Brothers and Sisters,

I received an article which centers on something I’ve been very concerned about for decades. It is this: WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO USED TO PUBLICLY CONFRONT THOSE WHO USE THE “PRESSURE FROM ABOVE – PRESSURE FROM BELOW” TACTIC TO DESPOIL OUR WESTERN CIVILIZATION? The absence of understanding what is going on is a rapidly growing problem here in the USA. The biggest part of the problem is this: Very few people today any longer understand the old Leftist program of – squeezing the vast majority of our people in the jaws of a vice. What is that vice? It is the old Socialist/Communist program of “pressure from above & pressure from below”.

That strategy was worked out by the Uber Left in the first half of the 20th century. THEY SQUEEZE THE PEOPLE BETWEEN ORGANIZED MOBS IN THE STREET AND THEIR BOSSES IN GOVERNMENT AT THE TOP. The people at the top are composed of two different kinds of people; 1. Those commonly viewed by the Left as their ‘Useful Idiots’ and 2. Those who actually are committed Leftists – but who disguise themselves as Moderates or ordinary Civil Servants. The “Pressure from Above and Below” strategy is meant to break down resistance to a Leftist takeover of free governments which represent free peoples.

Its effectiveness resides in this: It creates the idea, in the minds of the people who are being squeezed, that almost everyone is against them. It convinces the average person that they are terribly outnumbered! The reality is that those caught in the jaws of that vice usually vastly outnumber the Squeezers. The only difference is that those doing the squeezing are highly organized, and the ones they are squeezing are not.

BUT THERE IS A WORSE DANGER THAN THE POLITICAL EROSION OF FREEDOM. WHAT IS IT? IT’S THE DANGER OF MORAL EROSION BY THE SAME ‘PRESSURE FROM ABOVE AND BELOW’. [A moral people can recover much more quickly and with less effort than an immoral people can.]

This article from The Catholic Thing, ON MINERS AND SAPPERS, is about the courts being used against us today to ‘demoralize’ us in every sense of the word. Here is a poignant quote from this article:

“If that moral erosion can take place among senators and presidents, does it come as a surprise that people in judicial office may draw us away from those founding premises [of our country] just as well?”

If you truly want to know what is going in in the halls of government, on our streets, and in our courts — then carefully read the article.