Big Lies

Posted on 2022-05-25

Yet another mass shooting, this time at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. Yet another opportunity for the left to call for more gun control (while they simultaneously call to defund the police) and denounce “white supremacy,” even though the alleged killer this time is an Hispanic transvestite.

We have entered an era of a mass shooting a week – and sometimes several. In all but the most rigidly regimented totalitarian countries, criminals always get guns. The left is so desperate to find a “white supremacist” mass shooter that they tried to fit the moniker to a self-described socialist (Buffalo) who hates conservatives and Jews. Hey, the Buffalo shooter was white, so that checked off one of the boxes, anyway. The roll call of mass shooters is an omelet of crazed lefties and Jihadis with a few whites sprinkled on like salt. The frantic effort by the left to divide this country along racial and sexual lines certainly contributes to the rise in this hideous deviancy. Tell a bunch of throbbing lunatics that ordinary people are out to get them, then whip them up into a frothing rage, and a few are going to take you seriously. Meantime, we find that most law enforcement (usually the FBI) knew months and sometimes years in advance about the dangerously disturbed killer but did nothing – for fear of being labeled racist or whatever other -ist might apply. One of the safest countries in the world is Switzerland, which also has the most liberal gun laws in the world and among the highest gun ownership rates. Turns out a universally armed society is a very polite society.

Tightening the screws on gun ownership and artificially whipping up hatred against political opponents will not do a thing to make society safer – but will make it easier to oppress and ultimately enslave everyone. Firm and consistent enforcement of laws against violent behavior will dramatically reduce crime. Toning down vicious, hateful, politicized rhetoric against ordinary people will dramatically cut back on the divisions in our society. But that would take away the props the left desperately needs to keep people at each other’s throats. And that is all the victims of the huge spike of violence these last two years are to the left: useful props for their ideological agenda.

We do not need more gun control. We need more crime control. And disarming potential victims in the face of the frothing rage the left has sewn is a dumb way to fight crime.


The left is frantically accusing San Francisco’s Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of “weaponizing the Eucharist” for banning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from communion because of her public advocacy of abortion on demand. Well…no.

Every organization has some rules for membership. It is the duty of the officers of any organization to enforce those rules. Human nature being what it is, people are wont to color outside the lines from time to time. It is a wise leader who recognizes that and does not wield a heavy hand in enforcing all the rules all the time. But when a voluntary member flagrantly, consistently and defiantly flouts a foundational tenet of the organization, even after sustained and serious efforts by the leader to correct that scandal, the person trashing the rules has effectively left the organization already. To try to preserve the benefits of belonging to the organization while trashing the foundational ethics and values of it is both a provocation against it and an effort to destroy it. Archbishop Cordileone is defending the Catholic faith against efforts by its internal enemies to subvert and destroy it – and is being joined by a growing number of Bishops who are determined that the faith which many of us cherish will stand strong for the tenets enunciated by its Founder since antiquity.  Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and all other “Catholic” politicians who openly and defiantly flout the foundational tenets of Catholicism are perfectly free to go join another church which is more in line with their preferences (and heaven knows, there are plenty of “Christian” churches that long ago broke with Christ). But it is they who have been successfully weaponizing the Eucharist for decades. Archbishop Cordileone is just putting a stop to it.


Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary, “2000 Mules,” is being celebrated by many for its painstakingly detailed evidence of massive vote fraud in the 2020 election. It contains compelling evidence that this was likely the most fraud-riddled presidential election in American history. Naturally the left and the establishment media are screaming that you should believe them and not your own eyes. They refuse to examine any evidence and then say there is no evidence. They’re like a little kid who puts his hands over his eyes and thinks you can’t see him. As the evidence has become so overwhelming as to be dispositive, they stick their fingers in their ears and say, “Lalalalala…” They insult any who question the validity of that election. They call the claim, now almost certain, that Joe Biden was fraudulently awarded the Oval Office as, “The Big Lie.”

Conservatives rejoice because this movie, working only one aspect of the fraud, offers overwhelming and compelling evidence that the election was stolen, notwithstanding the histrionics of the left and its media sentinels. Something less noted about this documentary is that identical methods were used across a multitude of states. This is compelling evidence of pre-meditation, coordination, and conspiracy. Where there is a cohesive plot, there is an organization and a mastermind. That reality makes the left and the media’s squeals look less like partisan rhetoric and more like obstruction of justice and collaboration in a genuinely treasonous perversion of democracy.

There is, indeed, a Big Lie here, but it is not the one the media is peddling. The Big Lie is that Joe Biden is a legitimately elected president.


Years ago, in the early days of David Daleiden’s battle with the abortion powers, we were talking about what the likely course and turns of this battle would be. I noted that it was going to be tough and prolonged, because Planned Parenthood (PP) had been the 10-ton gorilla of American politics for decades. They usually got their way by strong-arming whoever opposed them. But that was also their weakness. Any entity or person which gets their way through bullying for a sustained period of time gradually loses the capacity to do anything else in a public battle. What this meant was that PP would try to bully him into quitting the field. Failing that, they would try to bankrupt him. It would be a pitched battle. But once both tactics failed, they would have nothing to throw at him that would be effective. That would be the moment when the tide would begin to turn. That tide has turned. There is still a battle going on, but it is like the course of World War II after el-Alamein…still a lot of fighting, but the tyrants are bleeding ground every step of the way. Texas passed the heartbeat law, Oklahoma has effectively banned abortion, The Supreme Court is likely poised to overturn Roe v Wade, and a growing cadre of American Bishops will no longer let politicians use the dodge of claiming to be Catholic while publicly opposing its founding tenets. If they can’t bully people, states, and the Church into submission, they have nothing – except the occasional corrupt trick.

While the abortion power’s high tide is already past and is now receding on every front, the rest of the cultural battle is just in its early stages. The howls of the left are primarily in rage that they cannot reliably bully people into submission anymore. There is a lot of battle left ahead – and it may well transform the world given the left’s “rule or ruin” mentality. I personally think they will topple the United States and a few other countries in their fiery rage. But we will rebuild. The point is, as you see all of these controversies reach insane intensity, it is because the left is losing. They try all their old bully tricks and the gears just aren’t engaging. That’s because they have been bullies for over a half a century. As their bullying tactics are no longer working they have nothing – except to try to ruin the society they are in, to sit in their bunker like Hitler at the end of World War II and bitterly proclaim that the “people” are not worthy of them.

The left has long lived by a series of Big Lies. Now they are dying by them. Let us stay focused on rebuilding the faith and face of the world despite the howls of dying rage that surround us. The Orcs have had their day.


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