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Mary has also been helping coordinate getting people rides who are seeking to caravan. Contact her if you need a ride or can offer one, I’m sorry we won’t be able to connect everyone up, but we’ll give it our best shot. Wild Protest is another resource you can use to try to arrange or offer rides. Just go to the very bottom of their website to sign up. No matter what you do, if you are going, please drop Mary an email. If we have your phone number and email address, we can give you updates on rally points and other useful information while we are all in Washington. A woman who lives close to Washington and has participated in protests there before offered this VERY useful information for getting around on a day when there is likely to be a massive crowd.

Make sure to use the CORAC website to your maximum advantage. Under news, we have the Talkabout Series that I have taped with MP in the Newsroom Section. Under the Media Resources Subhead, we have logos, Regional Maps, screensavers, and our mission statement.  Click on over to the Community Forum and then click the Resource Library Subhead for a host of information that will help you learn home skills to sustain you and your family during difficult times. One of our most important focuses in the New Year is to develop the Forum into a primary resource for people in regions to communicate with each other and to give everyone news they can use.


Many have been writing about what a terrible year 2020 has been. They are right, but something I do not see mentioned as often as I would like is that almost all of the things that made it terrible were entirely manufactured crises, manufactured for political benefit and to increase the power of government over a subject people. The only real uncontrollable was the emergence of the Covid virus. If we had taken the same approach to that as we did in previous outbreaks of new viruses (such as the Hong Kong flu in 1968), by following the science to determine what it was, how it differed from previous viruses, and how best it was contained, we would have had a largely normal year. Because public officials, media and health bureaucrats sought to maximize terror over it and bowdlerize statistics in order to prioritize their ideological goals, we have a real catastrophic crisis on our hands – one that is almost entirely manmade.

It is not just that these malicious characters made a large lizard into the equivalent of Godzilla. Their hyperbole has been so ridiculous that it engendered pushback in a form that minimized the very real dangers of Covid to some segments of the population. Yes, it’s a lizard, not Godzilla, but it is a notably venomous lizard. Covid IS deadly to people with particular pre-existing conditions, mainly obesity, diabetes and very advanced age. The treatments it responds to are different than in the case of most viral infections. Thus, we withheld life-saving treatments from many, solely for political reasons. We consigned the most vulnerable to death houses, solely for political reasons. The media celebrated the vicious idiots in public office who did the worst job while attacking those who actually followed the science to develop good public policy – all for political reasons. We made what was a serious new challenge into a deadly and catastrophic crisis – to get Trump. It boggles my mind that so many, who the malicious officials and media were willing to kill by withholding effective treatment, bought into the insanity in order to be counted among the cool kids.

Yet now the bill is about to come due. In the Bible story of the Tower of Babel, men thought they could become like gods if they built a tower that would reach into the heavens. It was a foolish effort, but God confounded them for their arrogance and hubris. I have been thinking of this year as a game of Jenga. In that game you start with a tower built of many blocks. Each person takes turns strategically pulling out a block that, he hopes, will not cause the tower to come crashing down. The player who pulls out the block that causes the inevitable collapse is eliminated. The left has been eagerly pulling out the blocks that hold our society up, as normal people try (sometimes desperately) to fortify the tower. The FBI block has been pulled, as has that of the CIA and the State Dept. The justice Dept. has been pulled, police departments are being defunded or declawed. The courts have quit the field. The blocks holding up over 100,000 small businesses have been pulled. The confidence of honest elections block has been pulled. The left anticipates pulling what blocks remain in this next year. They have a great chance of succeeding. But what do they think is going to happen then? Do they really think they will not be crushed in the crashing rubble? And it will be left to responsible people of faith and humility to rebuild the society that the left has insanely pulled down.

We are on the verge of entering a long, dark tunnel, brought on by the hubris of frivolous, shallow men who thought themselves gods. When we will come out and what we will be when we get there, only God knows. God is not mocked. All the manufactured crises of the last year will give way to broad social collapse and real crises. Even now, I wonder at the massive spikes in Covid cases in the very places where the lockdowns are most draconian. If California, the most locked-down state in the country, were not part of the United States, the country’s Covid cases (whether phony or real) would be in decline. I know, from studying many previous studies on the matter, that masks are ineffective in preventing the transmission of viruses except in tightly controlled environments with tight protocols on the proper use of them. They are useless in the wild. And yet, I can see no reason why the disease should be so much worse in those areas most tightly locked down. Yes, the people will be more miserable because of the controls imposed over them, but getting profoundly sicker than in areas with a light touch makes no sense to me. Unless…God is hinting to a people whose hearts are entirely hardened that HE IS NOT MOCKED. I think the lesson will get far blunter in the New Year that we are not gods – and our only hope is to humble ourselves before the one, true God and trust in Him.

I can’t tell where the tunnel we are entering will take us and how long we will be there, but I know our duty is to be light in the darkness for as long as it prevails.


I finish with this story of the courageous California Priest who got the Thomas More Society involved to strike down California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s outrageous discriminatory persecution of Christians. I deeply admire the work Thomas More does in defending religious liberty across the land – and I have special affection for them because of their steadfast work on behalf of David Daleiden in his battle with the modern and murderous Goliath called Planned Parenthood.

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