The Guerrilla Warfare of Journaling

Posted on 2024-05-08
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I began a daily journal on March 15, 2020, when everything solid turned liquid. I had just written a letter to Bishop Burns of Dallas, begging him, for pity’s sake, not to close the churches like Boston and Newark had done. I naïvely hoped such foolishness would never take hold in Texas. So, my journal is, at least, a record of what we were like before our credulity and goodwill were abused.

Every morning, I chronicled what I saw around me in real life: the busiest streets in one of the nation’s most heavily trafficked cities whistlingly empty; blue gloves and white masks blown into trees and fence gaps in disregard of any sanitary purpose; deserted parking lots of hospitals that were supposed to be overwhelmed. 

The fog lifted for me the day the newspaper published a front-page photo of workers in full hazmat gear burying a coffin. There was never anything about Covid that warranted hazmat protocols for burial (I checked with a physician), but that’s what the headline claimed. When I reverse-searched the photo, I found that it was actually the interment of an Ebola victim in Africa—and that the photo claiming it was a “Covid” burial was published simultaneously all over the country. 

And that is what they call fifth-generation warfare. Fifth-generation warfare (5GW) entails the manipulation of people’s thoughts and attitudes without their awareness. Imagine the benefit of being able to seize territory without destroying resources or devastating landscapes, as in conventional warfare. 5GW doesn’t require physical fitness or bodily sacrifice; it can be waged by sedentary men at computers in air-conditioned offices with tumblers of whiskey in hand. 

And though the Covid campaign has mostly ended, it was so successful that we can expect to see it again in a new format. The bugs will have been fixed; those who did not capitulate will have been studied, and new strategies will have been conceived to deal with them. When a combatant wins an overwhelming victory, he doesn’t retire; he pushes on to the next objective. 

Austin Ruse recently lamented that he had not kept a journal back in 2020. He recognized that only by remembering the lies can we be ready for the next go-round. He knows something is coming; we all know; like a behemoth slouching toward its next meal. 

When a known danger approaches, it’s prudent to prepare. And the best preparation for psychological manipulation, in which fear will be used to gain advantage, is docking your mind to reality—that is, journaling. If you write what you see, as you see it, before any media manipulation subtly and unawares changes your perspective, you will have fired a burning arrow in the war for your mind. 

Consider the following events drawn from my daily journals: the Canadian truckers convoy and freezing of bank accounts; document bonfires outside biolabs in Ukraine during the first days of war; the call to destroy Catholic churches after the Dobbs decision; the millions of people in the Brazilian streets when Lula was installed; the Houston woman who put her son in the trunk of her car after he tested “positive for Covid”; the Balenciaga ads of small children holding articles of sexual bondage. 

At least one of those surprised you, didn’t it? You thought, “Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that.” The narrative on every one of those was cloaked after the fact. That’s why it’s necessary to write it down. Your journal, no matter what kind of writer you consider yourself to be, is a brick in the fortress wall. 

We are in an information war, and our minds are the battlegroundWe no sooner watch one major event than the next is incoming to distract us. Public emotion is inflamed about one thing in order to slip something more shocking under the radar. News that captures our attention for a snippet is never heard from again. 

The way the media telescope is focused determines which events will be acted upon. Is anyone concerned about the increasing rate of excess deaths since 2021? The evidence, charts, insurance statistics are all there; but since they’re not reported, it’s as if they don’t exist. There’s a mountain of evidence of U.S. bioweapon labs in Ukraine, cultivating who-knows-what pathogens; but since it’s not reported, it’s not a thing. The telescope has been turned elsewhere. 

Even now, you are in an algorithm somewhere, being assessed as a target for someone else’s gain. As General Mike Flynn states, there are military manuals written on how to do this. What you say, how you react, what you buy, is all data-based war materiel. 

Your defense, and the defense of your family, rests in one thing: reality. If you know what’s true, efforts to manipulate you will falter and, hopefully, fail. You will be a thorn in the side, a dust ball in the machine. It’s not a particularly safe place to be in the short term, but it’s the only safe place in the long term, since the king of lies is Satan; there is no refuge in him. 

If we’re all being info-manipulated, how can you know that you’ve sided with the true truth? I employ the acid test of early Christians: the cup of suffering. The apostles and early martyrs didn’t submit to gruesome deaths to advance a lie. That’s why martyrdom is the ultimate witness (actual martyrdom, not setting yourself on fire).

If you gave me two opposing narratives, I’d determine who is profiting for their stance and who is suffering for theirs. Naomi Wolf didn’t lose her career, livelihood, and social circle for a lie. Dr. Peter McCullough didn’t step down from the top of a highly-esteemed medical career for a deception. Travis Kelce and Albert Bourla, on the other hand, bullhorns for Pfizer, accrued dividends from the campaign for universal vaccination. 

In a head-to-head, I’ll believe the people who suffered to tell their story. 

It takes a conscious effort to keep yourself from falling into the 5G machine that is meant to influence your behavior. That effort is journaling. Write what you see daily…because your perception will change if you wait. I’ve experienced this over and over when I go back in my journal and see that things were not originally what I came to believe later, after I’d breathed in the official narrative for a while. 

For example, if you watched any footage of the brutal October attack on Israeli civilians, you were horrified. And yet the continual protests in favor of Hamas, and the unfavorable coverage of Israel, have overshadowed the fact that there are still hostages being held. We are clearly meant to be so sympathetic to the Palestinians that we forget the Hamas victims.

And it will get worse, given the number of universities, airports, and thoroughfares that have been shut down in the last week to support Hamas. It’s a full-court press. The public perception of the protestors may be negative, but they will just as effectively distract us. Soon we will no longer remember the October 7 victims (the media has already erased them). 

But you wrote it down. It happened. The war for the minds of the people has a breach. 

The second step to journaling is to reread occasionally; it will show you the gap between events as originally perceived and as they come to be filed away in the public’s collective memory. You’re not meant to be noticing the gap, and that awareness becomes your defense. In 5G warfare, it is the ultimate defense.

We are in this war without our consent, but you can be a force. Just write it.

Sheryl Collmer is an independent consultant for several non-profit organizations. She holds a Masters in Theological Studies from the University of Dallas, as well as an MBA. She lives in the diocese of Tyler, Texas and also serves as CFO, co-coordinator of Region 8, and national news editor for CORAC.


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