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Posted on 2023-08-07
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Latest Podcast – 7 Questions (10.24.23)


Charlie answers 7 more questions submitted from the audience in Episode 45 of “Chatting With Charlie” on subjects ranging from prayer, to Pope Francis and the Catholic Church, to his latest piece entitled “Welcome to Armageddon”. Hosted by Charlie Johnston with his co-host Dr. Joe Brickner.


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Charlie’s Conversion Story

Charlie’s Conversion Story

Charlie shares his conversion story to the Catholic Faith in Episode 44 of "Chatting With Charlie....

7 Questions No. 5

7 Questions No. 5

Charlie answers 7 more questions submitted from the audience in Episode 43 of "Chatting With...

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7 Questions No. 4

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7 Questions No. 3

7 Questions No. 3

Charlie answers 7 more questions submitted from the audience in Episode 41 of "Chatting With...

Be Ready Coalition

Be Ready Coalition

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Champion Shrine

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  1. Leslye Killian

    A Mercy and assurance to us seeing and hearing Charlie “live”. ( lye’ve:))

  2. Jen Byrd

    Fun and interesting subjects. I have a Rolodex that I’ve use for work that is older than my children, I think.

    My DH and I built a super simple concrete double sided oven/fire pit in the gravel flat next to our shed from a pattern we found on Pinterest. We are surrounded by forestland and therefore have an abundance of fuel. A generous local landscaper donated bricks for the cause and we used his gifts to decoratively fortify it. We love to light it for warmth and ambiance in the evening hours when we are tending to our outdoor activities. There are so many exciting ways to get back to basics and to nature.

    • Al45

      Landscaping bricks make a great firepit for a fraction of the cost, I payed around 1/4 the price of what Home Depot was selling their fire pit kits.

      • Mick

        Fire pits are not something I know much about; but I have read in several places that one should use only fire-rated bricks in a fire pit (something about a risk of explosion when high heat from fires can cause non-fire-rated bricks to explode once they have become saturated with moisture from rain etc.). I also read that some landscaping bricks are kiln-fired and thus are fire-rated. I have seen videos and articles in which people are using bricks to build rocket stoves; I assume that these should also be made only of fire-rated bricks.

        I’m open to correction if my information is incorrect or if I’m missing something; I just wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt from building with materials that they mistakenly thought were safe. 🙂

  3. Jen Byrd

    Podcast #11 with Dr. Popper is spot on with what I have done and experienced as a therapist. What a joy to have her and her movement on board and aligned with CORAC!

  4. schoooter

    I believe that when the left uses the words, ‘climate’ and ‘environment’, they are not referring to the weather, whatsoever. They are talking about ‘the climate of your mind’, how you think, what you think about, what you accept as real and etc. When they speak of ‘environment’, they are referring to where you live, your surroundings, your privacy and choice of housing and etc.
    Do you think that is possible?
    Next time you hear them speak of such, think of my remarks above. See if it doesn’t fit. This is The Big Lie!! An old adage: ‘Believe none of what you hear, half of what you read, and all of what you know’. If the emperor has no clothes, be courageous enough to say so. It may cost you your life but it may save many others. You will probably find yourself in very good company with others who will agree with you and speak the truth, also.

  5. jeannerenison

    God bless David Daleidon! I pray for him and pray the Auxilium Christianorum spiritual warfare prayers for him every single day. May God send His holy angels to protect David and his associates who are under demonic attack by the abortionists.

  6. Klutterback

    Charlie ~ Pope Francis did say, in his offhand manner, that abortion is murder. It was one of those flights back home and the press asked him. Heavens! We never know what he will say. 😳
    Thank-you for answers. God bless!

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