Joe Biden has been inaugurated as the first fully fraudulent president in the history of this country. He is now the Pretender in Chief. ISIS understood the implications of that, as on Thursday in Baghdad they launched two suicide bomber attacks – for the first time in years. It won’t be the last.

After checking out the ground in Washington, D.C. late last week, I started calling friends in the pro-life movement to urge them to stay home for this year’s March for Life. The city looked like East Berlin at the height of the Cold War – with more troops and defenses mounted than when the city had been under actual threat of attack by southern forces in the Civil War. By the weekend, to my great relief, organizers of the March for Life had decided it would be a “virtual” march this year (I had nothing to do with that decision: I do not know the people who run the March for Life and had made no phone calls to that organization – but I am glad of the decision.)

It had already become clear that the pagan left had decided to demonize all conservatives and Christians as “insurrectionists” and “domestic terrorists.” It had also become clear that their primary tactic of physically attacking us wherever they could identify us was now yesterday’s news. Now, they seek to embed themselves with us pretending to be one of us as cover for inciting violence to further the preferred new narrative. (Pro tip – when you see someone dressed in black wearing the creepy skull Covid mask, he is not your ally, whatever he says.) This was a go-to tactic of the KGB to root out dissenters – embed people in suspect offices to identify and smoke out dissenters and disappear them.  I do my dead level best never to help further my opponent’s game plan. Some friends have been urging me not to say things like this, lest I get in trouble. They kind of prove my point. If I can get in trouble for mere speech, the republic is already gone. So, nah, I’m good.

Many have taken comfort at finding that many of the instigators of the tumult at the Capitol on Jan. 6 were actually leftist provocateurs. I am pleased that, though a few of our CORAC people were near the Capitol when it began, none of them went into the building. They had the good sense not to further the narrative the pagan left was desperately hoping for.

It is a fact that some of the instigators of the outburst at the Capitol were left-wing activists. It is not certain what the left-right mix of instigators was. What is certain is that many of those who allowed themselves to be instigated were, in fact, conservatives. As Christians, we are not just called to defend the faith, but to give witness – to both the faithful and the faithless. While steadfastly defending those who are wildly over-denounced as rioters, insurrectionists and domestic terrorists by the pagan left, the fact is that we each must examine our consciences and do better. Again, I have no problem with defensive force and, in fact, support it. But I do not support instigating violence. We have a long, ugly trial ahead of us. It would do us well to prepare ourselves for that trial by reading – and integrating into our lives – the late Rev. Martin Luther King’s  “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”

Meantime, I concur with Scott Adams’ suggestion that conservatives hold Democrats to their own standards. They seek to impeach Donald Trump after he has left office for “inciting violence.” The defense is simply a factual matter: Trump’s speech at the National Mall specifically forbade violence, the incursion into the Capitol began well before Trump’s speech ended, and law enforcement has determined that some elements (both on the left and the right) had planned violence a week prior to the incursion. Even though Democrats are provably factually wrong on what Trump did, it is useful that they have established inciting violence as an impeachable offense. Republicans should introduce impeachment articles against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for their open support of rioting and violence throughout the last year – and should introduce articles to formally remove Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and every Democrat official who did the same throughout the ugly year behind us. I know there is no chance that any of these will pass with Democrats controlling the formal levers of power over everything, but there is value in speaking truth to power, particularly in these times when media and corporations are oppressing you for simply questioning the leftist narrative, while political officials are more openly calling for re-education camps. Surely some Republican could mount the will to object to actual calls for violence and suppression of political speech. Or maybe not.

A lot of Republicans, led by former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) and Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) along with a host of lesser lights have jumped in full tilt with the leftist oppressors. Most national Republican legislators are trying to make nice with the leftist overlords to try to salvage their place in the establishment club. There are only a genuine handful of Republicans I trust at all to defend citizens and Constitutional rights anymore. I have been wrestling with changing my political registration in Colorado from Republican to independent. On the one hand, I don’t want the ruling Democrats in Colorado to think I might be squishing out to avoid persecution; on the other, since when it really counted, Republicans provided all the protection against a determined assault on liberty that a silk curtain would against a howitzer attack, I don’t want to be associated with that silly party much more than I do with the more malevolent Democratic Party. If the Patriot Party Trump has threatened actually forms, I will sign up on day one and my conundrum will be over. I will still work with those Republicans who have shown, by their deeds, that they are serious about liberty – but all the Republican squishes who are scrambling to protect their sinecures (and they are the majority) are dead to me. On the other hand, good people of good courage and good will often need a little time to wrap their minds around what has actually happened. Many good people are desperately hoping they are not actually seeing what they are actually seeing. With each new outrage, it is harder for them to maintain the illusion. So I am not ready to cast any who are desperately hoping for the best into outer darkness just yet. But time is not on their side.

