In the weeks before Napoleon’s invasion of Moscow, the aristocratic and military grandees of Russia both shined and stank like the proverbial rotten mackerel in the moonlight. Ambitious young grandees and lieutenants schemed against their superiors (and betters) hoping to usurp their authority by sliming them. Self-absorbed, arrogant little snots either did not understand the peril the country was in or did not care – so long as their influence was augmented. Then the invasion came and all the petty schemers scattered like so many cockroaches at the flick of a light switch. It was the ordinary people of Moscow – and the great general in chief of the armies, Mikhail Kutuzov, who rescued Mother Russia and repelled the French invader. Kutuzov invented the original “rope-a-dope” strategy, avoiding engaging the stronger French forces in direct battle, but drawing it further and deeper into the country with winter coming on. The sudden turn in French forces from the greatest fighting force in the world to a rabble in frantic retreat became one of the greatest military disasters in history. Only one in five of the original French invaders made it back alive to France. When the dust cleared, a generation of Russian petty social climbers saw their ambitions permanently crushed while serious men firmly took the helm of state for nearly another century.

Right now, communist activists have completely taken over the once-proud Democratic Party and are trying to impose their will on the rest of the country. Like Napoleon before Moscow, they look invincibly powerful to many. Certainly, the day does not go by without new outrages coming from the walled city that was once the Capitol of the Free World. But as is frequently the case, looks can be deceiving. Napoleon actually expected that once he took Moscow he would be welcomed by Russians as their liberator. He was stunned to find the city and country united in opposing him as the grand usurper. He delayed his retreat for over a month, waiting for the hosannah’s and celebrations that were never to come.

I believe that Joe Biden and whoever is pulling his strings is in the same situation as Napoleon was upon his entry to Moscow. He is issuing a showy and frothy wave of edicts, piling absurdity upon absurdity, attempting even to erect a police state to protect his political allies and criminalize his political opponents. I have maintained from the start that this rickety contrivance is not going to get very far before collapsing in on itself.

Our actual Constitution confines the federal government to very few powers that are strictly limited, while giving the states many powers that are very broad. For over a century, the federal government (with the collaboration of the courts) has been usurping powers that are not enumerated to it but are reserved to the states. Enacting a permanent federal income tax was a godsend to the federal government – and just the food needed to grow an efficient small bureaucracy into a bloated monstrosity. It allowed the feds to bribe states with their own citizens’ money into ceding implicit power to the feds. The federal government has become fat on powers it does not formally have while the states have become emaciated, their vigor atrophied by effectively ceding away powers they actually do formally have. Like an alcoholic, a government that starts voraciously consuming what it is not entitled to is never satiated, no matter how soused it becomes.

Now Joe Biden, the beneficiary of massive fraud that the courts, state legislators and all the other powers that be refuse to do an investigation of, has started ruling by unilateral edicts that would make the old autocratic Czars of Russia blush. On Thursday he issued his decision on new gun control measures without benefit of legislative input or votes. He assures us they are not unconstitutional. Ha! The very fact that he issued the decrees rather than pushing for legislation is, itself, unconstitutional – never mind the toxic substance of his “plans.” The pagan left’s plan for controlling gun violence is always to disarm potential victims while releasing actual criminals from jail. It is all become a parody of American government and history that, if submitted as fiction in the 60’s or 70’s would have been dismissed as absurdly implausible.

In 2 Kings, the High Priest Hilkiah discovered the books of Jewish Law that had been lost for over six decades while the people worshipped pagan idols. It led to a renewal of the Jewish people, who discovered there was a better way than wallowing in idol worship and blood sacrifice. Now state governors around the country are discovering that the Constitution actually makes their states vigorous and powerful while keeping the federal government on a tight leash and narrowly drawn.

I said back in January that nullification was going to become a big issue this year. It has begun. This week, the Arizona legislature enacted a law instructing its law enforcement officers that they must NOT cooperate with any federal laws, rules, or executive edicts against American’s Constitutional gun rights. Even before Biden’s edict, Texas and Oklahoma had begun to take steps to do the same. Watch a raft of states follow. Florida, Georgia and Texas have ordered that there be no mandatory Covid Vaccine passports in their states, no matter what the feds say. Even as you read this, more states are preparing to do the same.

I said in January that it would take until the end of March for people to really begin to wrap their minds around what has happened to the country. We now know that there was a mostly peaceful protest in Washington on Jan. 6, but full-scale rioting and insurrection in many of our cities last year. The pagan left, including the Democrats and establishment media, supported the rioters and want to make political prisoners of any who protest for a conservative or Christian cause. Of the five people who died on Jan 6 in Washington out of the one and a half million there, the coroner has determined decisively that three died of natural causes while only one was killed – a Trump supporter by Capitol Police. The fifth, officer Brian Sicknick, probably died of a stroke (at least that’s what his family thinks) but the idiot media told a flat-out false rumor early on that he had been beaten to death with a fire extinguisher – until the coroner reported there was NO blunt force trauma. About the worst thing police were able to come up with from the “armed insurrection” was a collapsible cane used by an old man. The Justice Dept. and the FBI are too busy replacing the Ku Klux Klan as the paramilitary arm of the Democratic National Committee to bother tracking down real criminals. Once again, they knew in advance about the shooter in Boulder, Colorado a few weeks ago – but were apparently too busy tracking down potential political prisoners to be bothered with him.  At first, the media was enamored with the story, hoping and praying it would be the elusive white nationalist they so hope for. The story died as soon as it was clear it was a Muslim from Syria who killed 10 white people – just as the story about the black nationalist who rammed the barricades in Washington died as soon as the corrupt media found it was a black nationalist rather than a Trump supporter. For the first time in America, we have a national pogrom going on based on people’s political beliefs. The big issue now is permanent chemical castration of kids and transgender surgery – which the left supports. Let me tell you something: no matter how good your cosmetic surgery, you cannot change a single strand of DNA from male to female or vice versa. Some of our doctors have gone mad with hubris. A clever engineer could take the body of a Corvette and put it onto the chassis and drive-train of a Kia – but the result would most assuredly NOT be a Corvette.

