We are pushing hard for our CORAC Epiphany campaign, with a goal of $20,000. We stumbled a bit coming out of the gate on the end of the year campaign with a few technical glitches that prevented some people from being able to donate. Even so, as you can see from the thermometer above, we have raised $8,800 to this point.

Besides the costs of getting through all the paperwork our government overlords demand, we are actively working to give you the information and resources you need to thrive in difficult circumstances. Our home skills committee has become our sustainability committee. That is because there had been a little too much emphasis on having acreage to make a go of it – and we want everyone to have the things they need to thrive where they are, whether on a large plot of land, a suburban lot, or in an apartment. I am reviewing a report Steve BC has prepared on solid data on the Covid issue – data that will help you make decisions on how to best protect yourself and your family without giving in to paranoia or illegal government dictates.

Many have decided to join me and caravan to Washington, D.C. on January 6 to urge the Congress to object to the obvious fraudulent effort to steal this election. It will be the first big event of what will undoubtably be a very busy year of activism and real resistance for us from whatever depradations the pagan left tries to impose on us. Mary Lapchak is coordinating things with the Regional Coordinators, so if you want to join us, contact your Regional Coordinator directly or drop a note to Mary at lapchakma@gmail.com. If you want to go but are trying to travel with others, Mary and the Regional Coordinators will do their best to get you integrated in. We will have a few rally points in Washington, but that will only be disclosed to active members of CORAC who are going. Some have said they are supporting this effort to save Trump’s presidency. I have come to have enormous respect for Trump as one of the most effective presidents we have ever had. But that is not why I am doing it. I am doing it to defend the Republic – to stand for faith, family and freedom, itself.

An official I know told me a few days ago that he thought that officials in D.C. will try to stop protesters from coming into town by demanding Covid tests and other creative ways to shut down any effort at conservative or Christian protest. Already, some entities are shutting down in an effort to head us all off at the pass. I don’t care. I will not follow their makeshift rules, solely designed to shut up all us yokels. If the city is completely surrounded by a million Americans who will not abide the theft of our Democracy, that will make the point just as well.

January 6th is the Feast Day of the Epiphany. Theologically, epiphany is when heaven meets earth, when the Divine is revealed. In common parlance, epiphany has come to mean the moment when the fundamental nature of a concept becomes clear to someone. Let us live epiphany in every sense of the word on this January 6th. Please join us with your feet or your donation as we tell the establishment that we will resist their theft of our faith and freedom with all our might – and if God allows them to succeed for a time, may their fraudulent victory become ashes in their mouths, may it become the very moment that begins their complete undoing.


The strangely theatrical bombing in Nashville has sparked a host of theories about what really happened and what its purpose was. I have not gotten deeply engaged with that discussion for a very simple reason. In times of great turmoil and instability, these senseless things take a quantum leap upward. Some originate in frustrated people who have been deeply suppressed and feel that they have no other means of making their voice heard. Some originate in despair at having had everything taken from them or being forcibly separated from their loved ones. Others rise simply because unbalanced people see their opportunity in the midst of all the chaos already churning through society. Historically, whenever there is great turmoil, violent strife rises, often in rapid geometric expansion. It comes from the left, the right, and all points in between.

After a year in which massive numbers of people have seen their life savings and their businesses taken from them, when people are told they cannot be with their sick relatives as they die, when every aspect of life has been disrupted, of course we were going to see a rise in this type of thing. I have expected it all along – and it is going to get worse. These things must come. In fact, one of the prime selling points of liberty and free speech when our Republic was founded is that it gives people an outlet that helps prevent the rise of such senseless violence.

My basic outlook on analyzing anything is to question what knowing with certainty will change. If it does not change anything fundamental, I can only be casually interested. Some have posited that the Nashville attack was actually a missile attack by rogue elements of the government; others that it was a terrorist operation. Could be. I don’t know. But knowing won’t change the fact that we will have a sharply ascending arc of violence because we have allowed the climate in which violence rises to overtake our culture. There will be all varieties of such violence before we get out of the mess we have made. I am not interested in chopping away at the branches of the problem, but am completely focused on getting to the root. The effective advocacy for and defense of faith, family and freedom is what will do the most to end the violence – but that will only be accepted when enough people have burned themselves and their irrational rage out.

It is paradoxical in a way, but the most tumultuous times in history are when the most absurd conspiracy theories flourish – and when startling number of those absurd theories prove to be true. You know what else I have been expecting? Hostile foreign powers to get very aggressive – more so if this attempted coup is temporarily successful. Pray that when that shoe drops, the aggression takes place on shores other than our own.

