I have a piece I was holding for today. I’m going to hold it for another day.

I have spoken to many people today – and many more since the weekend. Most I have spoken to are grieving; some are angry, some are scared, others just plain despondent. I’ve even had a few suggest they are questioning their faith in God.

A few days ago I had to laugh at a rather insulting post from a preacher – because it had a powerful germ of truth to it. He said that he was tired of people complaining that they did not get a million dollar answer to a ten-cent prayer. Many people have, indeed, turned back to God in a fundamental way these last few years. But can we really expect that to change six or seven decades of neglect as both the faith and the very foundation of freedom were systematically assaulted?

I started signaling just before the election that I fearfully expected something like this – even though I was convinced Donald Trump could not lose an honest election (and he didn’t.) I have mentioned before that I think Judas’ great sin was to try to substitute his plan for God’s. After three years of traipsing around the desert somewhat aimlessly doing good, he thought it was time for the revolution to begin – so he hoped to force Jesus to reveal His kingship and supremacy. Actually, Judas succeeded, but not in the way he expected – and he allowed despair to carry him away before he could see the victory. This is the time of the hobbits, the ordinary man, and God is not going to lift us up until we each make our choice and take full responsibility for our part in this. No more false dawns where we think we have gotten things back under control.

I will start a series of consequential pieces tomorrow. Things are going to go bad quickly. For those of you who are angry at how gloating and ugly the pagan left is, know that it is going to go bad for them. The same people who begin the year in haughty triumph will end it in baffled bewilderment at how it could have all gone so bad so quickly. I hope to push things so that we are a credible people who can invite and welcome them into the fold of God’s flock. Many people – both with us and against us are frantically seeking and advocating for a particular plan. Well, a lot of us have had bitter experience with that. I chuckle sometimes. I have told you that all will be wrong about something important. This is not because I know very much – but because I beat the rush of being wrong about some important things and got mine out of the way early.

We are in the midst of frantic efforts to build competing towers of Babel. The pagan left uses terms such as white privilege, social justice, systemic racism to describe their tower. We have used terms such as insurrection act, military tribunals and such to describe our tower. God is going to topple all the towers. Perhaps the clearest allegory out there to what we have entered is the 1973 movie, “The Exorcist.” I will have an article soon elaborating on that – and we are only about 20 minutes into the film in real life.

I do have some tactical priorities as we enter this year to help us endure and even thrive as we battle the long, dark winter Mr. Biden has promised us – and in a way that will make ultimate reconciliation with those who think they now own us easier when things go bad. Always remember that we are heralds of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, called to boldly proclaim the eternal Kingdom with power, conviction and clarity that inspires billions to new hope and new resolve.

But for today, grieve, mourn, shout – whatever you have to do to get your sea legs back and humbly get to a serious commitment to taking the next right step under God.

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