Region 8 – Texas Right To Life Gala

Posted on December 7, 2020
Mary Ellen, a Region 8 CORAC member sent pictures from the November 14th Texas Right to Life Gala held in Houston, TX, that she and her husband had the pleasure of attending.

Pictured are CORAC members Mary Ellen Cuzela, in the black dress and Claudia Turcott, in the sequins dress.  Their friend Mollie in the blue dress, happened to be there too. Claudia’s husband Sean Turcott is in the blue suit, Mary Ellen’s husband Bernard Cuzela is in the dark suit and Claudia’s daughter Taylor Turcott is in the gold/black dress.

Mary Ellen enjoyed meeting Charlie for the first time at the Gala along with visiting with the others at their table.  The dinner was reportedly delicious, and Mary Ellen and her husband enjoyed hearing Pam Tebow speak. They were grateful for the generous offer of free tickets to the Gala and were happy to support and celebrate Pro Life legislation in the great state of Texas.



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