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Posted on 2021-06-15
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Welcome to the CORAC Leaders Forum conversation. We’re delighted that you’re here and welcome any comments and resources that will help edify and strengthen this community.  Please share where it is most appropriate –– under pertinent posts if available –– or under this “General Discussion” area if a specific post topic has not yet been introduced by the Leaders Forum lead.

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  1. Fatima

    Since early July I’ve been encouraging the CORAC members in Region 4 to host dinners with their immediate neighbors as well as family and friends who live close by. Not CORAC dinners with other CORAC region members, but with their local neighbors, family, and friends. My wife and I did so last weekend and it was a great success. We didn’t bring up any CORAC info, we didn’t talk about world events, we just broke some bread and drained some wine bottles and became closer with them. We invited some families who we feel will be of strategic important (the neighbor who has 100 acres and 40 head of cattle, the neighbor with 25 acres and frontage on a trophy trout stream, the neighbor who’s a builder, the neighbor who’s a physician’s assistant, the neighbor who’s a teacher, etc.).

    Has anyone else been doing this? I’ve feel led that’s it’s extremely important to do so, to be connected with those around us so that if/when breakdown occurs we’re much more comfortable working with one another (and they’ll trust each of us more to guide them).

    • MP

      What you’re doing is the essence of CORAC.

      Did the same here on our small cul-de-sac to ice-break, build trust and make people aware that they can rely on one another. All things by degrees.

  2. TomPoe

    What happened to the website? I could sign in and go straight to my region for conversations, replies, and comments. I could get updates for events and webinars. Now I cannot find the familiar format.

    • MP

      We moved it here combining the team initiatives and resource libraries along with the ability to continue to comment, teach, share, etc. Also to make it easier for the majority of members who found the old forum difficult to visually digest and navigate. As a result it was getting very limited use. As for event calendars, etc., you’ll find those modules on every team page in the hopes it gets wider use under more topical sections that represent some of our key initiatives. Like any changeup, it may take some time for folks to determine how to get the most out of it for the benefit of all as it continues to grow and evolve.

  3. BillBad46

    I’m starting to see the need for, maybe not ambulance attendants yet, but for medics and triage as so many people I talk to are in so disbelief and shock at either their employer, school, or some other entity is requiring either the shot, or mandatory masking, or other things that no one would have ever thought of as a possibility even 5 years ago! I usually open with, have your heard of CORAC yet? When they answer (almost always) “no”, I simply let them know that we’ve been working to build the network of support, knowledge, and people of like minds who are going to support each other now and in the future through this…. that usually at least gets a raised eyebrow…. I know my brother and a few others have decided to join so that they can at least have access to the knowledge and network we are growing….

  4. Briana

    I got on!!! Hello all! I’ll make sure to check every day, now. Thanks for all of your hard work, Squirrels.

  5. Briana

    I’m thinking I’m going to be moving from Region 2, to 4 (NJ to FL) and I’m wondering how I can get in touch with FL regional people?

  6. BillBad46

    As I prepare region 6 to prepare for a potential US version of the Freedom Convoy, I wondered if anyone has been thinking of doing the same? I don’t have a “contact” for who is organizing it, but have reached out to those posting on FB about it. I know, it could easily be the FBI agent who was at the J6 rally, but I am staying cautious in my wording. I really can see Michigan’s Dept. of Transportation not allowing anything formal to occur (I was thinking of a van with a sign on it to support those driving through, and then supplies like water, snacks, and other smaller items)… however, I can see some of the local truck stops allowing it (so long as it doesn’t cut into their profits, etc). Mick and I have been talking about potential legal considerations since we are seeing that police and the RCMP in Ottawa are confiscating and arresting some now… so, if any other region is thinking of mobilizing in support (should it happen), let me know and we can brain storm.

    God bless!

  7. Jen Byrd

    Convoys across the world – aka fighting the battle before us. Today, I shared on “The Sign of Hope” blog,

    I have had the pleasure of stumbling onto a new format online via a SM account called “Spaces” where our convoy brethren around the world are uniting in secular and spiritual story telling and battle strategizing. The first-hand witness accounts of bravery, along with raw emotions and candor is right up my alley as far as my investment of time spent on current event news of the day.

    I’ve provided a clip from a new SM ally of mine that routinely hosts and co-hosts such broadcasts. As I come across relevant coverage that adds value to our understanding, I will post links that allow us all (the public at large) access to listen and/or participate in dialogue on our RC Signal account and our CORAC Leader Forum threads. It is an amazing platform and opportunity to unite socially on and off line with other like-minded individuals near and far and invite them to join us in being signs of hope together, imho. ❤

    As promised, today’s broadcast titled – “Freedom for all – Worldwide Convoy” #FreedomConvoys #EndAllMandates https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1OwGWzqkzPjKQ?s=20 – ” Language Warning Alert. These folks are going through the anger phase of the grieving process right now and are not mincing words.

  8. madkatmomma

    I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, so let me know if I need to put it in another section….last week our parish hosted Fr. Robert Spitzer discussing the scientific proofs for the veracity of the Shroud of Turin, and proof of the Resurrection. The video quality is pretty good, so I thought you might all enjoy watching.

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