It has been revealed that the FBI knew in advance of the Washington protest on Jan. 6 that some people were planning ahead to commit actual violence. That is despicable. Anyone who plotted violence is a criminal who should be arrested. If they are from the right, they should be arrested. If they are leftists, they should be arrested. If law enforcement officials and Congressional leaders knew, they should have acted and taken security precautions to protect both the Capitol building and the massive number of peaceful protestors who showed up.

I was – and remain – angry that a double standard applies to left-wing and right-wing protests. After watching Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton and every talking head on the left assure us that antifa and BLM riots that involved mayhem, arson, looting, and murder are “mostly peaceful;” that public employee unions’ take-over of the Wisconsin capitol a few years back was righteous; that the storming of the Supreme Court after Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation two years ago was to be admired; and that the invasion of the Senate Office building and subsequent assault on Republican Senators was a reasonable expression of free speech; I am in no mood to hear from the same people that a truly peaceful protest in which a tiny slice of people got notably raucous is the worst thing ever and actual insurrection. The fraudulent left uses the unhinged reactions of a tiny few on the right to try to purge, censor and cancel everyone on the right – while lionizing the actually violent behavior of their own base. And now it turns out that the most prominent instigators of violence at the Capitol were from the left – and included a reporter from CNN.

I am thankful and glad that none of our people from CORAC were inside the Capitol. We will resist the coup against our system of government steadfastly, but there is no room for violence (other than legitimate self-defense when assaulted) in our ranks. That would defeat our purpose.


Some have advised me not to say that ours is become an illegitimate government, lest I be arrested. I will not stop saying that unless there is a full and transparent investigation of the mountains of fraud. Even so, I do not advocate the overthrow of the existing order. Rather, I advocate treating it with the active resistance and contempt which it has earned for itself. Planned violence is an offense, both unnecessary and counter to our mission to act under God.

The left lusts after power like a slavering dog lusts after a piece of fresh meat. But when it comes to taking responsibility, the left is as baffled as the dog who just caught the car he was chasing. They are, even now, imploding of their own accord. My counsel when an opponent is imploding has always been to take care not to get in their way.

After banning President Trump a week ago, Twitter and Facebook have lost $51 billion in their stock value. That’s billion, not million. Who are they destroying? They are inconveniencing us, but destroying themselves. Yes, they all colluded to shut down Parler, Twitter’s hard-charging competition – but were only able to do so because Parler was on Amazon’s servers. Parler will be back, along with a whole host of other social media sites, such as MeWe and Clouthub. Twitter, Facebook and Amazon are like Detroit – a once-proud city that quickly went to pot when it sought to control everyone’s life. It is inconvenient, but people are moving out of these increasingly seedy online neighborhoods.

The dominance of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Amazon is an illusion – as real as a soap bubble on a sunny afternoon, but almost as transient. You see, the Internet is a leaky thing. Scores of techies are working right now on building their own sources from servers that are not controlled by the tech giants. Facebook, for example, is convenient because it is where everyone already is. But the tech giants are learning that even the trendiest spot in town can die quickly when it starts abusing its patrons. The trouble for newer upshoots is that not everyone is there yet, so they are not yet convenient or familiar to everyone. The death knell for Facebook will be when some techie somewhere discovers a method of connecting people across sites. Just because you use Verizon doesn’t mean you can only call other people who are on Verizon. You can call anyone who has a phone number. When the enterprising techie discovers the means to help anyone on a particular social media site find and interact with anyone on any social media site, Facebook will be humbled. In the 60’s and 70’s, IBM was the unshakeable giant in computing. It told its customers what they would do. Then it collapsed. It may survive two decades of continuous financial bleeding, but only because it is working to do what appeals to its customers now. No one “owns” the internet. Some agencies control access to popular portions of it, but even in repressive China, enterprising and brave types find means around such control – because the internet is actually just a web of electronic connections. When one path is closed, another less traveled path is available. All the tech giants are doing is giving a lot of people the motive to migrate to less-traveled paths.

At this site, we have been prepared for several years for a forced migration. If it comes, it will be inconvenient for us, but we will not be going away. For a provider that kicks you off solely because of ideological or religious content, though, it is another step in its own self-immolation.


Apparently, I am now the king of white supremacists. At least that is what a raft of emails and messages have been telling me these last few days – and that the gathering at the Capitol Mall was a giant white supremacy rally. If that is the case, the supremacists on the Ellipse were really not clear on the concept. What it most resembled was a tailgate party. There were a lot of blacks there, a huge number of Chinese-Americans, and a smattering of Mexican Americans, all laughing, joking and cheering together. Ricky Rebel, the gay entertainer who did the MAGA song to the tune of YMCA was there, attracting a big crowd and lots of cheers.

