Early yesterday morning, we went over the top on our original Epiphany campaign goal, as you can see from the thermometer above. I immediately went to work seeing if we can get a match to double the original goal, making calls to folks. I asked our IT man to come up with a modified thermometer, modestly looking only at $30,000 for now. You will see it and our progress at bottom. You folks are amazing! We have a ton of work before us this year, but you have already given us a great start. If you haven’t donated yet, there is still time before Epiphany – and you can give here.


If any of you planning to join us for the Jericho March on Washington this Wednesday, the Feast of the Epiphany, have not yet let Mary Lapchak know at lapchakma@gmail.com, please do so. Giving us your contact info will allow us to give you on-the-spot real-time information on rally points, meet-ups and other information that could be useful to you there. I will repeat tomorrow some of the most important info for you, such as to wear boots! But please let us know if you are coming.


A thing that has been bothering me is that many Christians claim they are certain that Donald Trump will ultimately prevail because of their certainty that God will win. I remind you all that the disciples were certain that Christ would not be crucified because they were certain that God would win. Of course, God will win. He always wins. Your certainty, in this case, is not in God at all, but that He sees things the same as you do and you know exactly HOW He will win. That is not certainty; it is presumption.

I have organized a nice group of people to add to the Jericho March on Washington Wednesday. We will advocate for an honest count in the presidential election just past. The fraud was so massive, open and brazen that there is no doubt in any serious observer’s mind that this was a flagrant effort to steal the election. The consequences of fraud on such a massive scale are so devastating that I would even support martial law and military action to correct the fraud. I never thought I would do that – but now I think it would have less violent consequences than allowing the steal to prevail. I have no doubt that God will win – and the victory will be fully revealed at the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. But I have no certainty that I know precisely how God will orchestrate this victory.

What I do know is that all of this is devised to force each of us to step up, to declare ourselves, and to work with steadfast resolve to elevate faith, family and freedom to their previous places of greatest honor in our culture. God leaves us no place of neutrality this time. We must choose. We must act. We may have allies of great prowess in this battle, but there is no man on a white horse to rescue us. It is just us and God. I believe Trump has been, in one term, one of the greatest presidents in American history. It astounds and humbles me that I expected so little of him and he has produced so much. Yet I think many people remain in denial that they will actually have to risk anything, themselves. They still think someone else is going to rescue them.

Before the election I was so disturbed that so many Christians were sounding the triumphal note that Trump was God’s plan that I began to have serious doubts. Given that I am certain that God intends to spur each person to take personal responsibility for renewing the culture, I began to wonder whether that objective would best be served by a Trump victory or a Biden steal. A Trump victory would have left many otherwise good people complacent, thinking that things were being handled without their contribution, despite the violence and riots that would have followed. A Biden steal would force people to confront the reality that if this culture is going to be resurrected, they would have to make their stand. I had begun to fear a steal of massive proportions, as I had come to think that had far more motivational value to get people to face up to what God insists we all face up to.

So here we are. I would much rather we have Trump as our chief ally in the battle before us, but I think Christian complacency that if Trump prevails all will be set right without us having to do very much is the very thing that is making it more and more likely that the steal will prevail for a time. Before the battle is fully engaged, God is going to get our minds right. The best thing you can do to insure that Trump remains our chief ally is to firmly get it out of your head that he is the sum and substance of God’s plan to renew our culture – and face up to the reality that the steal has a VERY good chance of prevailing for a time. Whatever happens, God has a 100% chance of winning. The only variable is what you will choose and what role you will play. Whatever happens, we have a tremendous battle before us and I, old and handicapped as I am, will fight it under God. I will make my stand.


We have entered the phase of conflict where honest men are trying to figure out what would be the least bloody path forward.

A few years ago I knew that the finest, most sober minds in the country had finally realized the potentially deadly and dire consequences of our cultural dysfunction when Victor Davis Hanson started writing (with no little amazement) about how if the trajectory of these dysfunctions did not change, we were headed for civil war. Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter has been candid about the conflict coming, even writing a series of dystopian novels about a coming split. Now an even more chilling sign of what is upon us has come. Both Hanson and Schlichter are frantically trying to figure out a genteel way that we can back away from the abyss. Neither is a coward. Both know how ugly this will turn very quickly, and both seek a less deadly path forward, so they kid themselves by talking about “next time.”

At the forward edge of every deadly conflict that was well-telegraphed in world history, honorable men have made desperate last-minute efforts to avert the conflict. Up until the eve of the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin desperately tried to negotiate a peaceful resolution between England and her American colonies. When he could kid himself no longer, he became one of the greatest of American patriots. Many conservative Republicans tried desperately, on the eve of Civil War, to find a peaceful resolution before the conflict erupted in violence, even some that were entirely dishonorable. In the run-up to World War II, all of official Europe, except Winston Churchill and Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII), desperately tried to find a way to pacify Adolph Hitler. We were never going to get rid of Hitler without a few hundred thousand casualties, but the European dithering led to a catastrophic conflict that took at least 84 million casualties, several orders of magnitude higher than if we had acted with decisive and honorable resolve.

Even so, I sympathize with the temporizers. Hotheads always want force and violence as an easy response to conflict, idiotically convinced of their own superior prowess. War, once begun, always takes on a life of its own that confounds the expectations on both sides. Nations and movements have spilled a lot of unnecessary blood because of unchecked hotheads. Yet dithering in the face of aggressive provocations only buys the enemy time to grow stronger – and results in far more blood spilled even then that by hotheads. It really becomes a judgment call. If there is any rational basis for negotiation and restraint left, it is better not to initiate conflict. But when the ultimate goals of two sides are completely incompatible and both have dug in, one must lose and the other must win. The only reason to delay at that point is to buy time to strengthen your own forces. But it is imperative to understand that, sometimes, the only path to peace is through war.

I say we have reached that point. Some honorable officials and honorable thinkers want to wait until “next time” in hope that this storm will somehow pass over us of its own accord – or that we can build better storm shelters in the meantime. Most prominent among them is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He thinks it would be best to just suck up the fraud and prepare better for next time. It would be easy to vilify him as a coward, but I don’t forget that he skillfully shepherded over 300 conservative judges to confirmation. Only time will tell whether he becomes a Benjamin Franklin or a Benedict Arnold. But for all my respect for the great work he has done on confirmations, if he ultimately supports the steal, his time of usefulness is over. What most officials have not yet figured out is that patriots have lost all patience for temporizing. You stand or you don’t. Nobody much cares why anymore, they just want to know which team you are on.

I said it a few days ago and I say it again here: There is no next time. There is only this time. If we don’t get it right this time, there will be no next time – only civil war. The sooner officials and commentators understand that, the sooner we will know who they really are. The occupation and the coup are not yet completed, but they are very close. I will not submit to a hostile force that seeks to occupy by force and fraud the highest offices in the country and mutilate my beloved native land.

As the great novels of “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Narnia Chronicles” foreshadowed, we have entered into a real-life epic saga of good versus evil, the forces of God versus the forces of this world. All the most important institutions are betting on the forces of this world – including, sadly, a large number of religious leaders. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, knowing that even if we have only 300 to the world’s 100,000, the battle is in God’s hands.

Together, we have chosen the Lord here. Thank you all for being part of my house in the conflict before us.


Finally, though we just adjusted the goal number up because of your amazing support, already we are at almost $27,000! All I can say is thank you – and keep those cards and letters coming, folks! Below is the new thermometer. $40,000, here we come!

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