I often like to juxtapose contemplation of the Annunciation and the Visitation together. Think about this: when Mary said yes to the Archangel Gabriel, she left the details to God, trusting that if it was His will He would carve a way out for her. It was not an easy way, but He did carve a way out. Yet in the Visitation, even though she was mother of Our Lord, the Messiah Himself, she humbly went to trek over the hills on a journey to help her cousin Elizabeth out with what could be a difficult late in life pregnancy. That is staggering. Mary knew when to leave the details to God and when we are called to be God’s hands and feet on earth. Of course she did! She was full of grace. Pray that she gives us all a double measure of that grace. If we sit around demanding the details when God calls us to trust, we offend God. If we sit around contemplating what He means when God calls us to action, we offend Him. Let us pray that we know when to contemplate and when to act so that we do not tarnish the good God calls us to by acting when we should contemplate and contemplating when we should act.


I watched a lot of old movies during Christmas: It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, The Bishop’s Wife, and White Christmas among others. There was a sense of nostalgia, melancholy and sorrow at these snapshots of a world gone by. That world had its faults, some grievous, but it was fundamentally a good world. The shared notions of what the good is gave us the capability of healing from even the most grievous faults in our culture. We proved that with the Civil Rights movement. Martin Luther King appealed to what is best in us and changed the world. Now have risen such things as BLM, which is not the heir to King, but instead the heir to the most vicious segregationists of that period of the world gone by. Antifa is not heir to the French Resistance, but to the Gestapo that persecuted them.

I pondered over some of the things that have brought us to this point. In the movie, “White Christmas,” Bing Crosby plays Bob Wallace, an extremely popular singer. In short, Bing Crosby plays Bing Crosby by another name. A critical part of the plot, though, is that Wallace’s career took a pause while he went to serve in WWII. In real life, Jimmy Stewart interrupted his film career to join the air force, becoming a bombardier pilot. The great baseball player, Ted Williams, interrupted his career for four years to serve as an aviator in WWII. Even in this abbreviated career, he hit 521 home runs. Ronald Reagan volunteered for the army in 1937. He was assigned to limited duty because of his very poor eyesight, but became a lieutenant assigned to public relations and film for the army. It struck me that, just 70 years ago, celebrities were much more than just a pampered, privileged, ignorant and angry elite class. They were us – and they served like us. Facing real danger and real hardship made them real and large-spirited in a way that modern celebrities can’t even imagine. It is not entirely the modern celebrities’ fault; we have made them into the idols, separate from the larger culture, that they have become. Small wonder they should adopt an imperious, pagan outlook on life. Honorable, inspiring celebrities are a relic of a world gone by. But alas! People who enjoy their fantasies while knowing what is important and fundamental are also a relic of that world gone by.

Now we are at the precipice of a full-scale coup which seeks to destroy any vestige of that world of honor, courage and decency. We have the pagan left – in government and the media -working overtime to shout, “Shut up, yokel!” to anyone who objects to this transparent steal of our Republic. We also have the FBI and the CIA working as junior versions, in training, of the SS and the Gestapo. We have internal travel restrictions, just as every authoritarian government in history has adopted. Our institutions have fully betrayed us at every level. There is no honor left, only a will to power. Meantime, the great majority of Republican officials want to just accept the steal, “for the good of the nation.” They insist, as Republican cowards always do, that we will get them next time. This is next time. If we don’t stand for honor and integrity this time, there will be no next time.

If this coup succeeds, it will only be for a short time. It will not be a legitimate government; it will be a leftist occupational force. You have no duty of loyalty to such a force. In fact, your duty to your country is to fight and overthrow such a dishonest occupation. They are an aggressive, lawless, ignorant, contemptibly dishonorable expression of the raw will to power.  You are not called to resist, imprudently, though. While you cannot respect the legitimacy of such an occupying force, it does have some power, which you should not provoke needlessly. You should resist with all your might without resorting to completely futile and stupid gestures. Make every effort count – and give no cooperation to any branch of this occupying force that would call itself a government without being coerced. When being coerced, do a calculation on whether the resistance will give a bigger return for the freedom movement than the damage it will do to you. Remember that faith, family and freedom are the watchwords here.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has announced that, whatever happens, he will not acknowledge Joe Biden as a legitimate president. That is good. It’s a start. It is imperative, though, that we always keep at the forefront of our minds that this is primarily a spiritual battle. Even if we won the battle to preserve the Republic, if we don’t trigger a mass return to God, we will lose the war of renewal – simply kicking the can of diabolical dysfunction down the road to be dealt with later or, even worse, by our children.

The time of choosing is not next time. The world that we once loved has passed on. There is only this time to begin a great renewal. But first, you must choose. Choose God, as St. Joan of Arc chose God. Let us go forward without malice, but with a steely resolve that those who would maliciously tear down a Christian culture will not stand. Let us, as Abraham Lincoln urged us in his Second Inaugural,  to go forth, “…with malice towards none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in to bind up the nation’s wounds…” And let us, under God, devote ourselves to acting as heralds of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart

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