1985.

It wasn’t the premature call of Arizona that got me on election night. Very early on, the head of Fox’s Decision Desk, Chris Stirewalt, said that Democrats would gain five seats in the House. Though I only get involved peripherally in politics anymore (informally advising friends and friends of friends), old habits die hard. On election night, I was logged onto eight different sites – some news, some governmental, to monitor things. As soon as Stirewalt made this pronouncement, I went to check all my other sites, because it did not sound right to me. Sure enough, there was no evidence of any such thing anywhere. I watched to see how such a call was justified. When the hosts asked him about some of his weird calls, he simply gave some variation of, “I’m really smart” rather than actual evidence. I knew then. I have dealt with dozens of such pompous buffoons over the course of my life. They are always supremely confident of their own prowess even as they are going into their pratfall.

I think the stunning collapse of Fox News is a foreshadowing of what is about to happen to all the fraudulent institutions in our society. We are all called to be Samson. As you recall from the Book of Judges, Samson was a phenomenally strong man who strayed from the Lord for a time. The Philistines took him captive, but didn’t notice as his hair – the source of his strength – grew back. In the end, Samson called again on the name of the Lord, pushed the pillars holding up the Philistines’ temple apart and let it all crash down on them. Time to grow our hair back (turn back to the Lord) and bring the new Pagans’ temple down on their heads. (But, unlike Samson, let us get out from under the rubble and rebuild the world under God.)


I am on the road, so forgive my sluggishness in responding to emails right now. I have adopted accounts at both Parler and MeWe. Unless they slap a warning on a posting, I will not leave Facebook right away. I still hope they might reform – but that hope is getting dim. If they do slap a warning on anything, I will immediately cease posting there (though I will leave what is already there up) and start posting exclusively on Parler and MeWe. I don’t know if either will succeed or if either or both will truly avoid censorship. But for now, they have my support.

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