The Covid narrative is in rapid collapse as the despicable Dr. Fauci has more contradictory stories than the children’s section at Barnes and Noble – and as people can see that the states with the lightest touch and the least restrictions are getting better results than the power-mad lockdown lunatics. Gas is up almost a dollar a gallon since the inauguration of the pretender-in-chief. Many teachers’ unions are doing us all a favor as they refuse to teach while demanding we keep sending them a paycheck. CBS did us a great favor by launching the clumsiest phony smear attempt in recent memory against Ron DeSantis, perhaps the most successful, competent governor in America, while ignoring huge scandals in states led by Democratic yahoos. Even Democrats turned in disgust from CBS’ transparent smear. They did us a favor by showing low-information normal people who they really are – and the worst thing that can happen to authoritarians is for ordinary people to say, “Hey, wait a minute. That’s not right.”

Yes, the left is playing for all the marbles, desperately hoping that they can make tyranny stick because they have finally figured out that Hillary Clinton was right when she said if we lose, we will all ultimately hang. (vulgarity alert with that last link). What is really happening every time the pagan left overlords commit another outrage – and they’re coming in a daily deluge – is that power and influence is shifting away from Washington altogether and coalescing in those states where even some weenie Republicans are figuring out that it doesn’t matter how moderate and conciliatory their actions; the left will scream they are racists and domestic terrorists anyway. While most of these GOP gimps and wimps could not be bothered when they thought it was just we voters who were under attack, when it is their own tushes on the line, they find motivation to stand for some actual defensive principles. So while most see massive suppression coming down, I see power shifting back to those states which will take it, however messy the process. Nullification is going to get bigger in the next few months. The louder Biden and company speak, the more their power drains away.

Already Antifa and BLM are sending out notice of their planned summer riots, hoping for a repeat of the chaos last year. Unfortunately for them, normal people are not going to take it quietly this year, hoping that Donald Trump will ultimately calm things down. We have a summer of confrontation ahead of us – and I fear it will be very ugly. If the usurpers and knaves in Washington get a reality check from it and dial the daily madness WAY down, we could see some semblance of a return to normalcy in the fall. But the miserable, godless goons who have seized power have a rule-or-ruin mentality, always thinking that if they just ratchet up the pressure and violence just a little more, everyone will finally shut up and obey. I suspect by September talk of secession will be rampant and real. Please do not give me your faux-thoughtful but actually superficial lessons from the American Civil War to tell me how that never works out. If you demonstrate familiarity with all the successful and unsuccessful national divisions in Europe, Russia and Asia over the last hundred years, I will figure you are competent enough to speak knowledgably on the matter. Otherwise, crack the books before giving me the benefit of your vast store of knowledge.

In this case, we would not be trying to crack up the country. The pagan left IS trying to destroy the country – and their incompetence and hubris will summon catastrophic collapse – and that right soon. What we would be attempting is to establish a national panic room – places where faith, family and freedom can be preserved so that all of us don’t have to collapse with the nitwit revolutionaries – and will have a base to help one country, under God, to rise again from the ashes the left is summoning.

If there is to be a resurrection of liberty on the American continent, it will be we who must win it.  (That last is, perhaps, the most important link in this piece.) Yes, they are attacking us now and will attack us further. When has it ever been different when tyrants seek to rule? If you will only defend liberty for yourself and your children if there are no serious consequences or blowback, your children will live in chains and in slavery to the woke mob. While real domestic terrorists on the left plan their summer riots and mayhem – and while real militias plan for vengeance this year, (NOT the gentle Proud Boys or Oath Keepers) we must come together to show people there is a third way, a Triune Way, if you will – not submitting to tyranny, not failing to defend the innocent from depredations with force and vigor, and not going in for mindless vengeance. We were a nation united, under God and with liberty for all for most of our history (with some notable failures – but that ideal was our lodestar from which we grew together). Let us be the people who call it together again, showing people that there is a better way of life, love and laughter together with neither submission nor supremacy. One nation, under God.

That is what CORAC is about. Many of us are intensely working to build it to bring communities together to help each other and to minister to the orphans from the storm, those poor souls who figure out that this madness is the way of death and look humbly to find their way back to the way of life that Christ gave them as their birthright. Please join us as we work to organize to preserve faith, family and freedom as this new dark age humbles and topples the institutions we once relied on. Mark your calendar for the last weekend in June, when we will hold a national working conference of all who want to preserve what was best about this land in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We are looking for volunteers to help with the committees. Please email Mary Lapchak at if you can help.

Our Lord is standing and calling, “Lazarus, come forth!” Toss off the shroud of dead faith that has degenerated into smug complacency. Come out from the tomb of dead works of self-actualization and preening ambition. Come forth and live together, laugh together, love together under the dominion of the Lord of Hosts. Come forth and live again, that your children and your children’s children may call you blessed, the generation that stood in the breach when faith and liberty were under the greatest assault ever. Come forth and live.


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