When Donald Trump was leading in the big “toss-up” states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and North Carolina last night, all run by Democrats, suddenly, at almost the same time, the states quit counting votes. Had to get home and get their beauty rest, you know. That has been the go-to move for authoritarian states with electoral systems for over half a century. If the vote is going against you, stop counting long enough to go manufacture enough votes to overcome your deficit. Immigrants from Venezuela were shocked as they never expected to see Hugo Chavez style tactics in American elections. But here we are.

After they stopped counting in Michigan, an early update this morning showed 138,339 new votes – and the split among them was Biden: 138,339 and Trump: 0. They’re not even trying to hide what they are doing here. For too long, the left has made progressively more brazen offenses – and the worst they suffer when caught is to get a do-over. When they are totally obsessed with power, why wouldn’t they just be brazen under those circumstances? I don’t know whether I am madder at the denizens of social media and the press who are trying to cover for this open mass voter fraud, or the weenie conservatives who have said that we should wait for all the facts to come in before jumping to conclusions. Some things are obvious on their face – and dithering conservative commentators who are flaccid in the defense of liberty for fear of hurting a leftist’s tender feelings have been the death of us.

We have been heading this way for a very long time. Back in the days when I was in radio, “motor-voter” was all the rage with the smart set. Any time you registered a vehicle or had just about any interaction with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, you were automatically registered to vote. I complained at that time that this was obviously an effort to get more names on the rolls who would not vote, in order to easier facilitate voter fraud – which is a mainstay of Democrat campaign plans. It is not hard to register to vote – and it ensures that the people registered will actually be likely to vote – and so more difficult to use as shills for fraudsters. All a fraudster has to do is look at the voter rolls, find the names on there who never vote, and they can safely stuff the ballot box under those names. Then we described voter ID as a form of voter suppression. ID’s are used to get a bottle of beer, open a bank account, get on an airplane, and even get into a night club – but we can’t insist on knowing who is showing up to vote in our elections and whether they are eligible. This begat Democratic organizations in many cities getting busloads of people to go from poll to poll posing as people on the rolls who didn’t vote – and cast their votes for Democrats at multiple precincts – all day long. It was a go-to move in New Orleans for a long time. Then we had large-scale “early” voting, the better to break the chain of custody that once helped ensure that the only ballots counted were those legitimately cast before witnesses. In 2008, Senator Norm Coleman (R-Minn) won by a little over 700 votes in his race with Democrat Al Franken. Lo and behold, Franken’s forces found trunkfuls of ballots and was declared the winner after all. It was an obvious fraud, but Republicans didn’t want to make too big of a fuss. We have been barreling towards open third-world style election fraud for almost three decades – and with the massive mail-in campaign this year, we are here. I am thankful it happened when we had a fighter in the White House rather than one of the more decorous Republican occupants.

So we will fight. If those Democrat-run states had not stopped the counting last night to give them a chance to manufacture ballots, we would all know that Trump won. I think the odds are about 60-40 that he will ultimately prevail. But in a larger sense, the status quo has prevailed even if Trump prevails. The next year will, I think, be more tumultuous and violent than the last four have been. Petty tyrants at every level have been emboldened to bully their citizens, Constitution and Bill of Rights be damned. We have a long, hard struggle ahead of us.

I am most horrified to know that somewhere around half the country believes that rioting, looting, arson, murder and censorship are great if it supports their political objectives. Minorities did move in dramatically higher numbers into Trump’s camp. But suburbanites – particularly suburban women – moved even further into the Democratic camp than they did two years ago (with the exception of Kenosha, Wisconsin, where the suburban women cannot delude themselves that the mob will never come for them). The spirit of Jezebel is alive in the land – and a good chunk of the American people have become degenerate and entirely self-absorbed. Unless we can turn the tide, that always leads to collapse, even if it happens in slow motion and tens of millions of people are claimed as victims in the process, as happened in the Soviet Union and in China. Collapse, itself, of course, could be the instrument which ultimately turns the tide. I’ve got to confess, I’m kind of rooting for collapse, because a lot more people will be murdered in the power games of these new authoritarians if they manage to hold their system together for a while.

In all the comments I got in the aftermath of all this, two stuck with me. One fellow told me when his wife woke up this morning, she asked him, “Did we choose Barabbas?” Cut me right to the quick. The other, a politically astute fellow with a lot of professional experience asked me if I thought maybe the left WANTS voters to see them steal the election to spark a backlash. Good question. They are itching for a conclusive fight.

What is certain is that, whatever happens, the left will be coming for the faith and the faithful even harder and with more virulence than they have for the last few years. In working with the CORAC team, I want to ensure that we craft and pick our battles to gain real ground – and waste no effort in raw, but impotent, frustration. More than ever, we will have to ban together to defend each other and the basic freedoms we all hold dear. The Rubicon has been crossed and things will never again be as they once were. With discipline, dedication and fortitude we can ultimately make them better. It all begins with the defense of faith, family and freedom. If you have not already, won’t you sign up to join with us at CORAC? And if you have not yet donated to our fall fundraising effort and can, please go here.

God is in His heaven and we are His people. I hope you have heeded my previous calls to gird your loins – for now He calls us to our battle stations.

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