Emergency Farm & Household Animal Care

Posted on 2023-09-28
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Safe Environment for You and the Animal

  • Clean environment.
  • Separate from other animals.
  • Have crates available or a stall or separate area.

Wound Care Supplies

  • Injury care with Homeopathics: (Have all remedies prepped in a spray bottle or dropper bottle. Most do not like the sound of the spray so being ready to be able to drop it in or put into water dishes. Arnica – soft tissue inflammation, bruises. Aconite- shock /trauma. Ledum-punctures. Calendula tincture –all wounds.)
  • Iodine.
  • Vet Rex products.
  • Molasses / glucose solution (injectable) / beet feed/ calcium (injectable)/ nutrient drench.
  • Blue cote/ pine tar/ – chicken and all animal wounds, keeps them from worrying it.
  • Bandages/wraps/tape/splint (all animals).
  • Drencher, various sized depending on the animals (goats, pigs, sheep, cattle).
  • Diatomaceous earth – for fleas/mites, sprinkle on food and dust on the animal.
  • Minerals – free choice for animals.
  • Paw cream for LGDs. For both Cold and Hot weather.

Using Homeopathy With Animals – Examples

  • Into their food and water sources.
  • You can repertorize for animals.
  • Stay with the lower level doses like 6c, 30c, and maybe 200 C.
  • Examples:  (Drooling dog helped by putting Merc sol in his water. Aconite to them in stressful situations, like a vet visit or anything else. Ignatia if there’s going to be fireworks.)


  • Lands of Havilah, https://landofhavilahfarm.com/loh/ — they have a parasite formula for sheep/goats/cattle and then another one for equine and camels.
  • Poisoning: Charcoal for all animals especially pigs, Homeopathic Arsenicum.

General Health

  • Apple cider vinegar, a 1/4 in a large waterer – all animals.
  • New Chicks : Chick Gaterade: ACV, Garlic, Honey, Water, Salt, Homeopathic Bioplasma (cell salts) also for anytime an animal is not doing well.
  • Essential Oils – many that can be used on animals but I really don’t know them very well. A local milk cow owner I know uses Paragize by young Living.

General Animal Food

  • Dogs – guardian – best to do a raw diet, but we also add some kibble working to get that out – using bones and meat from farm raised animals. Milk, eggs, and scraps.
  • Cats – Best also on raw diet, working on supplementing canned mackeral instead of cat food.
  • Fish – we keep in troughs for cattle, generally survive all weather, sometimes fish food is needed during times of low algae growth.
  • Chickens – Feed soy/corn free, Poultry balancer mineral (azure), fresh water. (Soy and corn free product so you are not giving GMO or pesticides to the animals that you want to. Soaking your feed for chickens makes it go longer and makes the nutrients more available. Also they love maggots, some people raise soldier flies for this. And setting up a rotting chicken carcass in a bucket is another way.)
  • Turkeys – Have a higher protein needs and are dumb so need protection.
  • Geese/Ducks – Also need higher protein and extra protection esp from arial predator.
  • Guinea Hens – Partridge family so need more protein as keets will keep your tick population down.
  • Sheep (hair) – grass and salt, hooves, and deworming periodically, bells for protection.
  • Goat – grass and salt, deworming periodically, dairy feed for milking goats, bells for protection.
  • Pig – Heritage breed Kune Kune, grass, salt, scraps , hog feed for mamas.
  • Donkey – Guardian- Basic hoof, coat care, food is grass and plains, water source, and salt.
  • Beef Cattle – grass, salt , water, pest control: flies, worms.
  • Dairy Cattle – grass, salt , water, pest control: fly, worms, additional dairy feed for milk production. Alfalfa pellets, oats. Tree Hay.
  • Horses – currently none.
  • Alpaca/Lamas – currently none.
  • Rabbits – also none but they also would benefit from the tree hay. They are susceptible to heat and cold fluctuations. Joel Salatin has some great chicken and Rabbit combos where the rabbits are above the chickens, generates garden compost quickly.

Tree Hay

  • This is using bushes and shrubs to supplement ruminant animals diet for hay. Remarkably works very well. Can also look up as Silvapasture. We are working with Willows that grow well in our area. Mullberries and popular are also very good. Or other edible trees (our goats seem to love our crepe myrtles).

Milk Cow Supplies

  • Mastitis Milk cow home test indicators.
  • California mastitis test.
  • New country organics.com- Thorivin Kelp, really good for all nutritional needs.
  • Redmond salt blocks, also with garlic – local feed stores and online.
  • https://synergyanimalproducts.com/
  • Soy and corn free product so you are not giving GMO or pesticides to the animals that you want to.
  • Soaking your feed for chickens makes it go longer and makes the nutrients more available.
  • Books (Keeping a Family Cow, The Family Cow Handbook, Story’s Guide to Dairy Cows, Story’s Guide to Beef Cattle, Homeopathy for the Herd; C. Edgar Sheaffer, VMD0

List of Books For Animals



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