A hundred years ago, there were some genuine intellectuals on the left. Now all they have is pseudo-intellectuals, folks with a lot of attitude but mediocre intellects. They try to intimidate people by gaslighting them, but they are most successful in gaslighting themselves. They work themselves up into a lather until they actually believe the smears and slanders they lob at us. That is not strength; it is weakness. I always told researchers that I wanted sound, well-sourced information. You can still make bad decisions with good information, but it is almost impossible to make good decisions with bad information. The left intentionally deprives itself of good information. Most of them have failed to gain any notable accomplishments in normal life. This is intolerable to their preening sense of superiority. Their leftism is fundamentally a desperate effort to change the narrative in a way to make themselves the hero of their own story. To be a hero, they must have an archenemy – and who better than those who disagree with their narrative. So, they impute their own level of hatred and anger onto that archenemy – people who, upon examination, turn out to be folks who don’t care what the left does but just wants to be left alone. Oh, and to be heroes, they have to have victims to rescue. They light on poor, benighted minorities, people who they think are too stupid, lazy and irresponsible to make it without their hero saviors. It is, of course, racist drivel – but the left desperately needs its racist drivel to sustain its illusion of heroic superiority. It is ironic that the modern left views minorities almost identically to the way slave-owners viewed blacks. All that is different is the method of exploitation. It is all a giant game of “let’s pretend,” with rage rants directed at anyone who won’t pretend along with them.

The last prominent Democrat I know of who was not economically illiterate was Bill Clinton. I dislike him for a host of other reasons, but he did actually have a clue about how an economy works. When he had to take action to protect the economy in ways his base hated, he had a sly way of blaming Republicans for it. It is one of the few skills I respected in him. In the big picture, Democrats actually do think money is a creation of the government – and if they seize control of all the levers of production, they get to decide who wealth will trickle down to. What they call “trickle-down” economics is market economics – a free people freely able to risk their talent and capital to create new goods and services and find a market for them. This is actually “bubble-up” economics; it bubbles up from the free creative capacity of the whole people of a nation – and has been shown to be the only stable, reliable source of wealth production and freedom in history. But the left can’t control it, so they won’t have it. That is why they always give us desperately impoverished hellholes – and then enact draconian measures of control to maintain power over the hellholes they create.


Over the next six months, I expect to see substantial economic disruption internally and aggressive action externally by the two greatest enemies of Western Civilization – China and Radical Islam. Fortunately, I do not expect many, if any, foreign attacks on our soil. The last thing our more formidable enemies want is to risk creating real unity (rather than the forced submission the left calls unity) in America. Rather, they will take advantage of our impotence. I expect to see great outrages and even invasions in big pockets of Europe, Southeast Asia, and the South China Sea in the coming year. The left is about to preside over the dismantling of the modern system of bureaucratic U.S. Government by their ineptness.

The left will busy itself playing “let’s pretend” that there are multiple genders other than male and female, that wealth is a creation of government to do with as it will, that wishing a happy thing in foreign policy is the same thing as accomplishing it, that a new virus that is innocuous to most but deadly to a small but identifiable segment of the population is the greatest scourge in history – and a great means of revoking Constitutional liberty. It will be far too busy to actually deal with real problems and great threats – and it will all slip away from them.

Our job is fourfold: to defend the truth of faith, family and freedom; to give heart to patriots who are disheartened by the massive dysfunction growing around them; to resist those depredations that the control freaks in our institutions try to visit on us; and to assemble the cultural ambulances that will enable us to pick up the pieces and build anew a healthy culture under God. I know many are frightened and with good reason – for the times ahead are frightening. But we are called to be heralds of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. We can’t do that if we are initiating violence rather than defending against it. Our hope is in the Lord.

We are in this mess because we divorced ourselves from the Lord, failing to effectively defend His truth when it has been under sustained assault. The left has divorced itself from reality, believing that with enough force and coercion it can make its illusions into a reality. Though I demand that our people divorce themselves from any thought of offensive violence, I know that when the peaceful means of making your voice heard are forcibly suppressed, people make their voices heard through more forceful means. I know that any instigation of violence by people who are otherwise on our side simply delays the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. I find myself thinking a lot about what the least bloody path forward will be. I have become a budding enthusiast for secession. It will help give everyone a place to go that is amenable to them – and will show dramatically which policies bring life and which bring death. I do not see it as a long-term solution, but a short-term firewall as America descends into madness.

I do believe, however unpopular that belief may be, that the American Republic is dead. I have no doubt that our country will rise anew from the ashes. What it becomes may be very similar to the system under which it thrived for two centuries. It may be very different. Leftist poseurs have tried to make themselves into absolute kings. The only king we can thrive under is Jesus Christ, the King of the universe. The king is dead; long live the King.


One of the bright sides of the growing dysfunction is that, over the next six months, I expect a good chunk of religious leaders to come back to the fold, to start prioritizing the defense of the faith and the faithful again. I expect this to happen because they will find that, no matter how much they grovel and plead, the left is coming for them anyway. The left did learn an important lesson from St. John Paul II, who won the Cold War without firing a shot: that orthodox faith is the most powerful potential opponent in the world to the depredations they would visit on us.

Let us call on the intercession of St. John Paul throughout these storms and upheavals, that we may be ever true to the Lord who sustains us.

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