The insurance company, AIG, cancelled former Congressman and baseball great Curt Schilling’s insurance because he is a conservative and talks about it on social media. Some hotels and banks have started refusing to do business with conservatives who ask for an honest and transparent investigation into election fraud. Social media has gone berserk in its efforts to bully and boss around little people – and big ones. Google is threatening to shut down its operations in the nation of Australia. Much of corporate America has become the modern equivalent of the Woolworth’s counter that refused to serve black folks in the Jim Crow era. Perhaps surprisingly, I am rather enthusiastic about these efforts. Yeah, it’s inconvenient for us as we are being forced to migrate to other, more responsible sites. But Curt Schilling will still have insurance, conservatives will still have banks and hotels to do business with – and people will still find ways to communicate with each other. Shoot, I am already on MeWe, Gab and Signal and will sign up for any credible site that comes along. I don’t know which will thrive, but one or more of them will. The woke corporations’ inconveniencing of us comes at the cost of massive loss of market share for them. It’s quicker and more effective than a boycott – so I say have at it. Show us who you are so we can move to digital and business neighborhoods that value liberty and the American Constitutional system. It will one day be seen as one of the most bizarre instances of mass self-immolation in history. If Jack Dorsey want to show me how powerful he is by cutting off his right arm, I can live with that.

The massive National Guard presence at the inauguration of Mr. Biden was designed to underscore how dangerous American conservatives are – that they are domestic terrorists. It sent a different message than the left intended – both domestically and internationally. Domestically, it reinforced the reality that Biden has trouble attracting a crowd that will fill up much more than a driveway. Internationally, it showed a government that is terrified of its own citizens – a confession that is catnip to feral rogue regimes throughout the world. But when you are Pretender in Chief, you have to put on a fearsome show. But then the idiots on the left compounded the fatuousness of the show by insulting and abusing the very National Guard Troops they called to protect their eminences. Biden’s speech thrilled leftists across the land with its call for unity – while simultaneously defining all who disagreed with him on anything as bigots, homophobes and domestic terrorists. Some unity! That speech could have been just as easily given by Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler or Mao-Tse Tung.

I stand by my assertion that the American Republic is dead. It had a great run – the greatest national run in world history, but it is over. The sole chance of reviving it lies within the judiciary – which despite its feckless cowardice over the last three months could, with real fortitude, reassert Constitutional liberty. I don’t dismiss the possibility of revival: when I had my neurosurgery 18 years ago, they lost me twice on the table and revived me. But I’m not counting on it. I see only four possible outcomes to where we are right now. First, the Democrats stand down from their howling fascist rage to destroy everything that is not them. After the first few days of Biden, it seems pretty clear they will not stand down from anything. The second is genuinely violent and widespread insurrection. This all could have been prevented by a serious and transparent investigation of the massive voting irregularities. But everybody refused to even look at the mountain of evidence. In fact, the ruling class decreed that even mentioning the evidence was treason. Yet, no matter how many times the lapdog media calls election fraud “baseless” because they refuse to peruse the evidence, people know better – and won’t forever stand to be serfs in their own country. Third, the ruling class could pacify the country in the way that Stalin, Mao and Hitler pacified theirs. Again, I do not see Americans who value liberty trudging timidly to the gulag and the re-education camps. Fourth, a serious movement for secession begins in those states which still value liberty and the American Constitutional system. The latter is my preferred path, as I think it the least bloody way forward, capable of preserving the rule of law, liberty and Constitutional governance without having to instigate violence. Over the next two weeks I will have a raft of articles covering specific issues on all of this. These will include pieces on how the movie, “The Exorcist,” is a near perfect metaphor for where we now are; the Trump legacy; what secession is and the path forward; and our duty before God.

Meantime, I start this year with four tactical priorities for CORAC:

  • Hold mass gatherings of Christian conservatives in states that respect the rule of law. The cheery nature of such gatherings will put the lie to leftist efforts to smear Christians and conservatives as “domestic terrorists,” while simultaneously making it easier to prevent infiltration by leftist instigators and ensure that police will stop, rather than encourage, leftist violence.
  • Have faithful, orthodox religious leaders of all faiths have a time to address these gatherings. Besides the obvious benefits of this, I have another long-term goal in mind. Over the next year, timid religious leaders will find that the left is coming for them, too, no matter how much they grovel. I want those timid leaders to see what a joyful, enthusiastic reception faithful leaders get from the faithful. Then when they see an unending series of pogroms and persecution despite their groveling, they will also see there is another path they can choose: fidelity to Christ and His people.
  • Make no protests in Washington, D.C. To protest for redress of grievances tacitly assumes that the national authority is a legitimate one. I want to make Washington irrelevant to serious people and patriots. Most state legislatures still retain their legitimacy, even if they are ignorant. Appeal to legitimate governments, not the illegitimate one that now occupies Washington. I want to make Washington so irrelevant to the national conversation that by the end of the year, it is paying people to protest against it just to try to prove it is still relevant.
  • Work to encourage and facilitate those states who will seriously consider secession. Over the last week, I have spoken at length with a little over a dozen folks I know who have strong ties to the federal government, as employees, contractors or officials. Only three were willing to seriously consider secession. That was as I expected. People who are most vested in a system have the strongest motivation to defend that system. But these people are all brave, honest and smart individuals. I wanted to get the best arguments against secession that I could, from people whose honor and courage I knew to be true. All but one of the arguments were fatuous. I will detail that in the article I put up specifically dealing with secession.

These are treacherous and fluid times. Be deliberate. If you go off half-cocked on some wildly implausible theory just venting, you will squander credibility you need as more and more people wake up to the oppression and persecution that now looms over us. Remember that you are called to be heralds of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. The Lord intends that we gather as many as can be gathered to safety and returned to Him. Be deliberate, that the harvest may be bountiful.

Anointing of St. Joan of Arc

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