Poison Ivy Remedies

Posted on 2024-06-10

Ordinary Wisdom

[Susan] The dead poison ivy, especially the roots and vines, have highest concentrations of the poison. So many get it here in the autumn, because it’s harder to identify. Once, when I was burning cord wood, there must of been a vine on the bark. Just touching the bark (I didn’t know it) allll over my face, lower arms. It looked like someone threw acid on my face. That was before I knew about homeopathy. That episode took 2 dose packs.

So that may kill it, but you can’t touch it to pull it up. The oil gets on clothing. People have gotten bad cases from washing affected clothing, especially in warm water, when traces remain.  Anyways a hoe works well to pull it out and then you can pick it up with the hoe and move it to a corner where no one goes.

[Jane] I scrubbed my poison ivy  swollen arms with liquid soap  and warm running  water and a fingernail brush. First it hurt, then it felt wonderful! Then cortisone cream after it dried. It was what they told me in the ER years ago. Cleared up pretty quickly!

[Susan] It probably removes the urishol! I would never think to do that, because the skin is broken, blisters would pop, but if it works that’s genius!

[Jane] The blisters are not deep. They’re surface. Of course never use the brush again and get that sink clean for sure and no towels! Just pat with paper towel!

[Mick] Mountain Mama, have you ever tried the homeopathic remedies Anacardium or Rhus tox for poison ivy; or the herb plantain (internal and also externally as a poultice)?

[Susan] I recently saw the following video about how to avoid getting poison ivy:

How to never have a serious poison ivy rash again >

 [Susan] I have, and it helps a lot!! We were using Rhus tox for something else, and Brian got exposed to poison ivy doing yard work. He was amazed at how mild it was. We realized it must work prophylactically. He used to be one of those people who thought they couldn’t get it—until he got, baaad.

[Mick] Yes, Rhus tox is prophylactic for poison ivy. I’m starting to think that Anacardium can also be used prophylactically as well as for treatment. My only evidence is anecdotal, but my daughter recently got poison ivy for the first time in her life when she brushed up against some poison ivy while riding her bike along some country roads. The rash was very local, never spread, never really blistered, and never itched. I was puzzled by this until I realized that she was taking Anacardium at the time for another condition.

[Susan] Anacardium didn’t work as well as Rhus for me. Do you have Joel Kreisberg’s book?

[Mick] Iirc, if the rash is soothed by hot water, Rhus tox is a good choice. Iirc, hot water exhausts the histamine for a short while. When I get it bad, I spend a lot of time taking showers to get some relief.
[Lisa] I have viewed that video before. I had a big patch of poison oak I needed to eradicate. I did so without fear and then went in and showered with scrubbing 3xs with dawn dish soap. That was one of the worse cases I had. I tried many things. Apparently one of them was Rhus buy I did know it. I also took these little homeopathy bead like tablets that dissolve in mouth. And there was a powder that I mixed with water and spread on the blisters. I would mix that thicker than described. It would dry out the blisters. I would then rinse that off and blot with ACV. That would burn like crazy for about 30 sec but then would prevent the extreme itch for about an hour. I repeated this just so I could function. I have not gotten a bad case for about 5 years now. The homeo treatments did seem to minimize the future exposer more than any other thing I tried. My sister told me poison oak/ivy/sumac did not grow above certain elevations..I have not researched what that level is but that could be why it is not in MT. I will take some.notes of some of these products to add to my medicine cabinet.
[Susan] Ivy block is good before doing yard work. Also I like Technu wash. Homeopathy is a Godsend for poison ivy! I have to remember to start taking Rhus tox days before yard work.  My main strategy is to never touch it. And when doing yard work, never, ever touch my face or arms, etc. As soon as I cone in I scrub with Technu wash and rinse, water flowing down my arms, with lots of cold water. I haven’t watched the video yet. I will never knowingly touch it. When I do yard work, I carefully scan to see if it is  hidden somewhere. If I find it, I use the hoe to carefully remove it before I proceed.
[Lisa] Jewelweed is also supposed to be effective as a salve. I purchased some recently and also am pla ti g jewelweed around our place. Jewelweed I ha e read commonly grows near poison oak and was used by natives in treatment
[Beth] My children’s pediatrician told me long ago that it takes about 20 minutes for it to penetrate the skin so if you think you have been exposed immediately wash well with soap and water. I have terrible reactions to poison ivy and since I back to woods I get it in my garden all the time and consequently would get the rash all the time when weeding. Even if I was super careful. Once he told me about the 20 minute window I became diligent about washing my skin right away and my incidence of getting it went way down.
[Susan] Try Rhus tox prophylactically or WHP’s Ivy Be Gone.  It helps a lot. I bet just water dosing either a 30c or 200c would be really effective.
[Karen] WHP’s Ivy Be Gone is just Rhus Tox.
[Susan] I saw that, but really low potency. We were using 200c and that worked!
[Natalie] When I was a child, my great grandmother would take me in and wash my arms and legs down with soapy water if exposed and thank God it usually worked. I think she or someone I was with kept an eye out. I’m not sure I can identify it today… I know leaves of three, leave them be but we have all three in Ohio – Poison Ivy, oak and sumac


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