Republicans Must Nationalize the Election

Posted on 2024-06-10
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For all those who have called and emailed lately, I have not been as responsive as I like to be. I am consumed by final revisions to the CORAC Manual. On Friday I sent out the first section to the executive team and the board for comment and review. Two more are to follow. The first was the shortest, but the hardest to write, as it lays out a narrative and philosophical foundation for what follows, which is simply instructive. I pray and expect they will receive the second section on Tuesday or Wednesday and the final section this weekend. I say expect because this project has been like passing a giant kidney stone.


Lest you have any doubt that the execrable Merrick Garland, U.S. Atty. Gen., is coming after all honest Americans who dissent from Joe Biden’s nightmarish vision for America, his DOJ has just indicted a brave surgeon out of Houston who blew the whistle on Texas Children’s Hospital. The hospital claimed in 2022 that it had discontinued sexual mutilation surgeries on minors. Dr. Ethan Haim proved the hospital was secretly continuing the program. So Joe Biden and Merrick Garland want to put the doctor in jail. In the brave new world the Democrats want to usher in, no good deed will go unpunished. Just ask Daniel Penny.


Though I have doubts we will get to election at all this year, Republicans are missing a big bet, so far. If I were giving counsel to them this year, I would remind them that in 1994, Newt Gingrich successfully nationalized the elections with his Contract With America, which laid out a specific legislative agenda and priorities Republicans promised to enact, if elected. I was doing radio at the time and quickly recognized it for the genius move it was. I predicted in March that this would lead Republicans to break the Democrat’s 40-year hold in the House. Pressed by both regional Dem and GOP leaders on a specific seat shift two weeks before election, I predicted 52 shifting to Republicans. Wooo – you should have heard the guffaws! Even the two Republican staffers on the show would only go so far as a 15-seat pickup by the GOP, while the Democrat County Chairman predicted 10. The Republicans picked up 54 seats. Amazingly, none of them really understood the power of nationalizing the election with specific legislative commitments.

This is not just a contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Several things have made Biden’s tenure as chief executive awful. He has exercised terrible judgment his whole career and has been way too malleable, taking whatever position is most advantageous to him in the moment. Combine this with his full embrace of Democratic policy positions and his awful administration becomes a disaster. He is not just terrible because he is Joe Biden: leftist Democratic policy has been achieved under him – and it is a disaster. If voters chose Trump and a Democratic Congress, the best it could accomplish is to freeze the current disaster in place without reversing it. Voters need to internalize that it is not just Biden who is the source of their misery, but the far-left Democratic policy he has enacted.

I would push Trump to work with the Republican National Committee, GOP Senators, and GOP House Members to develop a seamless, integrated approach. Call it the Republican Manifesto for American Revival. It should include several specific and measurable legislative and policy objectives. Below is a sampling of what might be included:

  • Secure the border and end illegal immigration. Start mass deportations of all those who are here illegally.
  • Drill, baby, drill. Return to energy independence as a national security policy, a way to lower inflation and spark economic renewal, and enhance environmental stewardship. The latter may seem counter-intuitive because of the propaganda of the media and the left, but the most environmentally sensitive way to produce energy is to harvest it in the way that produces the greatest efficiency with the least danger. That is oil and gas. No more windmill farms covering entire states and killing birds and whales. No more billion-dollar solar farms the size of Montana that are one hailstorm away from destruction and darkness. Reliable, efficient oil and gas are the way to go for the smallest footprint, cheapest energy, and greatest jumpstart to the American economy.
  • End wokeness in public life. Eliminate it in the military, in the Justice Department, in all layers of government. Outlaw irreversible surgeries on minors. Purge public bureaucracies of all leaders who are committed to wokeness rather than their jobs.
  • Revive due process for all. This would involve prosecuting those public officials, including judges, who have brazenly perverted the law to achieve policy aims and persecute opponents. Send them to prison to restore the rule of law and as a critical deterrent to the power hungry, establishing that there is a terrible price to be paid for abusing power, power which properly resides in the people and is only held in trust by transient officials. Then jail Soros prosecutors who routinely release violent criminals back into the community. Doing so is a violation of the due process rights of the law-abiding in those communities. Enough of the excuses for violent criminals and persecution of police officers and citizens who defend their communities.
  • Eliminate both the Dept. of Education and the Dept. of Energy, while cutting the federal bureaucracy by at least 20 percent. Allow no bureau to promulgate any rules without formal Congressional ratification. Our system was originally based on accountability. Restore it and ensure that Congressmen know they will no longer be able to pretend they had nothing to do with massively intrusive bureaucratic regulations while continuing to cash their PAC checks and amuse themselves at cocktail parties on the Hill.
  • End the blank check for endless proxy wars that destabilize the globe. Insist on a negotiated settlement of the Ukraine-Russia war – or withdraw all U.S. aid. Support Israel’s complete annihilation of Hamas unless there is unconditional surrender and release of all hostages. (The left already has all the “kill the jews” nimrods – who will either vote for them or sit things out, but NEVER vote for conservatives. So don’t be timid. Sound the trumpet that we are the unwavering voice for Israel’s right to exist in its homeland and against Jihadist’s aggressive ambitions worldwide.)
  • Restore the integrity of elections. Require that all elections be one-day (with provisions for absentee voting consistent with what it was 50 years ago), no automatic registrations, in person with ID and proof of American citizenship, paper ballots only. This is not vote suppression, but fraud suppression.
  • Congressional seats are to be apportioned by the number of citizens in a jurisdiction, not the number of people. This will end the practice of leftist enclaves increasing their number of Congressional seats by flooding it with illegal aliens.

My list is not comprehensive, nor has it been polished for public presentation. The point is to make specific, measurable commitments to the American public. This will be a force multiplier as election day nears. People will not just be voting against a failure in the White House, but for the restoration of American self-government. After victory, carry the promised policies out.

If we survive to election day, we must then begin the journey back to ordered liberty under objective law – as the founders intended and set things up, or we will continue on the road to ruin. If there is any hope for American renewal, this election cannot just be about the velocity with which we will travel that dismal road.


Open the cause for canonization of Pope Leo XIII. I have been thinking, of late, how badly we need the intercession of Pope Leo XIII, the great Pope who formulated the St. Michael prayer, emphasized devotion to the Rosary and Our Lady, initially defined what is authentic Catholic social teaching, and condemned the materialistic modernism that offers a form of religion while denying the sovereign power of God.

It seems to me that we would do very well, indeed, in these terrible times to call on Pope Leo XIII and on Mother Angelica, that great, plain-spoken Catholic evangelist of our own time, to help us through these terrible trials. The fruit of our labor under God in this trial should be the renewal of faith, peace, prosperity, and true brotherhood. If we were helped along our way by the prayers of these heroes, the cause for their canonization would be a very nice accompaniment to that fruit.

Leo XIII, pray for us.

Mother Angelica, pray for us.

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